Saturday, 26 December 2009

Season's Greetings.

Merry Christmas, seasons greetings, joyous festivities, pished chrissy bubble snogs and herald all the angels harking.

I find the day after Christmas is always a bit of a downer. The lead up is so huge that impossible to keep the chrissy bubble bubbling over to boxing day.

The kids were spoilt rotten. They opened stockings yesterday morning before kindy. Shou's number one stocking filler turned out to be a long arm digger. Quite obviously more exciting than the wind up grass hoper that had too many festive beverages and lost it's wind. Marina's butterfly was on fire though and that took pride of place for thirty seconds before she unwrapped the angel wings - that she then wore to kindy.

They went off to kindy and I came home to tidy and sort things out - put prezzies under the tree, get the christmas dishes out. Went to find a wee something for friend at the local pottery shop. I have a lot of stuff from here and now it turns out, I have a lot more!

These are made by the owner's autistic son. He spends hours upon hours making figurines. Up until now I have really just seen a lot of monkies and monsters so was stoked to find some cute Christmas ones. The reindeer was thrown in for good measure at the end. I am wondering if could show boy pictures of three wise men, Mary, Joseph and baby jesus in a manger and get him started on a few thousand of them for next year!!

Went to pick friend up at lunch time and came home via the supermarket, ending up with bags of goodies for dinner so I wouldn't have to do anything except arrange it nicely on plates and tell everyone it was mine!

Hub was home at half five which was good cause Shou was just about to tear some wrapping paper - after first lining all the prezzies up in order of ones he wanted judged on size, paper and weight!! Prezzies were opened while we ate and Shou took an immediate shine to Marina's tea set - she took a shine to it too but really didn't stand a chance. Shou set about making 'yakiniku', 'udon' and 'coffee'.... yum!!?

No kids got bathed and were all in bed at a good time - enough for friend and I to open bubbles and gass until nearly 2am. Crazy. I should have been feeling a lot worse than I was this morning!

Had to take friend home after dropping Shou off at kindy - alone. Marina had her second normal flu jab this morning and the kindy didn't want her back for the day. Something about running round at kindy all day after her jab might lead to a temperature. She got free reign of her tea set and even Shou's fire rescue super tomycar truck exploding out wing thingy. While she was doing that I put away all the chrissy decs and hub went to give the ancestors a good scrub at the grave.

This christmas was probably the best one in Japan so far, no doubt thanks to having kids at an age that can enjoy the whole prezzie and Santa thing. Can't wait till they are all at that age. Also looking forward to a time when hub gets with the christmas program and buys me something I'm not expecting! Even Granny K got me something - 3,000 yen worth of vouchers for a local department store. She had written my name on the outside of the envelope and then crossed out 'sama 様' and written 'へ' instead! Oh well, I doubt I would ever address anything to her with 'okaasama'

We are out for the morning tomorrow and then there is Monday at kindy followed by six whole days of holidays. My god. I'm actually going to have to look after my kids for six whole days. What to do, what to do??

The house got trashed yesterday and I fear that after six days of the same we will be wading in knee high tomycars, tea sets, nappies and rolled up bits of newspaper, which for those of you without a three year old boy, is for 'rocks and dirt' for construction vehicle 'genba' (site).

Best hit the hay. Knackered. May Ryu sleep like a champion again - I got seven hours out of him the night before Christmas! Must have been dreaming of sugar plum fairies.



Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Glad you all had a great time. Mine got a teaset too and they love making me cups of tea and bringing me plates of plastic sandwiches. Can't wait for the day they make me a real cup of tea!

Glad to hear you have joined the unbathed children club. If mine are kicking up a stink (no pun inended) I usually don't bother or if we're running behind schedule or if I just can't be arsed... terrible I know but it won't kill 'em, eh?

All the best for 2010 to Gaijin Wife and her family.

Oyome-san said...

I LOVE the reindeer and the sant and tree - he has real talent!
Why don't you offer to market his creations in New Zealand and beyond....

if you have the time...ha ha!!