Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ryudolph (and part IV)

The house is quiet and I am amazed my computer hasn't decided to pack a sad and do the same. I think it has been on all day - bar dinner and bath time when it was in its own best interests that I switch it off so didn't get yoghurty or mincey cheesy ricey lasanga thingy eee eeee eeee.

I am currently at 38/59 translations. I have until Tuesday next week. I am casually presuming that the 'by the 1st' means I am still OK to send things at 11:59 pm on the 1st. And I imagine that is what it will be!!

I did email them though, to ask for more cash. I worded it as such that going on my current output word rate I would be invoicing three times what I quoted (right fuckin party time) but what should I do? wo is me and I have three kids, and it is all so bloody taxing and rah rah, my fault for quoting way not enough and can I pretty please maybe get some more cash? I would finish it anyway as they asked me for a quote and I gave one. Can't reneg on that.

But, they came back with sweet as, just send us another quote. So I will quote what it will probably come too and then expect maybe to be met halfway between that and my original quote.

So anyway, ping dada ping dada ping. A few more balls on the chrissy tree, a bit more eggnog around the fire, a few more beers left out for santa.

Speaking of which, I finished my 'letters from santa' for my English class this morning. Sending them off tomorrow along with a few requests from the European stylist. Although can't fit in fashion mags as no way will fit in box full of santa letters, Arashi ten year anniversary things and chocolate. No worries though friend, will buy the 'gentai special edition' mag with free kitty-chan bag and send it in next 'flat post' lot.

And about the title - Ryudolph. Me thinks, judging by Ryu's extremely red cheeks and being a grizzly bugger all day, that he is teething. He had some pamol (NZ kiddy drugs) this afternoon and he seemed to settle a bit after that.

Granny K had an appointment at the bumholeyole clinic today. Hub took her to the station and I picked her up from the bus at four. We were talking about the translation and she said I should have turned it down - as doing it has made me grumpy bitch - and should be scrimping a bit more on the home front!! I reminded her that scrimping on buying 100 yen tofu over 110 yen tofu or not buying a beer at the of the day and I would need to be scrimping for a fricken year to earn what I can being a grumpy bitch for two weeks.

I didn't actually say that. I just smiled and said by this time next week it will all be over and the world (or our slice of it at least) will be a better place. I might even stretch the good will to get her something for the extra 'ryu duties' she has been doing - which to date has only been an extra hour but hey.

In other news - my last post got hit by a comment from the 'crap blog detective' - saying that perhaps my life was just a lesson to others. It didn't say anything else but I clicked on his link anyway. He is not too keen on mummy bloggers - pictures of kids, arts and crafts, wannabe writters rah rah the list goes on. I think the concept is quite genius - post a 'your blog sucks' comment and just sit back and wait for the traffic.

I'm not sure if he is genuinely just out to read blogs all day and comment on the ones he doesn't like or whether his lecturer has given them all a project to start a blog and see who can get the most traffic in a given length of time. - and let me tell you he would win - presuming of course porn sites and slutty hoe Japanese manga sites were off limits. There is nothing worse than a comment like that. I didn't even erase that bitch annon comment way back in January about how crap a mother I was and why on earth was I thinking about having another child! Silly bitch, still winds me up. But, to her credit (??) she did at least talk about child raising.

The crap blog detective just says you are crap.

So if anyone else thinks I'm just full of shit then spill it. But not until next Thursday - when aren't so fragile. Would have submitted translation and finished with Marina's one year post op check up by then - and probably drunk Fukuoka dry of its gingerbread lattes - as plan on going chrissy shopping there while hub holds Marina down for her echo.

And no, I'm not being a selfish mummy. I have held her down for every other everything so hub having a go is fine.

time for bed.

Nighty night.



selena said...

What a dick. Don't worry about it, you're awesome.

Kristen said...

I have thought you were awesome ever since you posted about doing all of your return presents properly after Ryu's birth. I could never be a good Japanese wife like that. Thank god my husband agreed to live in the states with me. Maybe people don't know how hard it is to raise children in a different country. I couldn't do it like you can. Keep up the good work!

Lisa said...

He sounds like a d-bag to me. You are totally awesome, and he is an internet troll.

illahee said...

sounds like things are going well. hope you get your second quote, all of it!!

don't worry about drive-by commenters. really probably just someone looking for a hit (or five). you know, some bloggers would get all pissed off and write a scathing post about him, with links, and then get her 'posse' to go write nasty comments on his blog. classic trolling. LOL your blog is 'awesome' (sorry, over-used word there), people jus' be jelus!!

umebossy said...

He sounds like a right barrel of laughs. It's so easy to pull shit like that from the safety of behind a computer screen...

We all love reading your blog and that's all that matters!

shufuinjapan said...

Exactly! You are perfectly entitled to write whatever you like on your blog and crap blog detector is just another twat trying to use your awesome stats to drive traffic to his blog. Unfortunately he/she won't find much sympathy or interest from any of your loyal readers, of which I confess to be one.

Kelly Azuma said...

If i were you I would moderate the comment and where it says "your blog is crap etc", instead put "i love your blog and I'm a dirtbag" or something hahaha.

Well, that's what I have been doing anyway...otherwise you just end up with stupid idiots posting links, may as well have fun with it hey!

Good luck with the translating, hope you get it all finished soon.

Granny K though...i don't know...doesn't she realise that if she actually helped out MORE you would be less cranky? it's because you have to do everything yourself plus the translating that you get like that right?? Logic people...where is the logic!


Slime said...

Stupid people suck.

I really hope you get a good increase from your second quote, I know it'd great for Xmas!

Hope things really are looking up with your unbloggables, mine have gone from bad to worse :(

Midori said...

What a knobend. I think that you and your blog are fabulous. :-)