Thursday, 10 December 2009

Daughter in Law Brownie Points

A quiet house - bar the kiddy TV and the sound of Ryu with all his fingers in his mouth. I am still convinced the grizzling, red cheeks, hands in mouth is all to do with teeth coming through. At times when I can catch a glimpse of his bottom gum (easier said than done) I am pretty sure I see a bit of white and when he gummy chomps the boob it is ouchy ouchy.

All the santa letters arrived at various houses around Kunimi yesterday. My Wednesday pre-schoolers brought them with them and were very excited. Apart from the obvious excitement for the kids at getting their very own mail this exercises has taught me that, at yesterdays count of 4/4, everyone opens their mail by cutting the top off the envelope. It has also taught me that Japanese mothers are very suspicious as they all thought briefly that mail - in English - from overseas - and addressed to their five year old was obviously something 'ayashi' - like one of those 'you have won' sweepstakes things. I'm sure I told them all I was doing it but either they forgot or I just thought about telling them all!

Granny K upped my daughter in law points yesterday - and I hadn't even done anything for her. As I was going out to get more printer ink I passed the deaf temple woman from next door. She's eighty four and was pushing her baachan pushy chair thing all the way to the friggin bus stop - about eight hundred metres away. She was over half way but we took her the rest of the way. I went out in the afternoon to post all my Christmas cards (first batch at least) and on the way home we just happened to see her hobling on her way home - in the rain - with a shopping bag over her head so her hair wouldn't get wet.

Honestly, anyone would have stopped and done the same thing - especially if next door neighbour vestling. She must have rung Granny K up to exclaim in wonder that the daughter in law she bitches about so much is actually not that bad.

Good points lasted till this morning when I had to raise my voice (tis lucky nextdoor temple lady IS deaf) at both Shou and Marina. Mainly Shou though who three minutes before leaving for kindy suddenly wanted to scissor up and paint an empty cookie box. I tried to explain, I tried to reason, I tried to divert, I tried to bribe, I pretended to phone Santa. Na, zilch, nada. He was intent on having scissors. Scream, tanty, scream, hit Marina, hit mummy, scream some more and honestly all it took to get him down in the end was asking Marina in a small voice if perhaps she would like to wear Shou's cool Lightening McQueen shoes to kindy today. Woooosh, Shou into his shoes and out to the car faster that you can sing Flash... oooooooh... master of the universe.

I am about to head off to drop the DVDs back and buy some English workbooks for my kids - have decided that copying pages each week is pain in ass and spending five hundred yen for a book each (so five thousand yen all up) probably in the long rung not much more expensive.

Is also December the 10th today. Do you know what that means?

It means that all over Japan the wives of civil servants are rejoicing that today is winter bonus day. For five seconds before they realise bonus has been cut so much it may as well star in the next chainsaw masacre. Bonus?? Bonus my arse. Will have about enough for a packet of two minute noodles after all the bonus payments for the house and solar panels, hub's car, etc have been taken out.

I'm feeling oddly generous today though so perhaps I will withdraw the left over 100 yen and put it in a thankyou envelope and give it to hub.

Well, the door man is just here fixing the broken hinges on Granny K's cupboard doors - the same cupboard I took the doors off because of broken hinge and put up nice rail and curtain. He has managed to almost fix it but it really needs a new hinge and that would involve contacting the maker. Sigh, nevermind. The nice rail and curtain are now in the upstairs toilet!


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