Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Marina's Checkup

A long day - especially for hub who did all the driving. Six hours in total.

I was up at half four - not out of necessity to get things sorted before we departed for Fukuoka but because I was squashed in between Ryu and Shou and well, can't cuddle up to Ryu as he was due to wake up and I thought if he got a whiff of boob he might wake up and Shou - god what a pain sometimes. He HAS to have his feet under something - and what better place than mummy's arse. Must be nice and warm under there.

So, Ryu (who did wake up) and I came downstairs and I hung out the washing and started to get shite ready for our day - the kind of shit a man never thinks about like changes of clothes, hospital cards, hot water for milk, stuff to keep Marina entertained in the car, snacks, the kids themselves etc. After everyone else was up and we were sorted to go - and Shou was in Granny K's room having breakfast, we loaded up the car. Hub's ONE and only duty was to put Marina in the car. Half waydown the paddies I commented that she was in her socks and were her shoes even in the car. Turn around.

The trip there wasn't too bad. No grizzling from either kids. We arrived to get the last decent park and rushed straight through check in. I was planning on feeding Ryu, saying goodbye and heading off for at least three hours of coffee and shopping.

The best laid plans and all that...

I walked over to the paradise of shops - it wasn't even ten. Hadn't been walking round for more than ten minutes trying to find Starbucks when hub mailed and said all bloody well finished. Echo finito - just waiting to get called in to talk to doctor about results. (which were fine I guess. No - yay all better completely. Ureter is still a bit swollen - a year after the op. Her pee test was perfect though)

Five minutes later and Ryu and I were sipping (well me sipping and Ryu laughing at Illahee) Cherry Mocha Lattes at good ole Starbucks. I must admit it wasn't as good as the gingerbread latte - which I was planning on getting after the shop and to take out for the trip home.

The best laid plans and all that...

Hub rang and said they were on their way. We met them at Toys R Us where we got some Chrissy things and Shou's present - the biggest Hyper Rescue truck they had. Fair enough it was the one Shou wanted but upon seeing how big it was I decided we should flag it and get a smaller one. The big one houses 16 vehicles - all of which come separately. Shou has a few already anyway but still. I sucked it up though as had told self whould get what hub picked - as he was excited about going shopping for it.

He wanted to get Marina a tricycle. I had to draw the line. Shou got one for his second birthday - in the middle of year - right before summer and hours of hours of daylight to play with it. Giving one to Marina in the middle of winter I don't think is a very good plan.

Illahee and Kuri were meeting for lunch. I was hoping we could join them but hub was not to be persuaded. He wanted to be on the road eventhough we had loads of time. Spoil sport. As it happens him and Marina were having such a grand time going up and down the escalator that I probably could have left them there while Ryu and I went and scoffed down a hamburger the size of a small house at Hard Rock Cafe.

We made a quick trip past gap where I thought we'd get Shou a new jacket but had to back down after realising cost half of hub's annual bonus. Got one at HushHush instead. Gap kids had every piece of clothing I have ever wanted to buy my kids plus some and somehow I managed to walk out of there with only a winter hat for Shou (as close to the blue ear covering one he assures me every fireman this side of the black stump is wearing) and a sparkly bling bling t-shirt for Marina that says 'miss talks a lot' and in smaller letters 'gotta gossip'. Very cute.

After leaving gap we were on our way downstairs when Marina somehow got her whole hand stuck in between the sliding doors of a shop. Haven't had a panic parent moment for long time but for a second there I thought her arm would need to be amputated at the wrist. All fine though and I think it gave her a fright more than anything else.

The trip home wasn't quite as uneventful as the one there. Marina was tired and hub was being a twat - which started because I had taken the high way card out of the EC machine (as they suggest) and I didn't register and hub didn't think to look before it was too late and we were GOING THROUGH the toll gate - Well, if he had got it in the right way the first time we would have made it but as it happened the little lego man had to come out of his little post and help us. It was all my fault of course.

Five minutes of 'discussion' followed. Twat, bugger, shit shit, slutty pants, wanking fucker ...

Actually was very tame but still. He started up again half an hour later when I remembered in the nick of time that I still had two mothers to contact about no English this afternoon. OK, yes. I should have done this before today but I don't need to be reprimanded like a five year old. I got the irresponsible lecture.

Twat, bugger, shit shit, slutty pants, wanking fucker...

I slept while Marina and Ryu slept and then woke when they both woke nutting out for ten minutes. Marina was so over being in her carseat.

Went past the bank to pick up hub's ATM card and then home to get dinner sorted. Shou had apparantly been very good for Granny this morning. He wasn't however very good when he came home to his new jacket and fireman's hat when Marina had new SHOES.

Lord, give me strength.

That said, twatty wanking husband aside, it was great to catch up with Illahee and see Kuri and their respective beautiful children again. Appologies for not being able to join you all for lunch and I promise next time to leave the twatty wanking husband at home.

Next time will be a girls night in hotel - with perhaps Ryu in tow. Hmmmm, I'm thinking February?? Presuming we don't all get oinky flu -
but that might be actually OK as Marina and Shou are set to get their vaccinations this Friday. Am bit worried though as a five year old girl in Oita got her vaccination and got the flu from the jab and died - today I think. I know this kind of thing is very rare but still, is my job to worry after all.

I am also worried that the pair of them won't scream the hallway of the hospital down seeing as it has only been a week since the last one and still fresh in their mind.

Anyhoo, that was our day - I have some Christmas prezzie wrapping to do over the next few days - in between my English classes tomorrow and one at the primary school. The house is looking worse for wears after the last two weeks of neglect. I need to clean up and get some festive decs out.

Next outing...

Hopefully this saturday when Coffee and Chiemi can go out for dinner. Is probably the only time can go before hubs start end of year drinky things and one or the other or both are out at it every Friday and Saturday until the end of the year.

Here are a couple of extremely boring pics. I had the camera and managed to not get any of friends and children. Gomen.

Shou's new jacket and Marina's top.

Ryu blowing bubbles - still no teeth but they can't be far away. A lazy mummy for not turning this pic round before uploading it!

The moon on our way this morning. Very beautiful and about as round as big and in your face as a kanoshimai boob.


PS - kanoshimai are two sisters who are on telly who have massive big shiney hooters that I have never seen covered up fully.


Lulu said...

Glad Marina`s results and appointment went well- do they think the swelling of the ureta will disappear with time? Hope so! Hope all the other results come back well...

I am so excited to do birthday and christmas shopping for Goma-chan as he gets older- love kids gifts! Fun fun fun! I am with you though, not sure a tricycle at winter time would work- she would want to play with it but freeze her little bum off!

Shame you couldn`t stay for lunch with Kuri & Illahee- definitely leave the hubs at home next time- but luckily you still got to enjoy some starbucks!!!

Lulu said...

Also it is Thursday tomorrow, let me know if you get a call about the unbloggables! Hope all is well there.

illahee said...

we had a lot of fun yesterday!! thanks for letting me hold the smiley baby so much, he was a dream. and yes, it was very easy to hand him back--i didn't even feel a twinge in my ovaries!! :D

also sorry about the lunch, maybe next time! and i am dreaming about the hotel!

thefukases said...

Murphy's law strikes again with a co-operative fast hospital visit when you don't want one. Grrrr.

Love the jacket *with patches* Surely you can tell him they're police badges etc (at least until he learns to read!)

And LOL at the Kano-shimai thing. Their boobs are so shiny too.... or is that normal and it's just me and my non-shiny ones that are weird.....

Midori said...

So glad that the results were good and that you were able to meet up with friends, even if it was just for a short time.

Slime said...

So happy all is well with Marina! Love Shou's new coat! Very cute!

Ethan will be getting a Hyper Rescue truck for Xmas too! That'll be his one 'big' prezzie, so he's getting the mega-huge one.