Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Mochi and Wannabe Firemen

I am embarrassed to say that what I got today may actually warrent being called a 'sleep in'. I woke up (came to) when Marina, my grouchy morning princess, decided it was the start to her day. We went downstairs and whadda you know - it's 7am. I had to double check the clock on the wall. Is super-sonic GPS solar powered piece of fancy that got from Solar Panal Man's mum (as they don't just put up solar panals and dig wells, they also have a clock and watch shop).

Ryu was happily bouncing away in his bouncer and Shou was making up a story with his magnetic construction vehicle book that he got yesterday. Slap on my wrist. I have a few things to get us through the weeks vacation and found myself getting the first one out for Shou yesterday - only a day after he got his last Christmas prezzie.

I know, I know.

Starving children in Africa and all that.

But shit, I had to do what I had to do myself for survival yesterday.

So, kids fed and clothed and it is time to make Mochi - wahoo. That white sticky shit favored by many Japanese at this time of year. Personally, if I was in charge of the mochi making I would add some food coloring and make a batch of blue-tac.

We had no relatives coming this year so it was just hub and Granny K - she does most of the preparation (actually ALL of it) and then rolls and turns the motchi as hub pounds it with big wooden mallet. Only one lot being pounded this year.

Shou wanted a go of course - but couldn't lift mallet as weight of baby elephant.

They all rolled it into rounds - half as is and half with sweet bean shit inside (anko) - sorry. Am not a motchi fan myself. Everyone else was well into it though. Shou and Marina both had some and was small miracle that Ryu managed to stay off the mochi food chain line . Thank God. I don't think my baby food manual suggests going from pureed pumpkin to motchi.

While this was going on I printed out the last of the nengajo - Yay. They may have even made it in time to get delivered on the 1st. All I had to do was go drop them off at the post office. Was just hoping secretly into the car to do that when fricken siren one metre from backyard sounded - fire alarm. Hub looked almost pleased. We exchanged places and he went off to wannbe firemen pretending to be real firemen putting out fires.

Someone had been burning rubbish outside and it took to their garage and it burned to the ground - with tractor and combine harvester inside - which is of course better than wife and grandkids but still a big thing in Kunimi, where tractor and combine harvester much more willing to plow fields than wife and grandkids.

Shou of course wanted to put on hub's fireman hat and go with him. I relented slightly by piling the two of them in the car and leaving Ryu with Granny K while we went in pursuit of fire-engines. Kind of like those tornado hunters. EVERY SINGLE noddyland firetruck in Kunimi was there - about eight I think - plus of course the one big one which the real firemen have. We couldn't get close though so Shou had to be content with seeing loads of smoke and flashing lights. He wasn't happy. He wanted to be in the thick of it holding the damn hose.

Went and dropped the nengajo off at the post office, picked up some milk, and then we went home via the fire site again just so Shou could see it was all over and daddy would be coming home soon. Quite lucky man wasn't burning rubbish tonight - as all wannabe firemen would turn up half pissed after their drinking thing - which of course follows some tactical fireman training (putting on their gears and seeing how long they can stay in a straight line for).

After lunch Ryu got with the program and they all napped for two hours - hub included. It was so nice and quiet that I couldn't bring myself to nap as well. A cuppa and some of my new Marian Keyes book seemed like a much more productive way to spend the time.

There was talk of taking Shou's shinkenja kite to the park for a test run but the wind and rain picked up and Granny K wanted to hit the shops - ie get some carrots half price at the supermarket. They went and Marina, Ryu and I stayed playing with Chrissy toys and with Marina spending twenty minutes behind the couch while she did a crap in her nappy.
There was relatively no fuss at dinner and bath time and by seven forty five the kids were all asleep and hub was out at wannabe firemen practice slash dinner slash get on the piss and hope noone else burns their shed down in the mean time.

And me... I have some alone time. Time to hanker down for some serious nenmatsu (end of year) TV specials. Tonight - za gyoten news which is currently playing bit about a woman who ran from the police for 14 years. Good Wednesday night entertainment. If I was a good wife I would grab the pile of hub's shirts from the laundry and iron them.
Pity I'm not ;-)
Nighty night.


Oyomesan said...

Oh wow!
You actually live in a family with mochi making!!!
It looks like a TV travel show to the countryside where the cute tarento tries her hand at things she could never imagine.

THIS is one of those things about Japan which still amazes and pleases me: that all in one country there are people leading such different lives.
Won't be any mochi making here I'm afraid in the Sapporo snow storm - I've bought some osechi things from the supermarket, and if as I suspect Okaasan isn't going to do anything - I'll just lay it out for her to forage on tomorrow.
And tonight is instant soba....

shufuinjapan said...

I received a whole lotta mochi the other day from my MIL. Luckily I have a special recipe which gets rid of it pretty easily, called Mochi Pizza. Even I can eat it and it is much easier than making real pizza. I will post it to my blog soon if you are keen to try it yourself.
That stuff is dangerous though, supposedly quite a few people die each year from choking on it, so I was told in my 3rd form Japanese class.

Lulu said...

I am not a fan of mochi either- reminds me of clag glue (did you have clag in NZ growing up?) and who wants to eat glue?!

Looks like the kids had fun watching and the photo of Shou attempting to pound it is funny!

Hope you have a nice new year! Enjoy a couple of drinkies!

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

I was indulging in the same program last night! The reenactments of stories from overseas using foreigners with questionable acting skills was a bit sketch but once that murder case came on I was hooked! Happy New Year to you and yours!! :)

Vicky said...

I like mochi if it is grilled and dipped in shoyu and sugar but I hate wet slimy mochi in soup. Gag, blech!

I was going to comment on you having your own mochi kit too, very traditional!

We stay well clear of all the rellies as Seiju is antisocial and uses me as an excuse not to go. They all buggered off to Kyushu this year with BIL to visit his family, so there was no whining about us not attending.

We just went out and bought some sashimi etc and will sit and watch kohaku and make temakizushi. Yum!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you gaijinwifelot from all us hyotenkalot!