Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sleep in

The whole family got a 'sleep in' this morning. We all woke up and came downstairs at 6:45. God, almost didn't have time to get sorted. Hub was getting stressed out so I had to take over so he had time to go to the toilet (twice -same every morning, once with the newspaper and once just as we are all about to go out the door - everyday like clockwork) and of course do his hair. Arrived at kindy a bit later than normal.

Got home and spent the first half an hour thinking the kindy were going to ring saying Shou had another mysterious temperature. Fortunately no call though. I got a good chunk of housework done before Ryu and I left at ten to go visit high tiger boy's mum in hopsital. Her little girl (Akari) is just beautiful, and I don't say that about many Japanese babies. I forgot my camera though so you'll just have to take my word on it.

Went to the supermarket for some groceries, got home and after a short booby stop went for a big walk. The mornings and evenings are bloody cold but the afternoons are still walkable weather. Coffee Chiemi came over for coffee before English. Hub was late and Granny K vacated the premises as soon as I got home from picking Marina and Shou up from kindy. Well, she didn't vacate but she ran away to her room and usually she kind of hovers around and holds Ryu when I need her to during bath time. Not tonight though.

I sat half feeding, half holding Ryu while trying to get dinner into Shou and Marina and then we ALL did the bath thing. While I was drying Ryu Marina just about drowned - three times. Took until the third time for her to realise she should stop playing that particular game. I got a bit angry mummy - as you do when kids are being dangerous. You really just want them to stop and getting angry is so not the way to do it but I just get so 'what the fuck if she doesn't bounce back off the bottom of the bath tub next time' kind of scared! Fortunately it scared her enough (I think) and only ended in a few serious gulps of bath water followed by some serious burps.

Marina and Ryu went down and I was just about to get Shou off to bed when hub walked in. They are upstairs now and all I can hear is hub's voice going blah blah rahdy rahdy - probably something along the lines of 'you know Shou, if you don't go to sleep I'M going to get in troubly from mummy'. Shou was soooooo tired before though. I am half expecting some small thumps down the stairs and a 'mummy ga ii' (I want mummy) from Shou.

Nothing else to report really - I see from my online banking that The Dept of Internal Affiars in NZ has gotten money out of my account which means Ryu's passport has gone through. Yay. Will apply for Japanese now.

Oooh, got a phone call as I was coming back from visiting friend. The name came up on my phone and I spent the first fifteen rings thinking 'I know I know this person but I can't exactly remember and all I know is that perhaps I shouldn't answer it' - but I did. And just as I did I remembered who it was and why I shouldn't really be talking to them. Is a work thing. Call from a guy who owns an English school. We have talked a few times over the years and nothing ever eventuated cause he talks shit out his ass and I kept having babies - not out my ass.

Anyway, after he established that he couldn't come and meet with me tomorrow - because I said I had English - and then well he can't make Friday, Saturday or Sunday which is just as well cause had he asked me I would have had to say was busy anyway. So on Sunday or Monday he will email me about a meeting and some work or other.

I hear pitter patter of feet upstairs.

Nighty night


Edit - Shou came downstairs and went to Granny K's room. I asked him what was wrong and why he wasn't in bed and he went into a big, partially incomprehensible, rant about daddy this and the park and collecting crabs and no money and rah rah.... After putting him to sleep I found out from hub that hub had had a big 'life' talk with him about how much he does for him and that in return couldn't Shou go to sleep with him rah rah. Obviously too much for little three year old brain to handle :)

Also - remembered conversation had with Coffee Chiemi's son this afternoon. I take him and another girl home after English because they both live so close to the kindy. We were talking about what we were having for dinner and I said that Marina and Shou were having rice, miso soup and yaki udon noodles. He said it was strange seeing that Marina was a New Zealander and all. I said she was only half a New Zealander and that she's Japanese too. He thought for a minute and then said she was a 'nihonjirando'. I thought for a minute and suggested perhaps she was a 'New honjin'. So, a new race of cute half Japanese/New Zealand kids has been named. Come and sign your 'New honjin' up. We are about to take over the world.

(Japanese is Nihonjin and New Zealander (in Japanese) is nyujirando-jin)


Jo Tomooka said...

I hope it is not my favorite Mr. Nagaoka? If it is just stick to your guns... he is more than a little difficult to work for!

Gaijin Wife said...


And can I come over one day next week for a bun making lesson - as in chelsea or cinnamon?? I am fairly well advanced in the other kind of bun making so not in need of lesson.

Ruthie said...

Love the edits on the end. I wonder if the thinks the boys are Newhonjin too? Maki's talk with Shou is just too funny, the poor kid!

illahee said...

i would almost want to see a jo teaching GW how to make a bun....

ok, maybe not! ;)

thefukases said...

ooooooh children who flirt with death in the bath- I HATE that!!! That and K getting all 'life is precious and you never know how much time you have left so let's all get along and just go to sleep alright?' which of course only makes them think they're about to die and does nothing for the sleep thing..... GRRR!!!

Does Marina get more comments because she's fairer? A lot of the kids I teach are convinced that meg is Japanese but Amy is Australian...