Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Three times in ten minutes

The 9pm siren is about to go - and shit what do you know, I think I can hear Ryu stirring in anticipation. Hub had a work 'human rights' meeting he had to go to tonight so wasn't home till just before eight - just as I was coming down the stairs from getting Shou to sleep. It took longer than usual because Ryu was being a fussy bugger - not helped by the THREE announcements from the loud speaker in the backyard. They never do them before half seven. Some bollocks about a doctor visiting the local hall tomorrow so please go and harrass him for drugs, then five minutes later one about a councelling day at the town office hall - where they promise they will 'himitsu o mamorimasu' - keep any juicy shit you tell them a secret. I think the last was about drink driving.

The siren has just gone and it looks like, or sounds like rather, that we might be in the clear.

The new sleeping arrangements weren't that successful last night. Ryu woke up at 11, 1, 3 and when he woke at half 4 I ignored him and he grizzled himself back to sleep. During the 3am boobage stop Shou must have gotten out of bed because when I tried to snuggle back in next to hub in our bed I got a face full of curly hair and a mouth full of teddy's arm.

Let's hope tonight is better, although not a good start.

Despite the not a good sleep last night I still decided to pack Ryu up and go visit Granny K. Came back for an hour after dropping the older sproglets off so could wash some dishes and other mundane but necessary shit like that. Headed off towards the highway and got all the way there only to find big fuck off sign saying was closed due to fog. Must admit, was driving with headlights on and couldn't see much so not surprising. I imagine the hills must have been completely whited out (?). I ended having to go a funny way to the city though, taking about half an hour longer than usual. Every man, dog, and truck that was planning on going on the highway was forced to take the poor people's road along with us - making for slow travel.

We got to Beppu and Ryu was starting to get hungers and I was finding it hard to drive with crossed legs so we called in to Youme town for a pit stop. A bit more chrissy shopping, some trousers for the kids, some yummy bread, and a trip to the toilet and baby room. Got to Granny K's bumholeyole clinic at half twelve. Was signing my name in the book when lady poked her head out of a doorway and then retreated saying 'she's here, she's here'. It would appear that Granny K had informed them we were coming!! They even knew about me doing a new year's tv show with the prefectural gov about five years ago!!

Can't be much to do all day - except talk about your respective bumholes, meddy and foreign daughters in law.

We stayed for about forty minutes, for most of which Ryu was completely adorable and did Granny K proud. Shou and Marina had drawn pictures for her this morning - Marina's was crabs and Shou's was rockets, not that you have guessed that at first glance of course. Both needed elaborate descriptions.

Seeing as I had to head through Beppu again on the way home - owing to worsening of fog and highways remaining closed - I decided to stop in at Tokiwa, for the sole purpose of getting my Caramel Eclair Latte.

The verdict.


Very much like a caramelly eclairish latte. Nothing to write home about - but then I had driven half the day in rain and fog and spent nearly an hour at a bumhole clinic before getting to it. In that respect it wasn't worth the hassle.

The gingerbread latte is still in the lead but then I haven't tried the dark cherry mocha one yet so that's another something for a rainy day. I bought the christmas blend coffee so will have to have a pot of that tomorrow when friend haven't seen for yonks comes over after lunch. I might even get all Martha Stewarty and make me some muffins.

Hub has decided to forgo his most bestest look forward to fun piss up end of year do - that is next Friday - the 20th. It would have been an overnight thing to Beppu and he would have arrived home not well on Saturday. He said he isn't going cause will cost too much on top of the other ones that are more important - as in work ones. He also said that because he wasn't going to that one then was it OK to go to the one this Friday that he originally had said no to because Granny K not here to help me out, and more importantly here to keep an eye on the kids while they are asleep so I can go and pick him up - in the town three towns over.

It is yakiniku at his boss's house though so a lot cheaper in the scheme of things. He has sorted out a ride home though so off he will go and me and the kids will battle on alone.

Tomorrow should be interesting. Granny K usually looks after Ryu while I am teaching but this week I will have to keep him with me, either learning Swahilli in the other room or joining us as we write letters to Santa. I figure the worse that can happen is that I will have to hold him the whole time and that wouldn't be the end of the world.

Anyhoooo, very boring post. I am going to scrounge a shoulder rub off hub and have an early night.



thefukases said...

ohhhh so glad it's not just me! I thought I was going to lose membership of the foreign blogging wives cooperative or something as that caramel eclaire latte did nothing for me. Soooo sweet I couldn't taste the coffee.... and I drink coffee for the coffee...

The dark cherry mocca wasn't great either- but then I'm not a fan of mocha drinks... or dark mocha... can't think now why I bothered buying that one at all!

The gingerbread is fabulous though. And love the cranberry bliss bar...

I am such a Christmas Starbucks Tragic! Lucky for my wallet I don't live closer

Sarah said...

Ah well... To each her own - I'm not a fan of the Gingerbread latte at all.

A friend of mine loves it, however, and I picked him up a bottle of the gingerbread syrup at Starbucks in Canada when I went home for Christmas last year. I got the bottle on a super super super Christmas sale - ended up costing barely more than one Gingerbread latte! Can you ask your family to keep their eyes open for bottles being sold off cheaply at the end of the Christmas drink season?