Saturday, 7 November 2009

Granny K all Fixed

Granny K had her bumholeyole fixed this morning. They told us yesterday hub didn't need to be there until ten. He was going to drop the kids at kindy and head out of Kunimi by eight. Granny K rang this morning and said they now wanted him there by half nine. Not so thrilled about this new time. Now means I have to finish dressing, brushing teeth, putting shoes on and getting into car of three small children. Well, obviously Ryu didn't need his teeth cleaned but Marina felt that perhaps his head needed a bit of polishing. Thanks for that darling.

I told hub that I bet he arrives all nice and early and what do you know he will have to wait ages while McDreamy Mcbumholeyole Doctor sorts out all his McScalples. Granny K got wheeled into surgery at eleven.

Don't even get me started.

Hub phoned eldest brother and asked if he could please, perhaps, maybe, would be very grateful, if could drive Granny K back here on Sunday next week when she checks out. He pulled the whole 'chotto, mada wakaranai' (um, not sure) Japanese shit. Hub seemed fine about it and just said Granny K could get taxi then train and then he and Shou would go pick her up - now as much as I complain about the woman I know she won't want to be sitting on a pile of donut cushions on the train.

I told hub that if eldest son doesn't pull his weight by bringing her home, AND doesn't go visit her in bumholeyole clinic five minutes drive from his house at least once this week then I am not sending a new years postcard.

Serious stuff.

We send everyone new years postcards - the milkman, hub's teacher from kindy, my god, I even still send one to an old man I met for thirty minutes while volunteering at a triathlon in Okinawa nine years ago. We were both posted at a hair pin bend in the bike course - him because of his medical skills and me because I had claimed to be fluent in three languages - English, Japanese and Spanish. I oomphed up my two years of spanish study into 'fluent' so I could perve at all the nice athletes. My Spanish now would be equivalent of 'hola, sweeetie darling, vino sweetie? darling?'

So anyway, I am in big humph with eldest brother.

Anyhooo, operation went well and she should be up and pole dancing again by tomorrow afternoon.

After I dropped the sprogs off I came home and cleaned and did washing. Solar Panal Man's wife came and picked us up at half nine. I was mainly going for the chats in the car and lunch! Really not much shopping on my list...

longsleeved undershirts for the kids
trousers for Shou (he went to kindy in three quarter shorts this morning)
skivy (turtle neck) for Shou - or Marina. Whoever feels like wearing it on the day.
Some yummy bath soap
Some chrissy decs
A proper measuring cup
some yummy bread
some groceries

We had a good catch up about life. I spent almost the whole way there talking about the unbloggables. A lot has happened in the last couple of days and talking to family on the phone is one thing but being able to talk with someone about it in person is different - helps me sort things out better I think.

Got home about three, followed by hub about half an hour later. I had a minor mummy meltdown at dinner time when Marina kept spitting shit on the floor. Already she knows exactly which buttons to push. It is scary. She doesn't back down after being told off either she just gets her 'face' on - with the big don't mess with me mummy eyes. Shou had his feet on the table and Ryu was crying - all at the same time. One thing at a time children - please. I would be a much happier mummy if you could all give me shit in turn and not all at once.

They are now all asleep - but that was a feat in itself. Shou didn't go to sleep properly until nine. Sigh of sleepy sighs.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I feel like I need an extra holiday day squeezed in there before then - one just for me.

I would love to just fall into bed - but that would mean trying to avoid the sleeping baby. I need me a big king sized bed all to myself - and someone to make me a gingerbread latte followed in quick succession by a caramel eclair latte in the morning.

Hub has just out of the blue said I (as in foreigners) might get ticket to vote In Japan from as early as next year.


Now we also will be partially held responsible for the crap government this country has. He thinks there will be criteria - like length of stay.

Me thinks he might be talking out his bumholeyole.

In which case, might pay to go get it fixed.


PS - some very boring pics showing again the gender differences (and cute babies)

Shou playing tunnels with the cushions on the couch.

Cute baby

Fuck mum, go easy on the flash aye

Marina being a nice quiet girl - drawing endless number of damn crabs

Edit - Ryu is five months today. In baby news he is growing well, although exactly how well am not sure as haven't taken him for any check ups in four months. He sucks, he shits, he laughs, he grizzles and he sleeps. Just like his daddy.

His sleeping at night is getting a little better I guess. Not much. He must be starting to get teeth cause is blowing lots of bubbles, has his hands stuffed in his mouth twenty four seven and likes knawing (?) on my tit. Ouchy of ouch. He can roll over and laughs out loud and even babbles on occassion.

He loves watching Shou and Marina but not too keen on having his head polished with Marina's toothbrush.

I get almost weepy when I think that soon I will be starting him on mash and beginning to pave his yellow brick road to toddlerhood. Scary.

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thefukases said...

Feeling like the scary controlling mummy my kids claim I am- Marina draws in pen? While lying on the hardwood floor? And the couch is a play area?? Oh no... it's true... I'm a monster mum....

Here' to the end of all troubling unbloggables and a quiet (ha ha ok quieter) restful Sunday for you.