Monday, 7 December 2009

Cosmo Moment & Our Day.

After I posted last night I decided to try and persuade hub into bed for cuddles - just cuddles. He tends to interpret cuddle as shag though so in order to get my cuddles I had to oblige to the shag first. He seemed to think it had been a month since our last international relations meeting but I begged to differ. I refrained from saying I could always check my blog!

Anyway, and time for a cosmo moment, halfway through the shag (what, oh, a minute) I started thinking that perhaps maybe I just didn't want a cuddle after all. Perhaps I wanted some more of the same. So, after the shag shag I requested some more of the same for me. The ever obliging husband agreed. HOWEVER, and this has never happened before, as soon as it was over hub got straight up muttering something about having to put some lip cream on Shou's lip - which he keeps licking and is getting quite sore looking. So, this means, that while I was trying to conjure up fantasies of half dressed builders and delivery men taking me in the middle of the day while everyone is out, hub is thinking about Shou and his sore lip and how he needs to put some cream on it.

I'm in a bit of a humph actually. I wonder if its my flummy! Or was he being a woman and multitasking?

So, anyway, got quite a good sleep until about half four (not that Ryu slept all that time though - I had to get up twice) when Shou AND Marina decided it was time to get up. Tried to convince them that family snuggles in the big bed was fun. So not happening though so I came downstairs at five with the two of them, followed shortly after by Ryu. Made them breakfast, set their clothes up and tag teamed with hub so Ryu and I could go back to sleep for forty minutes.

Managed to get a lot of stuff done today. The usual of course, and then set the fireplace stuff up - as in found other houses for all of Shou's emergency vehicles that were parked under and around it, got the guard set up and cut some kindling. Am out all day tomorrow so I guess we'll start cranking it up on Wednesday.

Also sent a couple of chrissy parcels off. Well, actually one was in return for European stylist sending all my English class kids the santa letters - which are winging their way back to their houses as I type. I had a moments panic attack when I thought I had put the digital camera in the top of the box I then taped up and sent to my sister. Found it though.

Wrote the Chrissy letter to put in cards to send around to people, ordered some stuff online for Granny K.

I know. Who would have thought the old girl would have a need for bright pink vibrating bunnies. Actually was very boring department store vouchers - that she got with her 'ecopoints' - points the government gives you for buying environmentally friendly electronics.

Also had some phone time which was good and even started writing some Christmas cards. Have to take Granny K to the bumholeole clinic tomorrow. I had plans to do this and do that but the schedule according to her is that I wait while she has her check (I don't think so. Am sure I can break free for a gingerbread latte run in there) and then we both go to Toys R Us so she can get Shou and Marina a Christmas present, before we go for lunch followed by a visit to see the newest addition - her great grandson. My nieces second baby. They haven't really been too keen on visitors but Granny K rang them last night and told them we were coming. I hope I get time to buy something for dinner in between all that because lord knows I wont have time to make it before having to pick the kids up.

And thats that. How very exciting my life is.

Hope everybody is getting ready for the lead up to Christmas. Shou went to sleep with a Christmas card under his pillow - stolen from my stash as I was writing them to send overseas. He decorated it (wrote in it?) for Santa and left it under his pillow with the pen so Santa could write back??

How the shite am I going to manage to extract that from under a pillow weighted down by his big head. Time for some mummy magic me thinks.


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