Saturday, 12 December 2009

Kiddy Recital

Yesterday and last night I felt like had been run over by a bus - well probably not a bus. More like a minivan or a kei-truck. Hub cancelled his overtime and came home early (and when I say that I mean after the end of work-time) with some throat spray and cough drops for me - and some serious cough drugs in case I decided to actually take medicine for once.

Last night was pretty heinous with Ryu waking up every two hours and me not being able to sleep much anyway. The Japanese in me made me take my temperature everytime I got up - so considering I went to bed at about eight I took it about six times. AND wrote it down. Annul beyond belief but you know what Japanese hospitals are like - what time did you get the temperature, when did it go up/down rah rah. Hub was convinced I had been oinked but I didn't feel bad enough. My temp, that only rose as high as 38.5 anyway, was gone by three in the morning. and hasn't gone past 36.7 since.

Hub read an article in the paper this morning though that said ten percent of oinky victims only get a slight temperature and don't actually feel any worse than a normal cold. So he is still convinced everyone else will get it. It sucks when something like this is going round. Can't have a day of feeling like you've been run over by a kei-truck without being accused of dossing around oinky spreaders in the city - I reminded him I was taking HIS mother for her check up.

Anyhoo, all good now. Fingers crossed the kids don't get it though cause I don't need a week of them at home right before a weeks New Year holiday.

So, we all went off to the kindy recital. Was very entertaining but unfortunately I don't feel like spending the three weeks it would take for this piece of shit calls-iteself-technology computer to upload a video onto youtube.

But here are some pics I got from the vid - so they are shit but nevermind.

Shou and Marina's little kids group doing jingle bells. This was their last dance (?) and Shou looks a bit spent. Marina was on fire though and her and the girl beside her bashed the shit out of that there piece of bamboo with their bell gloves
Marina - being a dandeline (tanpopo). This was the first dance and shit it was so funny. She didn't do much of the other bits but when the chorus came on she jumped all over the place and had some serious air time.
This is Shou doing the same dance - all very serious. Had all the moves sorted and obviously wasn't pissed at being dressed in green tights, a fringed crop top with pompoms and a gay hat.

And this is Ryu having his first tast of non-boob. Was stewed apple and after this first taste he actually did quite well.

So, anyway, Shou and Marina's part of the recital was over within half an hour - with over an hour left before we could take them home. I told hub I would walk Ryu home - who had gone to sleep. Hub looked a bit miffed and jealous. I said he could walk him home and hang out the kids futons, washing and get lunch sorted if we wanted. He decided to stay at the recital and sleep through the older kiddies dances.
Hub was a bit of twat this evening, making a few wanky comments that I am sure were fuelled by fact that he was only one in office not on office end of year slumber party. After I had JUST finished getting dinner sorted he went into the kitchen and said out of the blue

"Is that money you gave me on bonus day all the 'bakkin (fines)' you clocked up?"
"from leaving shit in the sink?"
"There isn't anything in the sink and even if there was when did the fines go up?"
"There's heaps of paper rubbish in the triangle thing (the built for that purpose triangle thing that goes in the corner of the sink) and the fine was 1000 yen per time and I will just charge you for 20 times!"
"Back up the fuckin truck buddy. 1. our deal was for rubbish in the sink - that shit is in the rubbish compartment of the sink and it will get thrown out. 2. I gave you 20,000 on bonus day out of the goodness of the family heart bank because I thought it was a nice gesture even though we can't really afford it."
"Did you know that the paper in the triangle thing gets wet and thrown into the rubbish wet, therefore using up more Co2 to burn at the burn centre?"
"... (at a loss as really con't argue with that but still, bit shocked that hub has turned into such a greenie"

The next thing he said was as he was taking Ryu from me in the bath - I was in the bath with all three kids and as he took Ryu, Shou said something, followed by Marina, prompting hub to say that " it was hard being surrounded by four demanding people". He got an in English PISS OFF to that.
BUT - he did purchase something for me off TV shopping today!!
The add came on for this thing in the morning and I was watching the add, as have done many a time, and thought out loud that I wonder if really worked and if so fab - would be saviour of mothers the world over (but not those with money to pay for fab trainer or will power of steel enough to get up at five every morning to run off flummy)
Hub rang up and they were busy but message said would ring back - which didn't happen till half eight this evening but we still got the 'if you ring in the next thirty minutes you get a free set of steak knives' deal.
And no, it isn't actually steak knives but a deal where you get more of the same product - kind of.
Heres hoping it works - or at least makes me feel a size slimmer for a while enough to want to actually lose the flummy for good!!

Cheers to a nice rest of the weekend.
A drink hub brought home without realising perfectness of.


Lulu said...

Sorry to hear you are still feeling like crap from the cold or oinky flu. Hope you get more sleep tonight and start to improve...been sick sucks.

I think the photos of the kids in their recital is cute- you can tell marina is really into it which is great!!! Not sure Shou was so impressed with being a tanpopo though. HAHA- definitely something to bring out at his 21st.

Kelly said...


Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Nothing worse than feeling like death warmed up when you've got to be on duty 24/7.

Love the pics of the kids. Alexa loves dancing and singing so much more than James. Is is a girl thing or an age thing?

Violet said...

Hey your experience of the possible-oink sounds like when I had the oink. Only reason I knew it was the oink was because Son had tested positive for it and I got sick like the next day, so seemed pretty guaranteed it was the oink. My temp didn't go higher than 38.5 and not for very long either. Only real symptom I had was a seriously congested nose. Other than that I just had absolutely no energy, felt like shit and couldn't do anything. Worst part lasted max of 2 days. But had low engergy for several days after...