Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Too much coffee part I

Another bloody luke warm cup of coffee! I put the kettle on and then do a bit more work and then go to make a coffee - could have sworn the damn thing had just boiled. Is about my sixth cup today so ten guesses how much sleep Ryu and I will get tonight! Bugger. Should stop. Last one.

My translation quote got accepted - so yes, I probably should have asked for more. They didn't get back to me until after lunch though, by which time I had already started. After all, it has to be in two weeks today so every bit of available time...

There are 59 sections - or subjects rather- for which I have to translate course guidelines, objectives, teaching method etc. I've finished five - a big fat five. And no that doesn't mean that I will get it finished and some at this rate as I started on the really short ones to ease my self into it!!

In a couple of days I will be banging my head against the wall and wondering why I agreed - especially when the computer fucks up for the millionth time and it takes thirty fricken seconds to open a page. I can't even have two windows open at the same time!! Shou asked me why I had two computers set up - he stopped listening half way through my explanation.

So, is time to get dinner sorted, bring in the washing and vacuum perhaps. Then its all kiddy stuff until seven and then hub can deal to Shou and I will try and get another three or four hours in before bed.

Joy joy to the next two weeks of my life.

Should've asked for more money.

I went to the primary school today to talk about upcoming lesson - this Thursday. I haven't been for a few weeks but apparantly they aren't any further ahead in the text book. Excellent. Absolutely no interest in teaching the kids English until native comes and does it for them. I somehow offered to sort everything out for the next three lessons - this week, next week and one time in December. Bloody awesome. Why is that when you suddenly get busy you think it perhaps a good idea to take on some more shit!

Is piss basic lessons though. This week is 'animals' - for which I think we'll just run round grunting and mooing for 45 minutes. Next week is 'subjects' for which I might just teach 'home economics' and pass round crackers with vegemite and watch them all barf. The final week is 'my lunch' for which I might just take a cheese and lettuce sammy and a yoghurt and we can compare who had it better for school lunches.

Other than that, have to get letters to Santa sorted, my own English organized, and still have to time to pray to the gods of oinky flu that none of our house gets it.

For at least two weeks.

And the day after the translation is due hub and I are taking Marina to Fukuoka for her one year check up. December the 2nd Illahee - we are leaving first thing and Granny K is taking Shou to kindy in a taxi again. I will be shattered from perhaps not having slept for the next two weeks but if you can meet up ....

I should be the foreigner with puffy eyes wandering around in a daze pushing a pushchair at about opening time - 10am?

So, no blogging in the evenings for the next two weeks - is too easy to get sucked into the blogosphere and not resurface for an hour or so.



illahee said...

sounds awesome! let me double check my calendar and make sure i don't have some kindy thing to attend. i think the stupid mall opens at 11 but maybe starbucks opens at 10 (or earlier). it has an outside door! or maybe they'll have holiday hours (open 10 am) during december....

illahee said...

ok, i just checked the hawks town mall site and starbucks opens at 9. would that be a good place to meet?

Gaijin Wife said...

Oh yes. I'll be the one with ten gingerbread lattes - and puffy eyes.

sassymoo said...

Good luck with your big translation job!!!!! Hope you get at least a little sleep over the next 2 weeks!

Ruthie said...

Good luck with the translation job, I always feel I should have asked for more money when I get any kind of employment! It's better than nothing though. Will miss the blogging for the next few weeks, my work days will be so boring now :(

Anonymous said...

good luck with the translation job, and heres to staying healthy and non-oinky..ditto, will miss your blog for the next two weeks..have gotten used to getting home from work of an evening and having a read..

Gaijin Wife said...

God no, when I said no more blogging in the evenings for the next two weeks I meant just that - the evenings. Still lots of day left for me to waste away.

Says she who is obviously not translating at this exact moment in time. Off to bed.

Brenda said...

Good luck with the job! I just finished a translation job today that took just over a month, and halfway through it I was cursing myself for taking it on in the first place. It feels so good to be finished though, it's almost worth all the stress - that and the paycheck!

Lulu said...

Good luck with the translation!

Loved your ideas for the elementary school english coming up- in particular the home economics/vegemite/barfing.

My husband actually likes vegemite but he is the first Japanese person I have met that does.

Another idea is to make the non-native teacher act out an animal and say to the kids "what animal is he?" - should give you a laugh at least.

I took it to mean you would no longer blog for two weeks as well but glad that you will be blogging still, even if it is during the day. I was trying to blog everyday this month- but I gave up since sitting at home on my ass all day doing nothing doesnt make for very exciting blog material.

Now if you are up, and reading this comment when I post it then you should go to bed! If the caffine has now left your system at least...haha