Friday, 13 November 2009

Not Fair

Hub is out at a dinner and drink yourself legless thing with his boss, who has been promising for yonks that he would take him out. Not too impressed it happened on a night I have noone here to pass a wet baby to from the bath but nevermind.

We managed.

I said to hub this morning how nice it was for him to be going out for dinner without having to worry about kid shit. He said I was more than welcome to go out for lunch with Chiemi tomorrow - in fact why didn't we go to the same yakiniku place. Awesome. For lunch. Home to dinner and bathing the kids on a hangover. Bugger off. I want me a night - and not one of these half ass after Ryu and Marina have gone to bed already deals. No, no. I want a real night. Leaving the house at six kind of thing. I guess I can't really expect this until Ryu isn't needing feeds during the night - although there is no law saying a father can't get up and make a bottle of milk in the middle of the night.

Ryu and Marina are now asleep and Shou has ten minutes left of telly and then that's him too. Lightening McQueen for the zillionth time.

It is lashing rain and has been most of the day, hence the dryer is whirling away.

This week, while Granny K was in hospital, I thought I would sort out her room and give it a spring clean. I had a good look and realised that cleaning up too much would just mean she would want to surround her self with more crap. I have therefore decided to stick only to cleaning the surfaces and doing the kitchen.

I cleaned under the sink this morning. Took everything out, marvelled at ten year old umeshu and ume miso, and scrubed the whole cupboard. Found a couple of cockroach traps which really would seem to be the least of her worries. Me thinks she needs an electric fence to keep out the wild pigs.

One of the two cupboard doors was faaaahucked and no amount of fiddling with the screws and hinges would fix it so I just took them off and put up a rail and curtain. Means she has more space. The said cupboard door couldn't even open half way cause she has a shit ass big microwave stand beside it.

The stove top and fifteen cm beside the stove that is cramed full of every utensil known to man - or vestling at least - thirty pairs of disposable chopsticks - an array of undisclosed objects, and her false teeth jar and toothbrush - will be sorted out tomorrow. Painful. And she is probably going to tell me off anyway for throwing out shit. Although, I haven't thrown out anything that hasn't been complete rubbish. I doubt she even remembers leaving the two half eaten mikan and the red pepper on the stove top - hub tried to pick it up this morning and his fingers just sunk into gross pepper goo.

Anyway, if I get it sorted and it looks any better at all I will post a before and after shot tomorrow.



Ruthie said...

It's a pity you can't do some scratch and sniff cards for a before and after smell as well ;)

Sakura Mama said...

hahaha... sounds like my MIL's kitchen. add in residue of years of smoking in the kitchen.. and DOG HAIR!

every time I'm there I feel like it's my duty to clean, organise things to be more efficient and maybe buy something new to make it look nice. come back the next day and it's all gone to shit.

enjoy the yakiniku!

B said...

Hehe thankful that both families are thousands of miles away to the left and right. OK not always but I can't picture living with MIL.
BTW I think it's totally OK to skip baby bath on busy days.

Oyomesan said...


come up to Sapporo and have a go at Okaasan's room!

ThankGOODNESS she doesn't really control the kitchen space otherwise who knows what life forms would be forming.

As it is the kotatsu blanket is a great incubator for half eaten mikans/ampan/croquettes/cakes/apples...

anyway - you're welcome to move that cleaning urge up here. Just go straight down the road by the butsudan shop and turrn left...

illahee said...

ok, night out in fukuoka? let's rent a room at the seahawk. or the hilton in hakata. you (we) deserve it!!

Gaijin Wife said...

Ruth - surprisingly the smell isn't as bad as you would expect, or else I have just gotten used to it. I do remember buying discrete nice fragrant smelly things at the start of all this live in bollocks to hang outside her door and down the hallway. I think now I could get away with putting them in her actual room hidden behind a 1987 newspaper or calendar or something!

Oyomesan - I would have been institutionalized by now if we had had to share a kitchen. We did - for two weeks before I lost it and told the builder to smash down her wall and put in a kitchenette. Wahoo.

Illahee - no, seriously we should do this! I can get away with leaving two children behind but I think I would be pushing it getting to leave Ryu behind as well. But am scared that if I take him and you smell his chubby neck that not very good 4th baby deterrant.

I doubt I could scrounge the cash for a night at the hilton - but I guess could always open a secret bank account and get a loan. What goes around comes around and all that. Also - bringing Marina up for checkup next month and thought maybe I could ditch hub and Marina at the hospital while she gets her echo and RYu and I could come meet you?? Will email you with dates. How far are you from the dome shopping complex? THats right across the road from the hospital I think.

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Hope you get your girls' nite out. Went on one myself last weekend - out of the house by 6:15pm and home at midnight. On these rare occasions when hub babysits his own children, I make sure they have had no naps during the day, lots of fresh air and running around so they crash really early. I also get them bathed and in their pjs before I leave. If hub were to be spending all evening trying to get them into bed, he'd never let me out after dark ever again! Both kids were asleep before 7pm apparently. If only it were that easy every day..

illahee said...

i'm an hour away from there (hawk's town mall), very doable if i know what time you're going to be there! let me know!