Monday, 16 November 2009

Money, money, money

The day started with Granny K asking me to turn Ryu's cot around - so that his head wasn't facing north. I said, but doesn't the fact that he is surrounded by photos of dead people, mikans and gold panels cancel that out? Apparantly not so around the cot went. I knew about the North facing thing - feet can't point towards the alter either - but I thought I would risk it. Now I have to get used to putting and picking him up the other way. Nevermind though - might give me a get out of jail free card sometime.

The local town office is cracking down on overtime and pay. It is hard to do 'just pretend your busy so you can get the overtime pay' overtime anymore. If you really have to then the new system is flexi time. Hub went in to work at about half ten this morning. Twice a month he has definite overtime that can only been done when the other computers aren't running. He is still at work now but shouldn't be far away I don't think.

So anyway, hub dropped the kids off at kindy and then he came back and went back to bed - so I said bugger that to the washing and house cleaning and Ryu and I joined him. Snuggles.

Got up and rang the Blender to see if she wanted to meet for lunch. We met, we dined on sushi, we went for coffee, we dined on icecream sundaes, we parted. Yum.

I got a call from the university I have a casual translation contract with. Last year I had quite a bit but this year has been few and far between. Could I perhaps manage approximately 20 pages by the end of the month. Fuck it. Soooooooooo need the money. So yes, is possible, rightio then, jolly roger, shall do and all that. They said thankyou and can I please send a quote through today - which I have done but was very tekitou (roundabout) as PDF file wouldn't let me wordcount and damned if I was hand counting that. Not solid solid pages of writting so each page was different. I hope they take my offer though. Fingers crossed.

I imagine hub has his crossed too. I rang him before I did the quote to see how his schedule was for the next two weeks. I will need his help more with the night time kiddy thing - which really just means getting Shou to bed. He also knows that if he helps me he gets a handout.

Money will come in handy right before the new year - presuming of course I get it in the bank in December.

So, probably shouldn't get my hopes up but if I do get it then not sure how much blogging time I will have. My brain might be totally spent. That said might do me good to blog absolute bollocks for twenty minutes every night.

But if I don't blog every night you know why. No other exciting reasons I'm afraid.

Nighty night.



tj-injapan said...

hope you get the gig! fingers and toes crossed for you.

Sara said...

ohhh so jealous....
wish i had a casual translation contract with anywhere...

all my attempts at getting into freelance atm have ended in big fat 0000000 yen

good luck gw!!! it'd be nice to make a bit before new years for sure

Lulu said...

Hope you get the contract. Sounds like a good one!!!

Had to laugh yesterday when you said Ryu`s head smelt like inscence (just catching up on posts now!)- hehe....

Nay said...

I have everything possible to be crossed, crossed for you!! I hope you get the translation contract!!