Friday, 18 December 2009

Have put a lid on the black hole.

Thank you for all the reassuring comments yesterday - it is nice to know that I am not alone. It somehow makes those hard times that little bit easier. I was a long way from the side of the black hole today. Which was probably in direct relation to the fact that shhhhhhh, I got some SLEEEEEEEEEEP.

At Ryu's 11pm feed last night I gave him 120ml of formula followed by nomihoudai (all you can drink) boob. I then wrapped him up in so many layers he resembled one of those Russian Dolls where you take the top off and there is another one inside - take one layer off and there is another, and another, and another. I also put the heater on to warm the room up which meant pulling his bed out of the butsudan room and into the tatami room beside it.

He slept until 3am when he woke up and sucked my boobs inside out before going back to sleep for another three hours. He then slept for three hours this morning and two hours this afternoon - during which time I caught up on some zzzzzz as well.

So, I'm not sure it was being warmer or being fuller that led to more sleep but we will do more of the same tonight and every night here on in if it means more sleep. I woke up this morning feeling almost human.

I had nothing pressing to do today which was nice because it was bloody cold. Our first sprinkling of snow even...
Which melted by the time the kids came home but looks like we are in for a dump over the weekend - maybe even enough to get the gloves on and make us some snowmen on Sunday. I took the family wagon to the garage after the kiddy run and got the tyres changed to the snow tyres - which almost probably definately means that after this weekend we will get no more big dumps of snow this season!

I got the Christmas baking urge - which is one of the seven wonders of the world. I have no idea who will eat it all but there is something about putting some chrissy tunes on and baking! Today I made some dark fudge and some shortbread (so much for not thinking I gave a shit about shortbread at Christmas). Very bad pic...

Speaking of tunes. My new christmas CD arrived yesterday - WOW Christmas - 30 top christian artists and holiday songs. Not impressed. I spent ages on amazon looking at song lists. I didn't want all the new 'santa baby' shit - I have that already. I wanted the traditional stuff but not with all the songs gospelled to shite. My favorite Christmas songs are:
Once in Royal David's City
The First Noel
O come all ye faithful
We three kings of Orientar (?)
They just get me in the Christmas spirit - and I think we sang these ones at school too - no doubt along with some very bad renditions of:
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
Jingle Bells, and
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Has anyone got a really good Christmas CD they can recommend - quickly! So, I can still order it off amazon in time for next Friday - when Ryu and I will be home alone in front of the fire listening to tunes and talking to friends and family back home.
Speaking of my little Ryudolph...
This hat arrived today from the European Stylist - along with enough winter gear to see the Aramaki kids through the winter months. The hat has monster scales all the way back. Is quite possibly the most fantastic hat I have seen. Obviously, the fact that Ryu looks so damn cute in it too... ??
He is really getting into his food now and scoffed back lots of apple and banana today and is probably hoping mummy starts actually putting in some effort and mashing some other shit too. He likes his baby crackers too...

Hub was late this evening so I did the usual on my own - and did the usual harrass the kids to eat their dinner and get in the bath. I was planning on flagging the bath entirely - something we do when it just gets too much. The thing is that when they are actually in the bath they love it, especially Ryu. But Shou said he wanted one so in we went. I had to get a bit stroppy at them which lead to Shou saying 'mummy, Santa isn't coming to give you prezzies'. I asked why and he said it was because I was 'okorisugita' - got too angry at him. God kids learn fast don't they!
Anyhoo - a complete turn around from last nights post! I had a big talk to my sister. And, it was refreshing, almost therapeutic (??). I'm so glad she phoned and that we both had an hour without interuptions to talk. I don't know if she needed it but I sure did.
So, on that positive note people
Have a great weekend in the cold or the sunshine, where ever you may be.


Kelly said...

He is such a good looking baby :) Love him in the hat.

I can't recommend any good xmas cd's...the last ones I bought were something called dance beat xmas or something haha...i'm pretty shocking.

Love the baking! I just decided to do some last minute baking too...there's something about home made cookies :)

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

I had a black hole moment last week. I almost yelled at this poor unsuspecting lady. Fortunately I held it together but every year before Christmas I get really homesick no matter what.

Christmas CD's!!! We love Christmas music (and really music in general). If you want something really classic then go with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas CD "Joy To The World". It's a little stuffy but it's the most traditional version. Otherwise our favorite Christmas CD's are Celine Dion "These Are The Special Times", The Carpenters Christmas, Sarah McLachlan "Wintersong", and Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas". I hope this helps!!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Very cute baby you have there. Always smiling for the camera too. Almost makes me want to have anoth...whatever am I saying?!

Wish I had an oven big enough to do some decent baking. Must invest in a bigger oven in the New Year.

Midori said...

I swear, looking at Ryu makes my ovaries ping with baby lust! I know babies are exhausting but he is just SO utterly adorable!! :-) I miss that yummy baby stage!
Glad you are feeling a little bit better. Hormones can be evil things and can make everything feel so much worse!