Monday, 28 December 2009

Festive Season Blogging

This must be the holiday season blog thing - slow down on the blogging or forgo it all together for festive season festivities and following day slogginess. God knows what will happen over the next six days when Gaijinwife kindy opens up 24/7. I will probably either have to throw the computer out the window or not be able to find it under the pile of cars, tea sets and nenga bloody (fucker, bollocks, shit, crap, all other obscenities) jyo.

I realised what may have been wrong with the printer - a choccy paper appeared from inside the cogs and was nice pretty one with santa and christmas trees on it. Took it out and all of a sudden things started printing straight. Great. Might finally have all the bloody things finished by tomorrow.

Anyhoo, yesterday we ventured over to Jo's for a post christmas get together and lunch with her crew and Rachel and her girls. Shou attacked the toy cupboard withing ten seconds of walking in the front door and proceeded to spend the best part of two hours playing with a Thomas the tank engine railroad set. He got a bit stroppy with Erica (Rachel's two year old), who told him to 'christmas tree' in a very angry voice - obviously Erica-go (language) for fuck off you twat.

I ate far too much and somehow managed to come away with left over Christmas turkey and gingerbread men - which didn't make it through the night I might add.

Last night was pretty horrific between Marina and Ryu - bastardy buggers. Was not asleep for more than forty minutes I don't think. Marina was having full conversations with her glow-worm at 2am - glow-worm that I had turned sound off on but which still glowed - smugly no doubt. Marina would push it to glow and then ask it if it was OK before telling it she needed to go to sleep. Replay times a fricken hundred.

I was so not in a happy peace with the world place this morning - I nearly cancelled my meeting with the man from the English school who keeps ringing me and whose calls I keep ignoring. But, my curiosity won over and I took Ryu and we went to meet him for coffee.

He's a bit full of himself - a lot of name dropping, his academic greatness rah rah. For someone who is so wonderful he sure doesn't google very well. Despite all this I have almost agreed to teach from Jan until the end of March, when we will discuss things from April. It is only two hours on a Friday with the addition of Wednesday mornings from April.

I'm not entirely convinced I'm doing the right thing as a very good source/s says he is crap to work for. I figure it's only about ten weeks though and then can bail if want to. Will be nice little bit of pocket money (not as much as really wanted and probably actually very shite considering high possibility class schedule will be changed) .

So after our meeting I came home and did some cleaning before the rath of six days of being able to do nothing, and then headed off to friend's sons's birthday in next town over - where I ate chips and salsa non-stop for two hours. Excellent. I am so starting the water and air diet tomorrow.

Best get off to bed for another fun-filled night of babies and toddlers who think 2am is perfect time to bond with glow-worm.

Oh, and a pic from Jo's yesterday - Ryu in between the two puppets that Rachel's girls got from Santa.



Ruth said...

That was a hilarious entry. Myself and Hannah just read it together and had to stop for a few minutes we were laughing at Marina`s antics so much!! Thanks again for the b-day mags. Read them today to ease my hangover. Nothing like a Hello Kitty pouch and a bit of Matsu Jun to make you feel better ;)

illahee said...

ryu is so adorable!!