Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bumholeyole Clinic Day Out

Nearly went to sleep with Shou tonight and flagged the blog but the fact that the tv, the computer and the washing machine were all own brought me downstairs. Everyone else is in bed though. I think hub was a bit shattered after the early morning start. Shou and Marina awake at five followed shortly there after by Ryu. Today was bumholeyole clinic day so I made a deal with hub. Either he could go back to bed for an hour and then get up and take her to the station before work or he could look after all three of them for an hour and I would take her - as there was no way I was going to be able to drive two hours each way on such little sleep.

Bless the man - he let me sleep for an hour and a half. And I think I actually sleep for most of it. The kids were fed, Shou was changed and I even think the breakfast dishes might have been done. I don't know how much of it Granny K was in on but who cares.

Granny K and I set off just after eight with a sleepy Ryu who slept the whole way in the car. Dropped her off and went to get my GBLatte, which I had in the mummy and baby room while I fed Ryu. Not quite like lounging on one of the starbucks sofa chairs but I not complain. Got a few more stocking fillers - namely some choccies - elephant ones for Marina and for Shou - emergency vehicles of course. Also got some Christmas shortbread, something that really has no significance for me for Christmas but Christmas in a country that hashes Christmas and I tend to do some very odd things. It's Walkers of course, and it cost half of hub's bonus but hey, there are chrissy tree shapes, santa shapes and star shapes.

Granny K and I had synchronized our watches so I got back to pick her up just as she was walking out the door of the clinic. Went to Toys R Us so she could get a small prezzie for them each - and she ended up getting a shinken ranger and anpanman hard cardboard stocking thing with 'okashi' (snacks) in it, which she could have gotten at the local supermarket but nevermind.

One last request - could we please pick up some sushi on the way to the eldest son's place. Rightio then. From where should we do this GK? Tokiwa has everything. We could get some lunch there too. Bit of a huuha trying to find a park so hard to go to a parking tower that had some parks at the bottom too. Could I please parallel park the family wagon in between those two big concrete pilons. I looked a bit like 'oh fuck, here we go' and the parking man took that as me not being able to understand him so poked his head further in the car and asked Granny K what my language ability was like. I said could understand him perfectly but was wondering at ability to park car while still being able to drive home later with the whole left side panel and bumper.

Turns out parking man was fab parallel parking teacher but not too keen on letting me go that 30 cm more forward at the end - despite fact I had to get stroller out of the boot. Nevermind though. I had my go go gadget arms on today and stroller was being very bendy and obliging.

To Tokiwa we went and to the basement food court we conquered. Granny K tried to convince me I needed sushi rice for lunch so I tried to convince her she needed lamb shanks and black pudding for dinner. We parted ways and bought our own yummies and met back up to descend on my brother in laws place and his daughter and her newest baby - which up until now we have been kind of fobbed off seeing.

Baby very cute but hard to compete with Ryu when he is doing his Yoshimoto comedian performance. Left at two, minus a humungous bag of daikon that sister in law looked about as thrilled to be getting as Granny K would if she had had lamb shanks and black pudding for dinner. I smiled at her and said if wasn't enough would vege courier another load to her tomorrow.

We left with some bread and some goma puddings for the kids which had completely forgotten about until just now. Might have to taste test one just to make sure is OK, and then the kids can have them for breakfast!

Rightio, I better fill in the rest of Shou's 'three year' checkup questionnaire. Hub came home with it all yesterday. There is a sheet with six pictures on it that they will get 'tested on' - dog, cat, elephant, shoes, umbrella and chair. There is also one of those black 'C' shapes that you have to hold up for eye checks. It also asks that you test your childs hearing by using earphones to test each ear individually. It looks like I have Ryu and Shou's checkups on the same day at the same place but not sure if in the same room or not. Bloody pain in the ass if they aren't.


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