Saturday, 28 November 2009

Jolly Good

My jumping jollys... (Ryu, Shou & Marina - all at roughly the same age of 6 months)

Not much going on today - apart from Ryu having his first jolly jumper experience. He wasn't too impressed which was odd - not in his DNA at all. Shou and Marina loved it from the first go and I reckon I'd be quite happy in there if they had one big enough.

I only got three translations done today. Only 6 to go. I have left the harder, longer ones till the end but I am quietly optimistic I will still be in Fukuoka on Wednesday sipping gingerbread lattes and talking grown-up talk with Illahee and her brood and Kuri and the pinglet. Well, as grown-up as you get with four little ones. I'm not fussed. Talking about shitty nappies in Fukuoka is better than talking about them here!! Not that I think we won't find anything better to talk about girls :)

I think hub is planning on taking a child or two to the park tomorrow so I can do some more work. He has been doing a good job but god for bloody complaining. Last night I asked him to explain something. I had the jist of it I just wanted him to say it in Japanese another way so I could get my head thinking from a different angle. He used EXACTLY the same word three times and I just sighed and said nevermind and then, my downfall...

sensei no shigoto muitenainaaaaaaaaaaaaa (you wouldn't make a very good teacher).

He took huge offense - which I would understand if he was a teacher but he is a tax man and in the past we have joked at his lack of skills in the this area. He was having a rough day obviously.

Got some more of our chrissy lights up today - the solar powered ones I got for the garden. We have colored ones up the front by the road and blue ones along the deck. I am so tempted to get more but am holding back. Will give self set budget every year until we look like a snowman and reindeer fire hazard. My lamb arrived from FBC today too - is bigger than was expecting and only just fits in the roasting dish. Is a 2.2 kilo boneless leg which I will just whip up on the 23rd Dec - the day we are calling our Christmas seeing as is public holiday.

I'm using secret herbs and spices. Not. Have only attemped twice before - both at Christmas and both well yummy. No doubt I will have to ring mum again this year as have no idea where notes from last time are. I will then probably ring sister for her smashing roast vege notes - which is just loads of oil really - but is the timing. Need to get the timing just right.

My little bro rang today and we talked about unbloggables for a whole hour - much to hub's dismay who was keeping an eye on Ryu so I could 'work'. I am in a bit of a state of confusion about the whole huuha and am currently screening calls so can avoid any that will put my head out of the translation orbit. Not long to go though.

Anyhoo, best get to bed. I kind of dread it lately as I know I wont be getting a good night sleep. I CANT WAIT till I have some time back and can have nap during the daywith Ryu. What on earth did I do with my time when I didn't have to fill every spare minute translating - today's lark was corporate accounting and auditing. Yay. I majored in Japanese at varsity so you can imagine how painful translating economicsy and financy shit is. After today's efforts though I think I could possibly pass auditing and corporate accounting 101.

Nighty night.



illahee said...

good luck with the rest of the translation! am looking forward to seeing you on wednesday!

umebossy said...

Hehe I love Ryu's expression! A mixture of incredulity and horror... hope he starts to enjoy it soon! Wish they had them in adult size :/

Anonymous said...

they all look adorable! we didnt get a jolly jumper (wanted one but couldnt find one)..bit late now..oh well, have to wait til no 2 comes along :)
With you on wanting to be in one, also wouldnt mind getting pushed around in the stroller and nodding off for a while too :)

Lulu said...

I hope Ryu grows to like the Jolly Jumper! Can you get them in Japan or did you get it from overseas? The other two truly did seem to LOVE it!!! Is it on its own rack thing or did you ahve to find somewhere to hang it? I am not sure we have anywhere safe we could hang it in our house if we had too...

Wish I could come to Fukuoka on Wednesday and hang out with you, Illahee, Kuri and the kids- sounds like it will be fun (and yay for starbucks!)

Good luck with rest of the translation and hope the unbloggables don`t bother you too much- you can stop screening calls on Thursday and deal with it then so don`t push yourself.

Oh and my hub is also a terrible teacher- he says stuff like "sou iu mon da yo" if I ask a question about something. Twit!

Gaijin Wife said...

CBN - ditto on the stroller and bonus points if I can have a gingerbread latte while I'm getting pushed.

Lulu - all of our doorways have whatsits (lips/edges??). I was a bit worried the first time but it seems fine and there is always a sheepskin rug or something under them and not far to fall :) Not that any of them every have.

If you have someone coming to visit I really recommend them. SHou and Marina (an no doubt Ryu in his own time) all spent hours in it and it was a real save when I had stuff to do. Put them in it in front of the mirror and lasts even longer!

and lulu, I tried to comment on your post yesterday but computer spazed - my doctor told me Shou might have brain damage (cause I was GBS positive) and that might need emergency C-section at 33 weeks with Marina because of kidney thing which they couldn't know for sure what it was just by a scan. Doctors shouldn't scare you. Ryu didn't 'drop' for ages but labor brought him down OK. Bugger your doctor for worrying you.

Illahee - can you mail me your keitai and likewise will do the same - just in case you can't find me and my army of gingerbread lattes!

thefukases said...

Love Ryu's expression!

My best WTF baby picture is Meg chomping down on a clove of garlic. I know, bad mummy but damn funny picture but Ryu's is close- and less to explain to other people, too!

The DH as teacher thing. Hmmmm... hopeless here, too. Doesn't even try these days 'call my sister'....

I will have a latte and think of you all. The cranberry bliss bar seems more cakey and less barry this year though. Hmmm.... tell me what you think.

Gaijin Wife said...

Can you tell me some more things to eat Heather - so I can scoff them all for the sake of the blog!

thefukases said...

And admit the extent of my Starbucks addiction? Ummmm, what the hell:

The hot chicken fiorne (or something. What's with the foreign language thing at Starbucks?) Meh... I can make a better chicken and cheese toasty at home and I wouldn't need to remember that name

The sugar churro? MADE for dunking in coffee. And bizarrely quite low calorie...

The cinnamon roll? Heaven on a gooey sugary buttery plate but 500 calories a pop....

An amazing array of long life snacks that look yummy (apple cinnamon meringue?) but I have a thing against long life snacks so you're on your own there.

Ok off to my 12 step Starbucks programme...

Nay said...

(Just catching up on all my blogs at the moment, so don't mind the double comment in one day!) I am so getting a jolly jumper for baby N!!

I am sure that Ryu will get used to the jolly jumper eventually!! Who wouldn't?! Gosh, if they had adult sized ones then I would be in it for sure :P

Slime said...

My, such big, perfectly round heads on those babies! LOL They're so freakin' cute it makes my stomache hurt! Big heads = chock full o' brains! Gabi's head was sooooo big when she was a baby she could only wear shirts w/ snaps at the neck! The few times I crammed a regular shirt over her melon, I had to cut a big slit in the neck to get it off! Now she's Presidential scholar!

I looooove the SB's chocolate chip scones, we have a small SB on base, though the drinks are bigger, and cheaper, they don't have the scones, so I always head to the Japanese SB for my fix.

Have a great time w/ Illahee and Kuri! So jealous of your blogger meet-ups!