Thursday, 3 December 2009

Same old same old

My primary school English class is usually in the afternoon but today it was third lesson - from ten forty. Ryu and I went down for a nap, the first time in three weeks that I have had cuddles during daylight hours. I set the alarm and had all good intentions of getting up in time to do loads of preparation and be at the school well on time.


Woke up and had just enough time to put some boob pads in - not because of leaky boobs but because breast feeding mother in the middle of winter in a not padded bra and doesn't matter how many layers of clothes over the top - and well, nipply nipply nipply. Don't wont to be teaching twelve year old boys with the nipply thing going on - so thank god I remembered the pads.

Also had just enough time to run a comb through my hair, brush my teeth and run a bare minerals brush over my cheeks. I usually only use the concealer one under my eyes and don't even do an overall sweep with the foundation brush but for some reason today I felt the need - probably after one of the girls last week looked surprised when I said I was 33 after she asked me my age. I thought I heard her say under her breath to her friend that she had thought I was 44 - but her friend (god bless her) said she thought I looked 24 and that was why she was surprised.

Anyhoo, I ran out the door looking like I had just spent five days tanning it up on tropical island.

Class was grand - the kids were very good and nobody stared at my padded nipples or tanned brushed face - unlike the junior high boys I used to teach a few years back. They would have had a fricken field day.

"So, are pleased to see us miss?" (have suddenly turned them into British school boys for some reason)

" are you thinking about your husband miss? and is that why they are sticking up like that?"

"So about your husband miss, how long does he last for?"

rah rah

Seriously of all seriousness. They weren't nasty though and I can take a bit of this kind of candid banter.

What I can't take is vice principles (woman) touching my boobs - this happened this morning. I was invited into the prinicples office for a coffee after class. She is a complete fruit loop as is the vice. I made up excuse that bubs was waiting at home for some boob and all of a sudden the VP is pushing my boobs and saying how nice it is that I am just breast feeding. I've had my big foreign boobs touched in many a situation here in Japan. But this kind of massaging in full daylight by a fifty year old woman kind of took me back a bit.

Came home, feed the baby - milk flow sensational as just had lactal massage (if there is such a thing). Then loaded Ryu in the car and we headed to the book store in the next town over so I could get some English Test practice books to do with my Junior high kids.

English lessons fine. Kids OK. Neither too good at dinner and come to think of it we flagged the bath thing completely. They have their injections tomorrow too so I guess they'll be smelly bastards for kindy on Saturday morning. I gave them a bit of a warm facecloth pat down when I put them in their PJs but.

I confronted hub about the money and it is all sorted - when he reminded me what we had done I remembered and he hasn't been sneaking dosh to pay for his secret expensive Italian lingerie fettish.

Right - got some wrapping to do.

Nighty night.



Kelly said...

Great to hear that about the hub.

That's weird about that woman touching your boobs!!

thefukases said...

did you bathe every night as a kid? We didn't and sufficed with a 'face, hands and teeth' before bed. K was shocked- amazed I survived and I'm sure he will never look at my parents the same way again.

Oh and sleep is definitely considered class preparation. I mean wouldn't want you falling asleep in class right?

medea said...

Ah yeas, the dreaded boob touching. Never by hot young men. :(

I have started reflexively taking a step back and crossing my arms in front anytime a woman asks me if I am nursing or bottlefeeding, I know what is coming next.