Thursday, 24 December 2009

Really Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Have just spent an hour doing damn nengajo. Would you believe the printer packed a complete spaz and for some strange reason I have had to print out addresses and hand write the post code. Have done the out of town ones and tomorrow will get about the local ones done - well, by Monday anyway!

I also spent an hour wraping and sorting out stockings for Shou and Marina. Some small prezzies, a couple of choccies etc. It will get left on their bed tonight.

It is hard sorting things out when they are at kindy everyday - I don't wont to let them unwrap loads of prezzies tomorrow morning right before kindy - or in the evening only a couple of hours before bed. Hub reckons we give them a prezzie each in the mornings until Sunday and then give them the rest! They have lots and have been spoiled rotten.

My afternoon English class was cancelled due to the oink flu, which I might add has reached our pre-school - which is joined to the kindy. Arrrgghhh. When I went to pick the kids up today the teacher asked me if I was going to keep them home tomorrow. The kindy and pre-school had a big eat together and play together thing a few days ago so if it's going round it's going round. That said, the kids that have it aren't the ones that Shou and Marina seem to 'hang out' with. If you can hang when you are three.

Time will tell I guess!

If they are both fine still on Sunday morning I still intend on coming over to yours Jo?? If you or Rachel are iffy about this then let me know and we'll stay home. Totally understand.

My evening English class came though and we had a Christmas thing - where we made paper foldy things and iced cookies. Despite being teenagers they actually enjoy this kind of stuff.

I have been thrashing Chrissy songs for the past couple of days and am even getting used to the shite renditions on my latest album. In a couple of years I think I will be able to talk to Marina and Shou about the reason behind Christmas. In the meantime I think I'll spend a couple of years looking for the perfect Bethlehem set - three wise men, Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. Perhaps a few farm animals.

Growing up we had to make the nativity set every year - in a shoe box and using what we could muster up for the wise fellas and the regals. If I remember correctly we had the three wise men, Luke Skywalker and Princess Laya were Mary and Joseph, and baby Jesus was a lego construction worker minus his helmet. Awesome. We are so not going to heaven.

Nearly forgot - today went to Hub's work to pick up Ryu's passport. He had to appear in person to get it!! I dressed him up - kind of. He had on a red jumper and Christmas booties with Jeans. Hub took one look at him and asked why I had put him in Red - cause he looked like a girl. I said people the world over don't go round accusing Santa of being gay just cause he wears a red suit.

The rest of his office thought Ryu was cuteness of all Christmas santa cuteness. And he was. And I have the bestest photo of him with his new Christmas talking teddy but for the life of me have no idea where have put camera cord. And am in no state to look now so will have to wait till tomorrow or the next day!

Oh, made left over roast lamb curry tonight.

What NOT to make for dinner.

Hub ate it but the smell put me off. I LOVE Roast lamb but any other way and I'm a bit iffy. I made it for dinner but had to get creative with some cheese, bread, sausages and eggs for the kids.

Ohhh, is officially 12 o'clock

Merry Christmas!



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merry christmas!!

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Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas GW and family!