Sunday, 13 December 2009

Marina Meets Kitty-chan

Last night was a lot more productive on the sleep front and today woke up feeling like a box of birds.

Hub decided that today would be family outing day to Harmonyland - the amusement park dedicated to Hello Kitty. It is about an hour away and we have been once for some union workers day thing a couple of years ago when Shou was too young to give a shit and Marina was a baby.

Today was actually a lot better than it could have been - and what I had been expecting it to be. Bar of course the hour before actually leaving the house. I went a bit mental as mothers do when they inevitably have to get themselves ready, feed a baby and get everything ready for everyone for the whole day - while hub thinks changing a nappy and making sure the kids don't stick their heads in the fire is the sole sum of his responsibilities. I don't expect him to do anything else anymore but he could have at least made a better effort at stopping Marina from gum taping Ryu's dummy to his face.

The double buggy and I had a bit of a run in because the fucker was intent on staying up and laughing at me when my following said instructions resulted in nothing but many obscenities. I decided to leave it alone for five minutes while hub packed the kids in the car and I ran upstairs to change out of my PJs. Came back and it had obviously decided to comply. Cheaky bastard. I highly recommend practicing folding down a stroller of this size in the shop - before you spend five hundred dollars on it.

The trip there was fine and we arrived ten minutes before it opened at 10am - got a great park and managed to keep some kind of order as we waited at the entrance with the other fifty parents and their sproglets. As soon as you go through the gate people are lining up to get their photo with Kitty-chan. Shou immediately ran off so hub was on running after him duties while I held Marina back from ruining the twenty photos being taken before hers. She was well stoked at meeting Kitty-chan and didn't even completely weirded out by hugeness of head.

For those not in the know, Kitty-chan has no mouth so that she can be what ever mood you want her to be. You can cry into your kitty-chan soft toy if your sad and she will comfort you. You can laugh as you drink out of your kitty-chan mug and she will laugh with you. You can stare in disbelief at a pair of lacy kitty-chan panties with matching nipple peep hole bra and she will stare right back at you.

Decided that made more sense for hub and Shou to go off and ride some rides while Marina and I went to the indoor show. Kitty-chan, her shag Daniel and a few of their friends - including an extremely scary rabbit witch thing called Ruby I think. There was also about eight dancers leaping and twirling all over the place - in extremely short frilly skirts and leotards that went straight up the bum after the first high kick - cue rise in attention level of all fathers in the audience. Honest, clean fun for the whole family I tell you.

Marina was transfixed and even Ryu, after having a secret booby skull in the dark, was too memorized by the loud music, cheerleader type screams and disco lights to remember that he actually wanted more of a feed - preferrable in a quiet dark room with no distractions.

Following the show hub took Shou and Marina on the train down to the bottom level of the park where there is a boat attraction ride. I perused the omiyage shops and just about cheerleader screamed in outrage at the price of a very cute winter hat that I briefly thought might be nice for Marina. Bugger right off. Can feed family of ten for three months on such price.

Met the troops with lunch (OK - so the price of that could have fed family of ten for six months) which all got eaten - bonus. The kids weren't looking like hitting nap time meltdown so we stayed for the outside parade. Was highly entertaining and Marina even got pulled in to dance.
There were lots of floats, clowns on bikes, Noah's Ark (??), Kitty and Daniel of course, not to mention and assortment of short skirts, bare legs and up the bum leotards.
We left just as it started to rain and all kids slept the whole trip back. They somehow managed to completely trash the house in the few hours they had before dinner and that lark. All to sleep with no fuss though.
Off to finish Christmas shopping tomorrow - think I wrote that same line a few times last week or the week before. Never-ending but gotta love Christmas.


Kelly Azuma said...

How cool!! I've been to Puroland, the one in Tokyo, and I'm trying to get Yasu to take me to Harmonyland next time, but he doesn't want to go all the way to kyushu. Pooh.
I'll get there one day though!! :)
Looks like the kids had lots of fun!!

illahee said...

hilarious. i hope to NEVER visit harmonyland. i don't think i could handle it!!

umebossy said...

Ooooh I didn't know that there was another Sanrio themepark! I had more fun than I probably should have at the one in Tokyo ;)

Slime said...

Sounds like a great trip! Isn't it awesome when those kinds of things completely exceed your expectations?

None of my kiddos have even the slightest interest in Kitty-chan, guess I'll just have to suck it up, admit I love her and take myself to Puroland!