Friday, 11 December 2009

Calmed-down Cold??

See below for yesterday's post which I wrote and then didn't get round to posting last night for one reason or another.

I arrived at kindy at 7:33 this morning. They open from 7:30. I wasn't planning on arriving that early it's just the way the flow of dressing, teeth brushing, jacket put onnering, and gumboot hurling went. That and fact that we leave same time as hub usually so he can help get the demons buckled into their car seats - and this morning he was early. The teachers didn't seem to mind. Is only twenty minutes earlier than we usually get there anyway.

And here I find myself wondering if a second cup of coffee before nine in the morning is OK and that I should probably get up and get some wood in to light the fire.

I'm not feeling a 100% and for about half an hour this morning thought I might start oinking. Throat ripped to shreds and I had a temperature that has now gone down and I can at least swallow again and talk at a push. Who am I kidding. I just tried to phone friend in New Zealand which would have led to at least half an hour of non-stop yabbering so I must be fine!

Granny K seems to think it is an 'ochitsuke-kaze', which literally translated would be 'calmed down - cold' as in a cold you get when things calm down after a hectic period, which I am presuming she means translation, followed by Fukuoka trip followed by her and her bumholeyole clinic trip. The worst thing about getting a cold when you have a baby is obviously the can't take drugs part but moreso I think the don't feel right getting right in there for neck smelling/rasberry blowing cuddles. No cough though which means I wont have people looking at me like am oinky flu spreader at tomorrow's kindy recital.

So yesterday was bonus day. I went to the bank to update the bankbook and was pleasantly surprised. It hadn't dropped as much as I was expecting. Hub got more than a 100 yen in a Lightening McQueen kiddy envelope with a wee note saying thankyou darling for all your hard work. He was surprised and asked if it meant he was still getting his piece of the translation money pie. I said yes. Now he's trying to convince me to let him have the extra so he can use all his money to buy new wheels for the family wagon. Not much point though as we will be putting studless tyres on soon anyway.

Hub came back last night in chipper mood with drinks, chuhais, chips and chocolate. I had English as per usual, during which Shou came back downstairs and after spending ten minutes entertaining my students came back in here and him and hub built houses and made 'obento' (packed lunch) out of blocks wrapped in one of Ryu's blankets. Upon being asked what was in his obento Shou replied rice, nato barf beans and icecream. Hub, after three beers, was highly amused. When I took him to bed (Shou) he brought all his obento blocks with him. Is quite surprising he managed to get any sleep at all with those in the bed.

After Shou had gone to bed I came downstairs and asked if there was any beer. Hub went to get the can he had placed in at the alter earlier. I asked if this was kosh to be ge stealing his father's beer to give to me. Is fine. I wondered out loud what his father would think of me if had lived long enough to meet me. Without even thinking hub said he would have liked my hooters. I hope I would have been more than a couple of gaijin hooters to him though.

Anyway, one mention of the word and hub starts getting all lets have a celebratory bonus day shag. It was nice and warm in front of the fire but unfortunately our sheepskin rug isn't that big so when I complained about sore head hub romantically picked up my head and put two nappies underneath it! Note to self - always keep couch pillow handy or change positions and get on top so hub can lie there with nappies under HIS head.

Well, enough said aye. Better get outside and bring in some wood. Is going to be one of those lazy in front of the fire days.



illahee said...

you know, i've suspected for a long, long time that i'm nothing more than a walking pair of boobs, here in japan. *sigh*


Violet said...

On the sheepskin rug in front of the fire! Apart from the nappies, sounds very Mills & Boon! But weren't you freaking about Granny K coming in and finding you??

Gaijin Wife said...

Violet - so not Mills & Boon! However writes those definately wasn't picturing our scenario. LOL :) It was quite late so I wasn't too worried about Granny K. She doesn't just pop in to this room like she used to.