Sunday, 22 November 2009

Too much coffee part III

Holy shit, I haven't posted since Wednesday. But then, if you asked me what day it was today I'd probably say it's still only Friday! I am so 'course objective' and 'enrollment guidelines' fucked in the head I can't focus properly. Is a wonder I can still actually see enough to get the kids changed into clothes that are on the right way. Don't worry about me. I've been in my pajamas ALL day!!

I am still not even half way - which is where I need to be by the end of tomorrow. Eeeeekk, fuck, shit and a few more obscenities. There is one teacher in particular, a Chinese teacher in charge of an accounting or management course - every word is in bloody kanji - even the ones that 99 percent of Japanese people would write in hiragana. Hub is starting to stress he isn't going to get his beloved pachinko money handout from my pay!!

I'm starting to stress that the person checking my translation will be completely sober and realise I'm full of shit!

Full of shit aside and I have decided to ask for more cash. The word count is a whole lot more than I thought and I am in serious danger of not finishing unless I decide I can survive on three hours sleep a night - not much less than what I've had for the last three years but! I will wait until Tuesday to contact them though - as by then I should have a better idea of where I'm at.

God damn it I had forgotten tomorrow was a public holiday when I took this job on. Every day counts and I usually have jack shit to do on Mondays. Hub will try and entertain the entertainable sproglets.

He took them out for FIVE hours today. They went to the park, then the game centre at the big shopping center and then to the conbini (dairy) where they had lunch in the car! Marina was beside herself when they got home at two. She went straight down for a nap but Shou decided to run riot. I got a huge chunk of work done this morning thanks to Granny K and Ryu.

Thats right folks. Thanks to Granny K. She looked after Ryu in her (rotton cabbage infested) room for an hour, after which Ryu brushed up on some Swahili, followed by learning a few ninja moves - which I didn't realise until I went in to feed him half an hour later and noticed that hadn't put in intended young einstein video, had put in 'Power Rangers Ninja Storm' instead. Ah well. He seemed entertained just the same!

Hub and I had a barney on I think Thursday night. Thursday - after I was knackered from no sleep because of Ryu and Shou on Wednesday night, followed by three English classes on Thursday plus trying to fit in some translating in between, not to mention mundane house bollocks like feeding and clothing my children.

He got angry at me being a grumpy bitch, went way over the top, after which I got angry, after which he got... and I got .... and well, the last thing I did before bed was put Ryu's Japanese passport application in front of him and told him to please fill it out.

It hadn't been filled out by Friday and at about ten on Friday morning he sent a very nice email with lots of appologies and heart marks - the real ones, not the ones docomo insert just for fun. I made my appologies but we had a talk about it later and rah rah I'll do this and not do that and rah rah likewise for him.

We then consolidated things with a few chuhais and a shag.

Actually it wasn't chuhais, it was cheap and nasty white wine - fine to drink at the time but nasty in the morning. Hub had the cheek to ask me if we had 'cleaned up' after our late night meeting. I said yes love, thanks for letting me know it was so memorable for you. We did put away the swing, whip and shaving cream and I do believe I even managed to throw my crotchless panties in the washing basket.

I was hoping to get loads of translating done yesterday. Ryu was being awesome about the whole thing and I think he has even mastered a few more tricks on his bouncer. A double back flip, a half in half out followed by a one and three quarter double twisting somersalt in the pike postion! ? I was so not in the 'translation' groove yesterday though.

I had been given some 'homework' for the unbloggables and it was eating away at me so I flagged the translation and did that. I'm not sure how things will pan out but I think there comes a time when you just get emotionally over it all. It is by no means over but it is hopefully on the up and up.

Well, I have done my translation dash for today so I might watch the rest of the ice skating (hub is bleating on again about how he is going to get Marina into iceskating?? Yeah right. Like where?) and finish my letters from santa for my English students. Need to send them to European Stylist so she can then send them straight back. The things we do for a foreign stamp aye!! I should just glue some old NZ stamps on and squiggle a few black lines over them. Am scared one of my students might be too clued on though. At least if it's Ireland I can say some of the elves are Irish and thats why has Irish stamp. Will make up some big bollocksy story about how santa loves Guiness and spuds and has a beso (holiday house) in Dublin.

Oh, and - Shou's stutter has come back. Not as bad as before but noticeable just the same. Come to think of it has come back since I started this translation so maybe it is attention related - or that perhaps I am more triggered to go off as am so fricken busy. I tend to have the computer on 24/7 too at the moment so can do a sentence here and there. The kids are getting away with less running rampage. Need to turn computer off in the evenings while they are having dinner and stuff.

Best be off.

Nighty night. Sorry for the lapse in posting. Can't promise I'll be back at it everyday - not until Dec 2nd anyway.

OR, I might log in five times a day and reveal all my secrets.


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Brenda said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! When I was working on the last translation project, Sara and I were rarely dressed by 4 p.m., if at all. And EVERY time I have translation work DH complains that I'm being stressed out and bitchy. There is definitely no shagging going on in this house mid-project though. Good luck with the rest of it! I'm looking forward to getting my daily dose of Gaijin Wife again!