Wednesday, 16 December 2009

3 years & 6 months

By the end of yesterday I was so knackered I didn't have the strength to push the computer button on. OK, so that's a slight exageration. I somehow miraculously found the strength to turn the button on AND spend ten minutes ordering some MOET bubbles for Chrissy. Only got one bottle which is very sad considering three of us will be having some but it will be between five and seven, while we sort out and eat combination of roast lamb and kentucky fried chicken, while trying to sort out 6 children.

Which will probably mean I feel like hiding in dark corner in cupboard under stairs (squashed in between toilet paper, nappies and handbags), possibly in a fetal position, and possibly wishing I had a whole bottle of Moet to myself.

There will be some beer and some chuuhai on offer, but seriously, how much can you really chuck back in that kind of situation? A far cry from being at home where Christmas lasts ALL day - and isn't just about eating a sponge cake with cream after dinner, ending in half an hour - which is what Granny K thought it was. She got a huge shock when she came back to NZ for Christmas and has handed a glass of champers before lunch. Poor woman. Had to lie down for a while.

So anyway, yesterday really took it out of me. I didn't do any exercise. I didn't even have to run up and down the stairs more than ten times or spend hours rocking the baby. No, it was head and brain tiredness. Took over my whole body - bar of course the hand that controls the mouse and takes visa cards out of wallet.

Both Shou and Ryu had checkups today. Ryu was from 1pm - 2pm, after which I had to rush him home, quickly stuff some boob in his mouth while I sorted out Shou's stuff and then leave him with Granny K while I went to kindy to pick up Shou and take him for his 2:30 - 4pm checkup.

So, very boring kiddy checkup details follow...

This is the first checkup he has had since his one month check. Oops.
Weight - 7900 grams
Height - 66 cm
Head - big
Chest - buff

  1. Can he roll over? Not quite but you can tell he so wants to.
  2. Does he grab for toys that are close to him? Yes - if you classify hair and boobs as toys too.
  3. Have you started the food thing? Ummmm, kind of. Being bit of lazy bitch. He likes the banana and apple he has had though. Do you know how to get stock from a piece of seaweed? Ummmm, kind of. I usually use the instant stock but not really sure how this is relevant to the banana and the apple.
  4. Does he try and take things off his face if they are covering it? Ummmmm, haven't really tried. Not part of our playtime ritual. It turns out he doesn't. He just goes into shock from having his vision taken away and nuts out. This seemed to worry EACH of the ten nurses, doctor, town office ladies that we saw. They EACH had to try their own facecloth over the face experiement - despite fact that after the first time it was then written on our chart. Crap foreign baby has no survival tactics and quite possibily will never be able to manage a stop, drop and roll in case of emergency.

The doctor was very nice. Obviously took a shine to him after on first glance he suggested Ryu be a baby model. He also commented on his flawless skin, good testicles and general cleanliness of fat rolls and underarms.


As soon as we got there Shou honed in on the blocks and then proceeded to take a huge car thing that he had made with him around every check room. First stop - height and weight.

Height - 99.8 cm (Should have put his big fluffy socks on)

Weight - 15.6 kg

Head - big

Chest - runty

Next station - dentist's room. Teeth all present and accounted for. Good lineage, good gums, good condition all round. Ten points, Right you are then. Bugger off to the next station.

Next station - eye check. Woman holds up some random dotty pictures of an elephant, moon, car and star. Shou can say them all and can even point to the same picture on a board of zillions of dots. He is A LOT faster than me at picking them out. We didn't have a cheat sheet for that at home so am noticebly proud of son for skills - possibly skill only needed if trying to spot the poltergist (?) in the fuzzy TV screen but nevermind. He then gets handed a big 'C' and made to turn it this way and that. He was doing very well until woman held up sheet with 'C' the size of a pinhead and she was standing five meters away. Shou got annoyed and said 'how do you expect me to see that?' giggle giggle. He then obviously thought the eye check was all over and started steering the 'C' round the room like a steering wheel.

Next station - brushing. Shou got to choose a toothbrush and then show the dental nurse how he brushes his teeth. I then had to show how I finish off the brushing for him - me kneeling and Shou with his head in my lap with mouth wide open. Was picture perfect and I wondered why Shou was so complying as in reality I finish brushing his teeth on the run. He then got two packets of chewing gum. Good for your teeth gum. I know this is available but am still not sure at appropriateness of three year old being given some.

Anyway, on to last station via the toilet where Shou has to pee in cup to test for protein in pee etc. Get a bit teary at memories brought back of cup peeing into at every pregnancy check up and fact that wont be peeing into cup under such circumstances ever again. sob sob.

Last station - general.

  1. Can you say these colors Shou? Red, yellow, blue. Good boy. Can you take a crayon and draw me some circles and some crosses. Excellent. Why did you choose black? Ohh, because you'r drawing an airplane. OK. Have you been on an airplane? ...
  2. Have you got friends Shou? Of course I've got friends you spaz. Their names are Toya, Kouki, Toya and Kouki, ummm, Toya and Kouki, oh and Ayaki.
  3. What's your mummy's name? Aramaki mummy. Bloody excellent answer.
  4. My god there were so many questions fired in rapid succession. I can't remember them all. Although I do remember, upon being asked if I had any worries myself, that said I really just wanted some sleep. And that the lack of sleep was base of all other problems and that surely if I could just get you to please subscribe some family tranquilizers then we could all zonk for a week and when we woke up the world would be a better place.

Last Station - forgot momentarily that had even seen the doctor. Was the same doctor Ryu had seen two hours before. He saw me and Shou and said 'naruhodo' (I get it) and then said Oh, so there are two of you. I said there was actually another one in the middle as well.

He made Shou jump up, jump down, turn around, poke his tongue out and pull his pants down. Testicles all in right place. Thank God.

Following all the stations there was some afternoon tea which Shou polished off in five seconds flat before screaming round the room with Kouki and Toya. I was past it. I had been answering questions in Japanese non stop for close to three hours. In between I had been talking to friends but again, all in Japanese and while I can usually do this without thinking today was just one of those days. Most probaby fact that had to use nice Japanese to the doctors and nurses.

Hub was home early though and the kids were all in bed at good times, followed by me at half eight.

I am about to take the deaf temple lady from next door down to the bus stop. I offered to take her the whole way to the hospital but she said the bus stop was fine. So that it will be I think. I have to prepare for my pre-schoolers Christmas party which starts at four. Is only an hour but hub is late tonight so I need to have all the kiddy witching hour stuff sorted before English starts.

Meeting Solar panal man's wife for lunch though.

Right, best hang some washing out and put another log on the fire.



Kelly said...

Wow, granny k actually went to NZ? There's hope for my inlaws yet!! How did she fare over there? Did she like it?

Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday...I hope you enjoy your Moet at xmas. :)

Ruthie said...

Aramaki Mummy? That is the best answer ever, go Shou. Hahahaha!

Brenda said...

I laughed out loud at the Aramaki Mummy answer. Too funny! I can't wait until Sara starts mouthing off at the doctors and nurses and says what I'm thinking, but don't have the balls to actually voice out loud.

kel said...

That was my son B's exact answer too at his 3 year old checkup he had a couple of months back!! Except the Aramaki was changed to our surname, of course! He even followed it with the equivalent of an Aramaki Daddy when asked about his Dad!lol

random_01 said...

Hi gaijin wife, I too married an Oita bloke (Hita-shi) and we are back living in Christchurch (I dragged him here!). We have a daughter 4, and a 6 week old little boy. Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your blog, the bit recently about the tofu packet in the sink had me doubled over with laughter, we have had that same fight!!! Keep up the great work xx.

Gaijin Wife said...

Kelly - Granny K did OK in NZ. It was pretty full on and it did tire her out - especailly the travelling to and from. She herself didn't really want to go I don't think but went because everyone kept going on about how lucky she was having a daughter in law from NZ and when was she going to visit!!

Random 01 - how did you manage to drag him back? At least in Christchurch there must be a pretty good network of Japanese and half families?

The tofu packet - wouldn't surprise me if couples have ended up divorcing over such things.