Saturday, 14 November 2009

A Slight Improvement

Well, I think its better than before but I still bet Granny K will spaz about the cupboards suddenly getting ditched for a curtain but nevermind. I feel it is now a safer environment for the kids to run rampage in! Took a day all up I think. Could have done a lot better but guess will have to wait till she vacates the premises again. The last time she vacates and I think I will take the sliding doors out, bin everything and put in a pool table!

Before... (but didn't remember until removed mouldy pepper and mandarins and wiped bench!)


Would you believe now there is even some flowers in that there vase!! Seriously! Anyone would think I had an inkling of like for the woman.

Hub rolled in after midnight last night. Not impressed. Mainly because he had said a friend, who was going to silver ball heaven, would be dropping him home when he had finished. Pachinko closes at 10 and the drive is forty minutes if you're a blind seventy year old woman with no feet.

I rang at half ten to see where in the drive home they were - getting ride home with someone else. Home by midnight and could I leave the front door unlocked cause have left keys in desk at work.

When he did stumble in he almost got angry that I was still up and why hadn't I gone to bed? I so can't sleep if I know the front door is open. Also he is fuckin noisy bugger on this lash so I had to stay up to police him. When he is pissed he talks to himself. Is quite amusing. He also thinks he is being very quiet. CRASH!! BANG!! SMASH!!

When we finally went upstairs to bed I told him not to check in on Marina and Shou like usual. I would do it. He gets into bed and says to himself in probably what he presumes is very quiet voice (head banging rocker) oyasumi ikasumi - which is good night plus some. Not even going to try and translate. Made me laugh though.

He took the kids to kindy this morning and then went to get his hair chopped - came back looking like from old Japanese boys band 'the checkers'. Bloody hilarious. He agreed though and I think he may venture away from his usual hairdressers next time. Maybe he'll come to hairdresser gaijinwife - choki choki.

When he came back he had a nap with Ryu while I did some of the old woman's room. He then wanted to go check his desk for his keys - to make sure they were actually there and not dropped down the loo at the yakiniku place of the pub they went after that - or the pub after that... or the...

They were in his desk.

We then went for lunch to the only viable lunch place in close proximity of his office. Was packed and we had to wait - very unusual. Due to funeral of 'Nishinoskei' Japanese Shochu (booze) company boss. Is well famous and I imagine there were shochu schmoozers and wannabes from around the country. Joyfull (family restaurant) was about half full of big wigs in black suits - scoffing back five dollar udon and six dollar steak lunches.

Went to the supermarket and then home where we tried to have an afternoon nap - honestly hub could sleep anywhere, anytime. Sleeps more than Ryu on a Saturday! Ryu wouldn't have it though and he and I stayed awake. He didn't konk out until hub went to pick the sprogs up from kindy. The minute Ryu went down a relative (of some kind or description - can't remember exact lineage) knocked at door and asked to see Ryu. Usually I would oblige but I was so pleased he had finally gone down that I actually refused. She left in a bit of a sulk and I started getting dinner ready.

Best be off - Ryu wanting his dreamfeed.

Quick pic of Shou this afternoon -holding Ryu.

Hub has just told me off for 'typing too loudly'



Chrysanthemum Mum said...

I'm beginning to think that Shou actually wants to do the V sign and isn't even trying to do a peace sign!!

Well done for de-cluttering and cleaning Granny K's kitchenette. I hope she appreciates your efforts. Looks a million times better.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Granny K`s place looks much better with a bit of the old GW magic :)

I would turn away relatives too, even when I walk A on the street and she falls asleep in her pram I get busy body oldies saying Oh! how cute etc in really loud voices right next to her ear. Really annoying thinking they can just wake her up cos they want a!

So hear you on the noisy husband(and he`s not even drunk!), but I`m the one that tells hubby that he`s breathing too loudly lol!

umebossy said...

Heh, I say oyasumi ikasumi too - S looks at me like I'm a bit mad when I do though...

I think Shou is practicing his choki choki in that pic - maybe he also wants a shot at hub's hair next time?

Anonymous said...

The before and after shots look like one of those "What's different about these 2 pictures?" activities! You did a very good deed! Believe it or not my Mum's kitchen is worse! Very nice of you to clean it for her! Katie Enjoyshite yori

Kelly said...

oyasumi ikasumi, now there's a new one...;) Might use it myself :)

I think you did well on Granny K's room. It's pretty cool she has a sink and stove top in her room, was it always like that or did she put it in herself? I think she has a pretty big room too!!