Saturday, 19 December 2009

A big girls bed at last.

The house is quiet - bar Bruce Springstein and John Foghurty (so not spelt like that. Looks far too much like yoghurt) belting out Pretty Woman on BS. The rest of the house is...

and not...
but this was taken an hour before Ryu went to bed.

So, today was the day we took down Marina's cot and put her in a big girl's bed. Yes, well. Only took an hour and a half to get her to sleep!! We have put a gate over her door so she can't get out and try and get down the stairs in the middle of the night. She didn't climb out as much as I thought - just kept crying. I don't wont to get her into the habbit of going to sleep with one of us in her room - like Shou. So, I kept tucking her in, saying good night and closing the door. For the first hour anyway. Then we did controlled crying and she cried for ten minutes then five then three and then two and then zzzzzzzz.

Shou wasn't too impressed that he lost the roof off his bed (was bunks) but he went to sleep with daddy fine. I hope tonight was the worst of it cause up until now Marina has been my dream sleeper. If I was home alone putting all three of them to sleep on my own I could always count on Marina to have her bottle and got to sleep on her own. I have faith she'll pull through and get with the 'what mummy wants' program though.

Hub and I were going to be getting a load of firewood off Jo this morning but because of the snow yesterday and fact that firewood is still in trunk form on side of hill we decided too dangerous to go.

Was a lovely day today.

Could have gone afterall but might try and do it next Saturday.

Instead we went shopping and to sushi. I dropped hub off at silver ball heaven (lucky man) while I went and shopped for a matress and duvet etc for Marina's bed and for a Christmas prezzie for Granny K. She had pointed out a revolving (spinning? round and round? lazy suzy?) low chair that she wanted for her low table. It was only 6000 yen. I saw a much nicer one with a lot less bulk for three times that amount. I was very tempted but stopped myself as it wasn't the one she had cut out and therefore probably would have been flawed in some way.

Ryu and I did all the shopping - him with his monster hat on and getting lots of attention and me being well in the mood for it. Hub had a two hour time limit - unless he was raking it in and could win enough silver balls to buy me something sparkly for chrissy. He wasn't though so we picked him up and headed to sushi - which he paid for seeing as he did come out slightly better off.

On the way home he mentioned that he had a wannabe firebrigade start of new year overnight drinking thing and a one night two day work thing in January - the work thing of course including a dinner and on the lash thing that night. I didn't put up a fight, I just said that in return I would like a night away in Fukuoka (Illahee, Kuri??). With Ryu of course.

He got all narky and 'fine, stay for three nights I don't care' (Illahee, Kuri??) If I work on him I might get a week!

We then had to have a chat on responsibilities. He sometimes gets so dilluded that he actually thinks working overtime at a computer is harder than dealing with three small children on your own. He makes me feel like I should be fuckin grateful for having a night away from it all - when if it's him it's all for work or 'tsuki-fukin-ai' The argument ended when I told him to shut it cause he was the one that just spent two hours of pure him time while I went shopping for bloody christmas shit for HIS mother and our daughter and all the time holding, pushing or feeding Ryu.

In his heart of hearts he knows that the house and kiddy stuff is hard/monotonous/painful/stressful, but then he spends too much time with other Japanese men whose wifeys seem to do everything and still have time to stay skinny and vaccum the house in a full face of makeup. Not that hub expects this of course but still, some of his mates do jack bloody shit when it comes to child raising.

That was a bit of a ranty tangent sorry. Day was actually fine. Lunch at sushi was good and we went home via Tokiwa to send his two brothers, his uncle and a prominant figure of the Kunimi community who lives down the road 'end of year gifts' - namely, box of ham X 2, box of beer and some fish or other for his manic healthy policeman brother.

Also got started on the new years postcards (nengajo) today - got our address on all of them. Still haven't really even sorted the photo and I wonder how close this year's ones will bring us to divorce. Always arguments!!

Anyhoo, off to watch the rest of CSI Mongolia or whichever one it is.



kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

Great news about the bed! I hope she continues to be your dream sleeper. It's not fair if all of them give you grief! :)

Am totally up for an overnighter in Fukuoka. February is good for me too so we can figure out dates with illahee when she sees your post. Am looking forward to it!

nikintheguch said...

Good luck with the nengajo! We still haven't started ours and I am putting it off for as long as possible. Hub is completely computer illiterate but still tries to give feedback which of course results in world war 3.

Nay said...

Congrats to moving Marina over to her big girls bed without too many trouble. I hope she continues to sleep well in her new bed for you :)

I hope you were able to do your new years card without too many arguments!! We are doing ours tonight but I normally just leave it up to him - as long as the photo he wants to use isn't too hideous!! LOL!