Sunday, 6 December 2009

Redeemed - just a little

Last night wasn't fun at all -and now I know why. Ryu has the showings of his bottom teeth. Lord help me it was a LOT worse than Shou and Marina teething. I was up EVERY hour last night. So come five when I came downstairs and Ryu seemed to be quite wide awake I did the bad mummy thing and strapped him in his bouncer and plonked him in front of a young einstein. Pitty those things don't work as the amount of hours he has clocked up would surely mean some awesomely high paid job and early retirement for me and hub.

As I was strapping him in I heared Shou - in Granny K's room. He has woken up before five three days in a row. We went through a couple of months of this about a year ago. I'm not happy it is happening again. I bet Granny K isn't either! But honestly he's like a bloody snake. Slithers out of bed, slides down the hall and down the stairs without a sound. Considering how much noise he makes for every other waking hour of the day it is quite remarkable.

Anyway, I came back up to bed at 5 and about five minutes later Marina started. I burried down under the futon and ignored her - hub, to his credit got out of bed and then went downstairs with her and to keep and eye on the other two. Ryu started nutting at 6 so he brought him back up and told me to go back to sleep with him - which I did after sticking a boob in his mouth. And we stayed that way for a blissful hour and a half.

Hub had work this morning but we managed OK. It was freezing so there was a mixture of balloons, drawing, origami (am totally shit) and ball tents going on.

Marina is in to going to Granny K's room, but thats OK as tis one less to worry about. Well, now that Granny K knows I will tie her to one of her tomato stakes and set the wild pigs on to her if she feeds the kids shit food at shit times, or gives them things like lighters, pruners, chainsaws, and ginsu knives to doss round with.

Hub came home this afternoon and for a blissful hour THEY WERE ALL asleep. Not Granny K - she had gone out with a friend but the rest were. Unprecedented quiet time on a Sunday.

Other than that, not much to report. Apart form that I stepped on the scales today and I seem to have put on two kilos this month - which is heinous of heinouseses.

Time to get serious.

And like how many times have I said that before.

Nighty night



illahee said...

oh, i've gained this month, too. but i don't want to diet. *whine* guess i'll be taking the kids to the park more often--and chasing them around!

Lulu said...

I am also feeling quite "fat" at the moment- hoping that the weight just drops off after I have the baby. Will this happen? I don`t like my chances!!! haha, especially since I keep buying timtams.

Hope Ryu`s teeth growing in doesn`t cause too many more issues in the coming nights- do you have some bonjela? I have a little for Goma-chan in 5-6 months time but the tube is so tiny I am sure I will ahve to get mum to send me some more. Is there a Japanese version I wonder?!

I have some young einstein dvd`s although I did hear they were a load of crap- who cares though if it stops a baby from wanting to be held all the time. I am sure Goma-chan will be copping an eyeful of them!

Gaijin Wife said...

Lulu - yes I do have some bonjela type stuff. Thanks for reminding me!! I lost all the weight after Shou within three months. Wahoo. But it gets harder. Sob.