Sunday, 8 November 2009


Another Sunday over.

It has been a long day.

But photos like this remind you that it is all worthwhile.

The whole kid thing - it can get on top of you.

The whole family thing and unbloggables - that can get on top of you too.

And yet tomorrow is a new day. A new week.

Think I'll crawl out from under the kiddy and unbloggable pile tomorrow and try to to get on top of things again.

What I can say about today though...

A friend came round this morning with her daughters Noa and Ria. Shou was up a few times last night and was pretty much past it by ten but got over the hump and played with Noa for an hour or so.

They left and I somehow managed to scrounge up lunch from the fridge. I had planned on having a wee mummy break and having a cuppa and ringing a friend when everyone else went down for afternoon naps - but things overcame me and I went to put Ryu down and woke up an hour and a half later in exactly the same position and thinking I had only closed my eyes for half a second!

High tiger boy and his father had obviously been asked to vacate their house while mummy and new baby got settled back in. They were having walks in vacinity of our house with hopeful glances at the playhouse so they came in and stayed for a while.

I was on the phone a bit with home and a bit of worry - that brings with it more worry, selfishness, anger, tears and generally lots of sighs and what the fucks? Tomorrow will see the start of another stage and hopefully the start of things getting better. Onwards and upwards.

I'm sure there is lots more things I could think about reporting from today but I'm spent.


Edit - I just checked my recent visits and found someone keep putting my blog into the google translation software. Today's blog...

I had planned on having a wee mummy break ...私はおしっこミイラを破ることと...


Anonymous said...

oh sounds like a heavy day, glad you were able to get a few rays of sunshine from you kids..and as you said, tomorrow is another day..gambatte. the translation lol!

Lulu said...

Such an adorable photo!

I spent almost an hour on the phone today with my brother trying to sort some stuff back home out- it is hard hey! I hope you can sort your stuff out soon.

j. said...

oh how i love online translators - ha! i used to get some really great stuff on homework when i was teaching middle schoolers.

and i agree, that photo is adorable.

hang in there!

illahee said...

love the photo!

i hear ya on the kid thing overcoming you sometimes. sometimes i seriously wonder why i did the three kids in three years thing, even two years on! *sigh*

*hugs* over the unbloggables. feel free to call me any time!

Rachel said...

sweet photo!

did you mean oshikko miira? Man, whoever is reading this blog in Japanese must be seriosly scratching their head...

kel said...

Beautiful pic! And loved the translation lol!!

thefukases said...

love the pic and did you check the location of your google translator blog reader? I'm thinking if it was your DH or Granny K the translator will not have made things any easier!

Here'S to another Monday- surely the favourite day of the week of mum' with small kids at kinder!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

He's one hell of a handsome boy! What a lovely sister he has too.