Sunday, 15 November 2009

Granny K Returns.

I have just given Ryu a feed and noticed his head smells like incense. He was only asleep in the alter room for an hour and a half after I put him down - which was five minutes after Granny K went in to do a weeks worth of offering to the Gods and Praying to the ancestors - including of course lighting copious amounts of incense.

The ancestors were probably giving her a hard time for leaving such an incompetant foreign woman in charge for a week. I wasn't in charge per say (?) - Granny K didn't ask me to keep the alter lights a fire and I didn't offer, as really not an incense lighting pray to the ancestors kind of gal. No doubt somewhere along the track after being hit by a bus, losing a limb and getting hit by lightening, I will be wishing I had put some goodies out for the gods this week - instead of eating the two mikans that were there. Ah well, for the moment I will just enjoy Ryu smelling like something other than baby soap.

So yes, Granny K came home today. But before that...

The kids danced in the local 'choruchoru' festival this morning. It was hell trying to get them all out the door by said time to converge at sloped ramp outside community hall by nine am but somehow we made it. The dance they did with the rest of their kindy friends was the one we had to do with them for the sports festival. Marina was ON FIRE. Soooooo cute. Like Shou doing his stomp for Doraemon the first year he was on stage. Shou this year though was a bit too cool for the whole thing and only did minimal movements - including being swung round by his girl partner.

After the dance we tried to grab some early lunch - yakitori (bbq chicken), takoyaki (fried octopus balls), and yakionigiri (bbq rice balls) but it was so bloody windy that our attempt was stopped short when I decided I didn't have enough limbs to hold everything down AND stop the pram rolling away.

Made it home, finished lunch and Marina went down. Hub had to go back to work for the afternoon to man some carpark for the festival goers. I tried my best to get Ryu and Shou down for a nap but so not a goer. I did get Ryu down a little later but Shou stayed up and made rockets and robots out of blocks.

The cable men came to put up the TV cable from the power pole on the road to our house. Shou was in crane truck heaven. They came just as I had gotten Ryu to sleep in my back sling. Nice young cable man asked if I could please move the car so they could park crane truck in drive way. Sweet as. I seriously contemplated moving it the twenty metres with Ryu asleep on my back - you know you've been in Japan too long when??? But I didn't. Took him off and let him howl. Marina, woken from her nap, was too howling on the deck and Shou was peering out at the crane from the top of the awesome adventure playground.

About ten minutes after they arrived, with Ryu back on my back, Granny K arrived home with eldest son. Fuck it. Run inside, push switch on coffee machine. My martha stewart muffins are out of the oven - even though I know brother in law wont eat them I can't not offer him anything.

They come, I forget all about Granny K's room, they come in here and Granny K says something about the cupboard doors. I tell her they are still out in the shed is she wants them back. She doesn't say anything else - no thankyou but also no telling off. But was probably wondering what would happen if she had two bumholeyoles that both needed chopping and had to be out of the house for two weeks instead of one. May well come back and find her room has been dissected away from house and now stands alone in paddy field.

Food for thought.

Hub got back about five and the dinner and bath thing followed. Marina to bed at half six, Shou soon thereafter - but he came padding down the stairs five minutes later. Played with his blocks for ten minutes and then he started talking rubbish. Honestly, he was sooooooooo past it was almost entertaining to watch. Told him mummy and daddy were going to bed so come on sweetie, off we go.

Woooo, the nut out of all nut outs insued. Came up the stairs and then he tried to go back down but was all drunky swayey and shit so bear hugged him into our room where he thrashed out - and three year olds can thrash. Hub told him he would end up outside. I had to put a stop to that though as would have had no effect. He was so tired and so not even knowing why he was nutting out. Finally get him to agree bed is good option - but only if he can take some random bits of robot and rocket blocks. OK. Whatever. Lets go already.

After the snivelling stops - asleep in thrity seconds.

That was our day. Extremely full on and I think If I was anywhere that let me get drugs off some addict on a street corner - think I would be there. Well, horse tranquellizors at least. Me needs about a weeks worth of sleep. But seeing as that is an impossibility I guess eighteen more years of kids under roof will just have to be gotten through somehow.

Hub shattered too - he had to spend four hours directing traffic in freezing cold.

Nighty night.


PS - happy birthday little bro.

PPS - almost forgot. Hub's son and daughter from first marriage were at the festival (but live in next town over now). His son must be about fourteen or fifteen. Hub kind of waved to him. He was standing alone waiting for someone. Mum wasn't in the vacinity so I suggested hub go say hello. He was too chicken shit. Told him he had nothing to lose and you could see he so wanted to (as you would). So he did and they had chat for five minutes or so. The daughter was only three or so when got divorced and is now eleven-ish. She didn't seem to recognize hub eventhough her and her friends came quite close - she had her back to us but her friend had her DS up pointing at us - can those things film? Would make sense if daughter told friend to check us out.

Up until now I have had huge phobia about seeing ex-wife. But today, when I walked within a metre of her (and said hello) I was so not thinking about it - was thinking about trying to get the three kids home and into bed. She smiled and said hello back and now I think my fear has gone. Yay.

PPPS - brother in law left his muffin uneaten.

PPPPS - wanker. It's only a fuckin muffin.


Sara said...

Sounds like you had a fairly crazy weekend!! Otsukare-sama!!!

That must have been adorable watching Marina dance, I'm sure you must have been so proud.. and amused that Shou is already developing the "I'm too cool for this attitude" If only the dance involved dump trucks or cranes

That must have been nice for you husband to talk with his son... I really think Japan is so bogus with its "you divorce - you never see your kids again" bull crap.

Pity that your BIL wasted perfectly good muffins and impressed that you are a good enough housewife to make stuff - I think I would just be like "f*** it!"

Nighty night!

thefukases said...

Just another Sunday, huh?

Having done both kids-by-myself-on-the-weekend and freezing cold (and bloody pointless- rarely gets so full you need to direct people and most people ignore you anyway) carpark duty I'd have to say it's a toss up which deserves more sympathy...

Neighbour's MIL was in hospital over obon. She came over with a melon, two early apples and a whole lot of cakes and stuff and invited herself in. What's that for? I'm not going to let it rot on the alter but I can't eat it in that house or the ancestors will get mad. Odd but yummy fruit so I joined her.

Here's to easier bedtimes!

Nay said...

I bet Marina dancing was one of the cutest things ever. You really need to start putting up videos of your gorgeous kids for all of us unlucky folk who can't *meet* you guys in person!!

I agree with Sara - I hate that in Japan if parents get divorced the kids usually miss out on knowing one of their parents. It really isn't fair to either the parent nor the child... I am glad that your hub got the chance to see his son. I hope that when they get older they will search for him on their own and then starting building a father/son relationship they both were denied.

Just think that because your BIL didn't eat any muffins, the more for you!! hehe!!

J's mom said...

Yes, the Nintendo DSi can take photos. I am not sure how far away it can take them from, though.