Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Too much coffee part II

I got quite close to finishing my self given 'translation' quota for today. My head isn't in it any more though and I think I would be doing a hash job so time to call it quits for the night. Ryu should be wanting his dream feed soon anyway.

I think his sleeping is getting better. He spends the best part of each night down in with the gods and rotting mikans - and not facing north. He has started sucking a dummy which is helping him eventhough it may be setting me up for some grief in a year or so when I try and get him to stop. Shou never had any issues stopping it though so touch wood.

Granny K had a bumholeole appointment in the city today. I had to drive her to the station this morning after dropping the kids off. Fortunately she was arriving back at the station at half four - right in the middle of my English lesson - which meant I didn't have the good fortune of going to pick her up as well. She had to bus back and hub went to collect her from the local bus stop at half six. She had bought Marina and Shou coloring books each which was nice. One day she'll realise buying me a bottle of vino wouldn't upset the cause too badly either!! In thanks of course - for my free taxi services.

She has another checkup next Tuesday which I think I will drive her to the station for and hub will take an hour off in the evening to go pick her up - presuming she makes it back earlier than today.

In some rather upsetting wanking kindy news, Shou's absolutely fabulous, best winter jacket known to man, seems to have been misplaced. I took it to kindy last Friday as they were walking to the shrine for kiddy 7/5/3 festival (for kids of those ages). The teacher said they didn't stop long enough to take jackets off. I went to pick him up after kindy and vividly remember Marina wearing hers but not Shou. In the midst of talking to the teachers about some bollocks, and trying to scoop up bags and carry Ryu at the same time I forgot about it. Hub asked after it the next day but it is nowhere to be found.

The teachers keep telling me to have just one more look at home and I keep telling them to knock down the walls of the kindy, and if that fails send SWAT teams into all the kids houses as OBVIOUSLY it has gone home with one of them and is so damn cool they don't want to give it back.

Probably bollocks. Will probably find it under sofa or pile of washing next week. Although is big jacket and I would like to think my house is tidy enough to not be able to hide such item so well.

Ooooh, ordered some chrissy lights off the internet this morning - while I was inbetween translations. They come with their own wee (as in small) solar panal so that don't have to faff round with extension cords and shit outside. I don't know how well they'll light up but worth a crack.

Anyhoo, best go shove boob in Ryu's mouth as am almost 100% positive that if I don't and decide to go to bed, he will start grizzling that second right before I finally get to sleep.

A few random pics to end the evening...
Ryu's photo for 'pope' position

Marina and Shou with very hard to see mowhawks - Marina looking cute and Shou looking somewhat like he has just had whopping big hash cookie.

The pie for dinner - made in tart dish and using weeners as realised after rolling out the pastry that had no friggin bacon. Also over cooked the spuds as was so engrossed in looking up kanji that I think I left them boiling for about forty minutes. Ended up mashing them and putting layer of potato and onion mash on the bottom with layer or sliced weeners and a couple of lightly mixed eggs on top.
Don't know why even telling you though as while it was fine to eat and weeners definately acceptable substitute for bacon, it won't be winning any mother of the year awards.


thefukases said...

wow. That's your busy day meal? Mannnnn, I'm never posting about mine!

Here's to quick and painless (in the apologising stakes!) recovery of the coat

Ruthie said...

If the coat doesn't turn up I'm sure we can russle up something to replace it ;)

illahee said...

i think it looks great. i never make my kids pie for dinner!

umebossy said...

I think that Shou's practicing his "Well hello ladies!" look for the future ;)

The pie looks great! I need to find pastry...I know it exists somewhere!

Nay said...

Glad to hear that Ryu is finally getting used to his new sleeping arrangements. I am sure when the time comes it will be easy enough to get him to give up his dummy.

Hope Shou's coat is found safe and sound. Reading about it reminded me of the time I was about 7 years old and had lost my school jumper... I found it a couple of days later with somebody else's name written over the top of my name and when mum rang up and the teacher about it, she was told to just forget about it because obviously that other family couldn't afford a new jumper where we obviously could!!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Bummer about the coat. Hope it turns up. I'm having probs getting James to wear a bloody coat these days. Boys, eh?!

The pie looks scrummy - and I think that if anyone were to be awarded a mummy of the year award, it would be Gaijin Wife!