Monday, 2 November 2009

Half an Oink!

Started the day by going to the post office where I got lots of things done, including sending money and prezzie to neice for her new baby. Just as I was leaving I got a call from the kindy to say Shou had a temperature of 38.6 so could I hightail it to come pick him up. Okay then.

That I did. Got home and temperature was 37.4. Half an hour later 37.0. It was shit weather so we stayed inside all day and he was relatively good. His temperature stayed down all afternoon but come evening it went back up to 38.8 so I gave him some drugs. He has been complaining of sore eyes, sore ears, sore throat and sore legs so we'll just keep an eye on him. He hasn't been acting strange or saying stupid things or singing the Australian National Anthem so I think he is probably OK. He went to sleep in about three minutes with daddy though - daddy who grrrrr said he would be home at 6 and didn't get home till after seven.

I even rang him at ten to six to see if he had left work and to relay that Shou's temp was up again and he was complaining of sore bodily bits. When he got home and Shou confirmed that he was sore hub said 'oh, so it was true' - as if I would go around lieing aobut sore eyes ?? Anyway, I had a wee go at home that tis the season for oinky flu, it's doing the rounds - even in Kunimi - and yet he still didn't feel the need to excuse himself and come home after my phonecall - even after he admitted the meeting was a complete waste of time and was only meant to last twenty minutes. For all he knew Shou could have beena t home trying to find a balcony to throw himself off. I'm not good with shit like this, I would prefer he said he would be home at seven and then if he can get home earlier I will be stoked that he has made the effort!

Shou didn't get a bath tonight - what with having a temp and all but Marina and Ryu did. Marina took a sheet of star stickers in with her and now the bath is all twinkly. Almost better than romantic candles. Granny K is about to get in and I imagine she will spend ten minutes trying to catch them all.

Ryu was about an eight on the good scale today. I had him strapped to my back for an hour and a half this evening as I was sorting dinner. Granny K wrapped a special blanket around my back - one she made especially for back carrying in winter - and Ryu was so toastie warm he slept almost the whole time.

Anyhoo - having my day rearranged with Shou home has left me knackered. I couldn't do it everyday.



illahee said...

oh, poor shou! hope he feels better soon!

thefukases said...

ooh fingers crossed with Shou. That said a sleeps in an instant sickish kid home beats two incredibly genki kids on house arrest.... wanna swap?

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Poor Shou (and poor mummy too!)
Both mine have the snots but that is nothing new.

I can sympathise about having a hub who comes home late from work. Mine always conveniently comes home after the dinner, bath, bedtime malarky. Luckily I only have two kiddies to cope with though....

Hope Shou feels better soon

Ruthie said...

Hopefully it's just a bad case of the flu and nothing worse. My cousin's 2 year old has had the swine flu here and she actually took it better than her Mum. She's was fine in a few days while her Mum was in bed for a week.
Those blankets sound great. I might have to get Granny K's pattern. I'm sure some of my friends would like hands-free blankets that make kids fall asleep ;)

Anonymous said...

Poor Shou! Hope he gets well soon! LOL @ your comment about Granny K spending 10 mins trying to catch Marina's stars! - Katie Enjoyshite