Thursday, 5 November 2009

Letter from Santa

My English kids came this evening - they got hand gelled at the door and told to cough in the general direction of 'away from me'. The first years were on house arrest last week with swine flu and they are back at school now but the second years are getting it - but only two away and the school year doesn't get sent home until three are out with it. So far the primary school and kindy are OK.

Ryu had a stellar morning sleep today. I even got some buns made - the non DNA type. I have enough of those. Three is plenty. No, I got me some yeasty ones - not sure if that sounds much better though!! I tried making Chelsea Buns the other day but the yeast I used was past it and it didn't get all frothy - but I tried it anyway and then the dough didn't rise AT ALL so I hiffed it. Bought some new yeast and today we were away. They were fairly nice but I think next time will leave out the raisins as they just about exploded.

Bloody things take time though. Have to wait for things to rise three times. First the yeast in warm water, then the dough and then the kneeded, pasted with goodness and rolled into shape dough. In total you end up waiting about an hour for the damn things before you even put them in the oven. Thank god hub maintenance doesn't take that long to rise. But then if I expected hub to rise three times in a row then perhaps it would take an hour - or perhaps maybe even two or three days. He is getting on after all.

A friend, who had a baby a couple of months ago, was coming round to collect some of Ryu's hand me downs. She offered to come over here and I just presumed that she would come in for a coffee with her little boy. Come 10am and the house was tidy, coffee in the pot and cinnamon goodness smells coming from the oven. She stopped at the genkan (door), handed over some cake to say thankyou and then made off with the bag of clothes. I was a bit dissapointed as thought I might get an hours gassing, some coffee and a hold of a smaller baby than Ryu. Humph.

Nevermind, had some nice coffee and watched rest of crap movie on sky with Ryu. We had a lovely lovely, almost made me want to have another baby, nap this afternoon. Ryu was the perfect picture of cute babyness and we fell asleep in the afternoon sun for an hour and a half. Love that.

Otherwise very normal day. Afternoon English class - where two of the girls decided there was an invisible friend with them - made for an interesting class. I asked if they wanted to send a letter to Santa so they could get a reply. They do, so that is next week's class. I spent some time looking sites up and decided in the end that for Shou and Marina I will just write them but for my English class I really need real ones with overseas stamps.

I decided that Shou's letter would go something like this...

Dear Shou.

I heard from your mummy that you've been a good little boy this year - well, you tried at least. It's hard being good all the time when your little sister tempts you so much - to sit on her, hit her, squash her, and tell her to bugger off. Mrs Claus and I are certain you will be able to try a bit harder next year.

We had an emergency meeting with the elves and reached the decision that you do however deserve a gift from all of us here at Lapland. In your letter, while everything did infact look like snakes and airplanes, a little elf tells me that it was infact pictures of what you want for Christmas.

1. Fire Engine (are you sure you want another one?)
2. Power Ranger stick of some kind
3. Long Crane

It will take the elves and I a wee while to search for a stick of some kind and a long crane.

But they don't call me Santa for nothing you know.

Mummy tells me you have been:

1. good at brushing your teeth (that's good cause we will send lots of sweets)
2. good at playing and inventing stories
3. excelling at putting on your angel face right before getting told off

Number 2. and 3. are great skills to have. Keep up the good work.

Go to bed early (for once) on Christmas eve and I will come and leave gifts under the tree.

Lots of love


PS - leave us a glass of beer and some crisps for the reindeer will you. Will need the lift after trying to get down your fuckin skinny chimney.

PPS - tell dad not to worry, I won't park the reindeer on the damn solar panels.




Ruthie said...

If you think the English class would be sufficiently fooled by Irish stamps let me know and I can post the letters back from here. They should have some kind of festive stamps out soon.

Helen said...

Just thought I'd mention that Canada Post & Santa sends letters back to children all over the world, in whatever language that they write to Santa in for free!

The URL for more information is here. You can just send emails too.

There is a suggested deadline there, so just be on the lookout for it.

Anonymous said...

love the letter to Santa (with mummy`s edits :) had me laughing/splurting while drinking my morning coffee..:) excellent sense of humour definately a plus eh :)

Nay said...

I love your reply to Shou from Santa!! It was hilarious!! I always leave your blog till the next morning to read - it makes my days start off great :) Thanks!

Btw, I have also had people say they are going to come over for some reason and assumed that they would come inside but they don't!! It's slightly annoying, isn't it! Especially when you have cleaned the house and prepared stuff for their visit!

Corinne said...

hehe, nice letter, save it for Shou when he's older!
Well, a few more mummy edits might be needed if you don't want him to swear like a trooper.

Gaijin Wife said...

Thanks Helen - I'll definately look that up!

Nay - don't give me that kind of pressure. I imagine some of what I write isn't to be read over breakfast type stuff!

Corinne - I know :( i'm going to have to be careful. His third English was was 'fucks sake' after all!