Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Nearly in the shit

Granny K came in today asking about some broken bowl with lid that had been her room before she went into hospital. I know the one exactly. The lid was broken and seeing as obviously wasn't thousand year old ming china I thought would just chuck it - but decided to ask hub just to be on the safe side. He said I should biff it.

Luckily we haven't had a non burnable rubbish day since! I had to rummage through a few bags this morning but found bowl in question. Granny K had made a new lid for it in her pottery class and now its that little bit further away still from being mistaken for something of value.

Had to take Marina and Shou (and Ryu and Granny) to the hospital for their second normal flu shot. Got there before nine as wanted to get them jabbed and rushed back to kindy for the story telling man who was starting at half nine. Anyhoo, due to shortage of doctors in Kunimi, today's doctor was driving from the city and fucky foggy shit meant highway closed and he was fucky forty foggy shitty minutes late. Shou and Marina ran riot around the nearly deserted hospital waiting room and hallway - all one and the same. Shou nutted big time for his jab as it was his second one so he knew what he was in for. Marina cried and gave the doctor a dirty look.

Dirty look as in 'I hate you' for sticking that needle in my arm. He was far too old for her anyway - at least twenty eight and he comes with his own super dooper bag of kimchi (Korean pickles) which wouldn't go down well with Marina. The first thing the doctor did when he came in was give the reception lady his kimchi to put in the fridge.

So, after I got home finally I had to do boring shit like vaccuuming, bench shining, washing and making beds before getting down to some translation. My head wasn't in it today (de ja vu) so after lunch Ryu and I went on another outing to the next town over to stuff European Stylist`s box (the one with santa letters) with chocolate. Sorted that and then went to the post office to send it - where the gods obviously weren't smiling because I got the gimp inbred woman.

me: EMS to Ireland please.
gimp: (looks like have just asked her to go check out old tunnel famous for ghosts - probably woman in white dress with long black hair over her face)
me: ahem
gimp: (gets EMS form and hands it over)
me: (fill form in)
gimp: do you know how much it weighs?
me: um, no. I didn't weigh it - can we not use your scales?
gimp: but you need to write the weight of the goods.
me: um, can we just weigh it and make an educated guess about the weight of the box?
gimp: .... (deciding world peace issue) I guess so.
gimp: 1300grams - shall we say 1000 grams for the goods then.
me: sweet, whatever.
gimp: (contemplating something else very important)
gimp: can you write '1' in this weight column here (because they might know if I write it for you!!)

Honestly. Has anyone ever weighed their actual goods before?? I know there is a box for writing the weight but seriously, I have never had to fill it in before.

Anyway box sent, home, translation, English class, kindy pick up, dinner, bath, bed and more translation. My count is now 44/59. I am thinking jack shit will get done tomorrow what with primary school visit, two English classes, lunch with Solar Panal man's wife and having to go three towns over to pick up hub's ATM card -which I bloody well left in the machine last Friday. They rang us up that afternoon and were all secrety with me because wasn't my card. What a pain in the ass. Have never done that before - not even when pregnant and can hardly remember what leg to put in which hole of my undies.

Nearly midnight. Time to hit the hay for another sleepless night of musical kiddy beds.



Sarah said...

Guesstimation based on overall weight has always been the way I've done it too - until one day a few months back some idiot decided she had to really go by the book. She made me rip off the tape and unpack the box to weigh each and every item individually. She also had to all but interrogate me over each item, and then tried to convince me that "cookies" (store bought, still in their triple layers of sealed wrapping) were perishable items and thus could not be sent by international mail... Luckily I have plenty of post offices around me to choose from, and I choose to never go back there again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katy - love reading your blog on work days, the guy who said it was crap - is a dickhead...
You have a way with words thats for sure :-) Good luck with the rest of your translations - glad you are getting more money, you deserve it plus a box of nice wine.
Got the picture of Ryu too - such a cuties, thanks, he starred on the fridge for quite a while. Take care, love Nicole

Nay said...

Gosh, I dont even think I have ever even bothered writing a guestimation weight!!

I bet it's a relieft now that the kiddies have had their flu shots. Is this the last vaccination they will be receiving for a while?

Lulu said...

Had to laugh at Marina giving the dr a dirty look- good on her! I bet he is used to them anyway, I am sure he pisses off a lot of kids.

I have never had to guestimate the weight of a package before? How odd.

Sounds as if the translation is coming along well- not much to do now. Ganbare!

Anonymous said...

Your post office is so weird. I once sent about a dozen boxes home by EMS, filled in the forms and the post office lady weighed each box and wrote the weight on the form for me. Would seem pretty simple and logical... and therefore beyond the understanding of the gimp!