Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Catch up.

Waiting for hub to get home - his third late night in a row. Sunday and Monday were work - and tonight is too I guess but since six it has been 'work with alcoholic benefits'.

We had some words about this last night. I said I wanted to go for a girls night in Fukuoka in February (with Ryu of course. God forbid the man and his mother have to look after three children for 24 hours, despite Ryu taking bottle) and this led to him saying that my going out for a night was completely different to him.

His is all work. He doesn't want to be actually eating fine foods and drinking fine beverages with his collegues. He would much rather be at home with three small children and a fat gaijin wife in a hissy fit. Alright then.

My debate line was that his job was taxes and it was OK to go out with tax men/wannabe firemen/workers union lads rah rah. My job was house and kids and therefore it should be OK for me to go out with mummy friends - god, the only thing we talk about is kids and useless husbands anyway. It is me getting out of these four walls to a different location.

We have agreed to disagree on this because unless he does what I do for a set period of time he will never 'get it'. I understand his argument - I've had the full time job in Japan and been expected to attend these functions. He hasn't had a piece of the house wife thing. Well, he gets a piece of me every so often but that wasn't really what I meant :p

We nearly had an argument over nengajo (news years cards) but he bit his tongue. Just as fuckin well or I would have bitten the bastard right off for him. My post codes aren't perfectly centered in the postcard set-squares on some of them. He said that and I just about ninja starred the 120 nengajo in his face. Not impressed. I suggested that perhaps I just leave all the post codes off and he can go and handwrite them all? Perfectly in the centre.

Anyway, what else.

We are on to day four of Marina in her new bed. Not the best time to start with day two, three and four being me on my own getting them all to bed. Day two was Sunday and she was asleep after twenty minutes of me telling her to stop grizzling and lie down or the hall light would go off/door would get shut. She hadn't had an afternoon nap which was our saving grace from an hour of back and forth.

Last night was a bit heinous. Fast forward an hour. I was going to wait to put Shou to bed until she had gone to sleep but she was pissing round so much that I took Shou up to bed at 8pm and had to say a few 'just go to sleep' Marina through the wall. She did. Cue snoring.

However, middle of the night and she wakes up complaining of poo. I am down stairs feeding Ryu so hub goes in and what do you know there are NO nappies in the house - only Ryu's ones. This is 100% my fault. I suggest there might be some in the emergency nappy ziploc bag in the car. But no, just small nappies and tampons.

Slam car door, times four.

Hub asks what he should do and I suggest using the swimming nappies we have in the top drawer. They are big size pull ups and we had about four packets of two in each so she just would have gone off to kindy in a swimming nappy in the middle of winter. Nevermind. Hub chose to ignore what I said and put her in one of Ryu's - which actually go up to 14kg anyway but which are tape ones not pullups. He doesn't have 'can change nappy in semi-darkness' skills like I do so had to put her room light on - bright damn fucker that it is. After changing her he left me to try and get her back to sleep.

No darling, we aren't reading the hungry catepillar at two o'clock in the morning.

No darling, Shou doesn't want your teddybear...

No darling...

Hub was not a happy chappy and so I slept in with Shou cause much warmer and lots more cuddles!

I have just finished making eclairs and microwave meringues for tomorrow. I was going to cut and par-boil (?) the roast veges too but can't be flagged. Coffee Chiemi and her boys aren't arriving till about three and hub knows he is on kiddy patrol tomorrow while I sort out the house, the roast lamb, the prezzies, the deserts, the drinks - shit, and the baby and self. Thank god I'm a multitasking female. I might even be able to do half of this with a glass of bubbles in hand.

Highly possible me thinks.

Tomorrow is our 'Christmas' and Shou and Marina will get there big prezzie in the morning so that it occupies them for the rest of oh, at least half an hour. I might have to elaborate on the night before Christmas story and say that due to time differences and jet lag New Zealand Santa arrived at our house two days before his kindy friends. They will get a stocking and some other things on Christmas day evening - not before kindy as that would be recipe for disaster.

Christmas was going to be a very low key affair - as in actual Christmas day - but arrangements today mean a friend will be joining us which is nice. The more the merrier and I know what Christmas not at 'home' is like. I have warned her that it will be Japanese chicken and sponge cake, plus some MOET, god forbid I went too Japanese and tried to fob sake or plum wine off as a Christmas beverage of choice.

My English class Christmas party for Thursday afternoon has been cancelled - or rather I cancelled it. One of the girls has been oinked, another's little brother has been and the others are all at a School where 5 out of the 30 students are away with it. Have told them we will just have a belated Christmas party in January. I think my evening class will go ahead though as they are all Junior High kids and I think they are OK.

I think that's about it. There were things over the last couple of days that I thought about posting but for the life of me I can't remember.

Better wash the dishes and wait for the 'very quiet' hub to return.

Bang, crash, pissed mutterings, bang, crash, snore, snore.



Oyomesan said...

Hope you enjoy your Christmas! (and have a glass of something strong in one hand)

I think it's wonderfully ironic that on this day that is meant to be a public holiday for the Emperor's Bithday - most people in Japan are actually celebrating a Christian festival with their families....I bet nobody under the age of 30 even knows WHY it's a holiday!

illahee said...

well, i still hope you get to have time with us in february! my husband needs frequent reminders that i need a break, too! he also does things for himself that makes extra work/time with the kids, so he owes me free time, anyway!

merry christmas!

Ruthie said...

Hope your Christmas dinner goes great and that the kids get really excited (although not over-excited) by it all!!