Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Major Brownie Points

I'm not sure if last night was much more of a success sleep-wise than the night before. 11pm, 1am, 3am wake-ups from Ryu and Shou shouting to the world that at 4am it was infact morning and time to go downstairs. Coaxed him back into our bed where he kind of dozed until Ryu started to wake up at five. I had had next to no sleep though and was not a happy camper so asked hub to get up - which he did. Ten minutes later and Ryu is nutting out and I stomp downstairs, pick him up - he is in the bouncer with hub tiredly trying to make him laugh, get a nappy and go back upstairs. Change his nappy and booby him to sleep in our bed, where I manage to get another hour shut eye. I can not wait for these days to be over - or nights rather. I know that as soon as the sleep thing is sorted there will be something else to worry about but honestly, this no sleep survival mummy lark is taking its toll.

Got the kids off to kindy without too much hassle and came home to make muffins! I couldn't be bothered starting from scratch so used a Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge cake mix. Divided it into thirds and made one batch - 6 muffins. Enough for the visitors and coffee Chiemi and her son when they came before English, but not enough for me to sit and scoff back eighteen muffins by self. As it happens, my friend couldn't come and I ended up having three!

Took the muffins out of the oven and Ryu and I retreated upstairs for an hour and a half. Bliss. It has only been two nights of him sleeping on his own but it felt soooo nice to cuddle up with him. He was all sleepy smiles. Tis amazing he actually got any sleep with me just about sniffing the skin off his neck. Love his neck rolls.

Did some shopping before lunch. Half price frozen foods day do decided to get some chips to go with the fish I had out. Fish and Chips. Doesn't happen very often. I used a recipe from one of my kiwi recipe books but substituted the flour for tempura flour and it was yum yum yum. So light and yet so tastey. For those not in the know - it was...

1 egg
1 tbl oil
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup of beer (used Asahi superdry)
1/2 cup of flour (tempura flour)

and the end result...

Had some batter left over so made some onion rings and battered shitake mushrooms for beer snacks...

With Granny K away this week I thought I would have Ryu on my knee during English class. But what do you know, hub arrived home five minutes before the start of my 4pm English class. Major major brownie points. Who needs flowers and chocolate and diamonds when you have a husband as thoughtful as that?

OK, so the flowers, chocolate and diamonds would still help.

Speaking of chocolate. For those people not lucky enough to have a Starbucks in close proximity, but who are wanting a caramel eclair latte, I suggest the following combination...

eat chocolates while drinking coffee and seriously, it may have even been better than yesterday's Starbucks coffee break.

Not much else to report - except that eldest son is pulling through and will be driving Granny K back here on Sunday. As he bloody well should be.

Promise more cute baby pics tomorrow. Definately better than fish and chips and chocolate.


PS - I should probably add that hub and I had an argument this morning. This morning wasn't really a good morning to try and converse with me at all - but he braved my bad lack of sleep mood and asked if I would like him to come home early tomorrow - Thursday, so could go and pick the kids up from kindy as my English class lasts till half five and it is all go and rushing around. I snapped some irrational and ungrateful remark at him and he got in a huff - as you would expect seeing as I was being totally heartless bitch. I think this made the fact that he came home early today even more betterer-ish.

Me thinks maybe I should 'reward' him for his efforts. Gotta make him think this kind of behaviour will be met with rewards to ensure it happens more often in future!


Lulu said...

Oh that fish and chips looks good- what sort of fish did you use?? I don`t like tara much but like mejiki... but those are the only two I can get at the normal supermarket that I could probably do this with.

I wish my husband would come home earlier. Although he messaged before to say he will be home about 9:30pm which is the earliest this week...If I don`t do anything during the day it is DULL when he comes home REALLY late because I won`t have spoken to anyone all day. The baby is not going to be seeing much of his dad at night I am thinking...(luckily he is around weekends :-) and also in the mornings because he doesn`t start work til 10am)

Hope you start getting more sleeps soon. Had to laugh about Shou shouting to the world at 4am that it was morning though. Was it even light then? Hope Ryu gives you a good solid 4 hours in a row tonight!!

shufuinjapan said...

WOW! I am SOOOO going to try out your F+C batter recipe. It looks fantastic.
I think it is always important to reward good deeds done by DH no matter how trivial or 当たり前 they might be. Though in my case it is usually just a pat on the head and a "いい子だったね!" - he seems to like this.

umebossy said...

Cute baby pics are good but fish and chips pics are good too! If a little bit of torture ;) Really want to try that out, it looks soooo good and will give me an excuse to buy some tartare sauce (I'm prone to spreading it on bread and demolishing a jar before you can blink).

Hope you both get more sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...

ooh fish and chips look great! and yes, I`m one of those plebs without a starbucks nearby..not even in the prefecture..island your coffee&choc idea is well established in our household (much to my butt`s detriment)..
Do all your kids sleep in separate bedrooms? Am in the dilemma of what to do with our little girl..heard that if you decide on separate rooms the earlier the better..any advice?

Gaijin Wife said...

CBN - Shou and Marina are in their own rooms and have been so since about a month old. We don't have enough rooms now!!

Marina sleeps like a dream - and Shou used to but since he got older, can talk, can make shit up...

Ryu doing slightly better now on own and hopefully that will just get better and better! Fingers crossed anyway.

Next step is getting Shou and Marina in bunk beds.

Sara said...

applause for gaijin wife hub!!!1
booing for no sleep
(am with you on that 100%)

your fish and chips look AMAZING. will have to try that out sometime... have never made them before as i am a "yank" but i used to always get them when visiting relatives in the uk. what type of fish did you use? tara?

sakura is still sleeping in the same room as us and probably will for the whole winter as it saves on heating costs and part of me isnt ready yet. lol. but come spring and maybe we will try and adjust her to the other room... hmm

your coffee looks yummy!! i had a sip of the carmel one but i like gingerbread better! had one today actually... i have to limit myself to one a week... so hard so hard. esp. when there is no one around to "play" with and nothing to do but eat and veg with sakura

Kelly said...

I made your lasagne with the rice tonight and it was good! Yasu had seconds it was so popular :) Thanks for the recipe again!

Rachel said...

I love how the cafe au lait is half calories, then you just go add some more with the chocs! What's a good drink without loads of calories?

Gaijin Wife said...

Rachel - would feel REALLY bad if the cafe au lait was full calorie. Is so silly. Like going to maccas and ordering a big mac combo with a diet coke. Whats the point really!

Lulu - the fish was カラスカレイ - whatever that is in English. Huge big boneless fillet - the other half will be being turned into a fish pie take off for dinner tonight.

Sakura Mama said...

oh yum... fish and chips! MUST RESIST... WAIST LINE... EXPANDING!

good to see I'm not the only one that makes their own starbucks :P
I perfected making my own caramel frapp... have made it as deserts for everyone at house parties at the in laws... who all thought it was REAL starbucks in fancy cups. haha! ;)

Your hubby sounds so considerate!! Feeling you on the no sleep thing. While Sakura will sleep, every night is different... sometimes she will sleep through, or sometimes she will wake up and start playing with my hair while she's half asleep! It's to the point where I have perma-panda eyes :(

Anonymous said...

Dear Colorbynumbers,

If you really need Starbucks, try Youme Town in Takamatsu. Though given the choice, I'd rather hang out in some of those cute little cafes they have in Tokushima.


Anonymous said...

hmmm..thanks anonymous..good to know there`s one somewhere. But, a 3 hour drive just for a cup of coffee (I`m sure this is blasphemy to some) just isn`t worth it. To be honestly honest, I never drank Starbucks til I came to Japan..Melbourne has a fantastic cafe culture and I think the cafe owners would rather die than drink Starbucks! Having said that, I still go when I can..just would never go in Oz ;)