Sunday, 29 November 2009

So Close

Despite everything working against me today I still managed to get three finished. I think it is the slow plodding along with the translation that is working in my favor. Sometimes with big translations it is hard to not get engulfed by the hugeness of it all. I am hoping (fingers and all bits crossed) that I will get it finished tomorrow so can spend Tuesday morning reading through it - damage control.

Depends of course on Ryu and the kiddy night time thing. Hub is home late tomorrow night but is allowed to go in late too - so he can take the kids to kindy and go de-husk the rice for me. Granny K is finally prepared to relenquish some of the precious 'shinmai' - the new rice - that got harvested last month. It has been sent around the country to misc family members but we have not yet been able to have any. Wont be bloody shinmai for much longer. God damn the older brothers who get the yummy rice and aren't doing jack shit - and here I am feeding my children rice that I have to pick rat droppings (OK so that was the stuff three years ago and the kids weren't even born yet, let alone eating rice) or rice insects out of ours and I have to LIVE with the woman.

Shou AND Marina were naughty of all naughtiness ness ness today. Crazy naughty shit. Hub was so over it - we both were. God, if today was anything to go by I am going to be losing to Marina big time by the time she gets all short skirts, cutsie bras, and fuck off mummy and daddy. The only thing going for us will be that we live here and she will have to run a fair few kms to get to anywhere decent. Christ, I'll probably be more worried she'll fall in a rice paddy as she tries to flee.

After Marina and Ryu were in bed, and as hub was putting Shou to bed, I got to go out on my own - only to the local shop for bread and milk so obviously not nearly as exciting as getting my nails done or going for a massage but still - got all excited. I perused (?) the mag section and got some fab ones with all sorts of free shit for European Stylist. I had to - an ARASHI ten year anniversary one WITH Smap article was steering me in the face. They are all taped up though so if crap then appologies. They will hopefully make it off the table and into the post in time for your birthday - but again, appologies if they don't and again if I'm so sleep deprived and angry mummy that I pack up a child instead and sit home and read mags while Shou gets couriered to you.

The man at the local shop asked me about the mags. Is first time have bought mags there - as not stockists of woman's weekly or cosmo. I said were for friend and he said she must be a Japanese boy band lover and I answered in the affirmative but also said to not knock them as Smap concert (that went to with said friend) was best concert ever.

Watching the Sunday night movie - Men in Black II - and the song 'who let the dogs out' was just on. Reminds me of habitat for humanity trip to the Philippines. We were out one night - I think the one night we all went out while on the house building project (before going our separate ways which for me and two friends called Lisa meant drinking pina coladas at the Bola Beach Club) we went to a nightclub in Quezon or Lezon or somewhere and my Tazmanian friend Andrew went wild dancing to this. Was fantastic.

Big tangent there.

But I guess that's about it. Tomorrow is a big day - I sooooooooo so so so so want to get the last three done. Might be cheese on toast for dinner - which would actually be gourmet as a block of cheddar arrived yesterday. yum yum. Even if the kids get real dinner I think I will opt for the cheese.

If there's any left.



thefukases said...

Good luck tomorrow! And LOL at the Marina comment. K and I have had that EXACT conversation about Amy. @_@ K worries she'll get a bikie boyfriend. I worry she'll have her own bike gang....

tj-injapan said...

haha, I always laugh whenever I hear that song. Andrew still used that "who, who, who, who" as his party trick for a few years after the event too, lol. Even though I didn't go on HfH with you, I still remember some great story about a very politically incorrect bar (with, um, ah, vertically challenged people) where they would serve you with a "here's your bloody beer" attitude.

I also like the time I went out in Aus with Helen, and double lisa (Lisa and Leisa), and Helen was innocently singing the thong song, not realising it was "thong" perhaps thinking it was more of a sporty song about ping pong or the like, "pong, pong, pong, pong".

good luck with the translation. Sure you will do a stellar job. Call me once it is all over and we will chat, haven't spoken in ages.

haha, my word verification is "pingo" for some reason that is making me laugh!

Gaijin Wife said...

T - that would be the midget bar in Manilla. Was written up in the lonely planet. they had to use step ladders to reach the top shelf.

snort snort, giggle giggle.

Christ thats it - if we move to Manilla Granny K will be able to go out working part time.

Will ring you on Thursday.

Nay said...

Good luck with your translation tomorrow!! I have my fingers crossed that you are able to get it done and finally relax (well the best you can with 3 little ones!!) - you deserve it!

I had to laugh at the shinmai comment - I wonder if Naoki's uncle and aunt feel the same way as you do because I know we all get tonnes of new rice sent to us once it has been harvested...

Gaijin Wife said...

T - now I've finished translation my brain is functioning normally again. Wasn't the midget bar was the HOBBIT HOUSE. Of course, of course.