Thursday, 12 November 2009

Good Service (wink wink)

After blogging last night I had to partake in some hub maintenance. In response I got a 'kyou saaaaaaabisu ga ii ne' - good service today!

Good sleeping arrangements failed us again last night and we played musical beds a bit. I woke up with Ryu in Shou's bed and Shou was in with hub. We started out properly though but somehow the night wakenings moved us all around. Nevermind though, I still probably got more sleep than the night before!

Ryu and I went shopping this morning. My sister said her eldest daughter might want a cutsie Japanese bra for Christmas. She is only twelve though so black skanky hoe lacey shit out of the question. Got a set that may or may not a. fit or b. be suitable but hey, I didn't get boobs till I was fifteen so god knows what a twelve year old wants.

At the same store I got some shoes - finally. Very cheap slip on ones that should do the trick for the mean time. Still want some with half a fluffy sheepskin in them. Did some groccery and nappy shopping too and made quick stop for some yum bread on the way home. Seriously, if I cut out all bread in my diet I would waste away - fair enough it would take a few years but in the end... I would be a slither of my former self.

I would love to see me as a slither of my former self - which is actually current self - but I like carbs too much. Also like chips, chocolate and chuhai so looks like I am up the crap in that department.

Went past friends house quickly on way home, fed the boy, did some house stuff and then Jo came over for a coffee and catch up. I had rung her this morning to see what she was doing and to ask if maybe I could pop over for tea after shopping. She didn't answer her phone but half an hour later she rang and I just presumed was ringing me back - but she hadn't noticed my call and was ringing to ask if I was going to be home today and could she come round?

Great minds and all that.

So she came round after lunch and we had coffee and yaked away for an hour or so. My mood on days when I get some English in compared to those when I don't is wayyyyyyyyy up there on the nicer mummy guage.

But still, this evening, there were some major kiddy meltdowns. Hub and I decided that today would be the day we start the tough love on the 'you must eat dinner by yourself' thing. I know for A FACT that both Shou and Marina eat lunch by themselves at kindy. At home though they tend to just sit there and me, wanting to just get the things done that need to be done with three children under foot, feeds them. Silly I know. SO today we started toddler boot camp.

Shou ate his kiwifruit and his tom toms and stopped before even attempting his rice and fishpie. Marina had her kiwifruit and that was it.

Mummy put her foot down.

No more. TV off - as it should be I know but hard when have crap small kitchen living area with dinner table set out right in front of TV screen.

No go. I said they had twenty minutes and if it wasn't gone by then it would be put in the fridge and taken out everytime they said they were hungry until they left home - until it was gone. Ryu and I hoped in the bath, twenty seconds later there was god almighty chaos and I actually got out of the bath holding a giggling wet baby and opened the bathroom door - to find Marina crying the house down, hub on the floor wiping up fishpie and Shou in the dark hallway clutching his plate of dinner for dear life.

Almost comical.

Had we not been trying to lay down the law.

Apparantly they were both rocking their little kiddie table back and forth and Marina's plate got upturned onto the floor. Hub went wild, Shou retreated to the confines of the dark hallway with his plate and Marina went hell for leather in the nutting out stakes.

I spooned some more out for Marina and sat her back down, all the while wrapped in towel but still dripping. Ryu was plonked on bathmat and promtply pissed all over it in retaliation. Shou sat at the big table and proceeded to eat all his dinner on his own. Marina had half a spoonful and will no doubt wake up at four tomorrow morning realising that the bars in her wooden cot aren't bits of bread after all.

What can you do aye?

We will continue this eating by self regime but perhaps tomorrow I will make something I know they actually like! Fishpie probably not a good starting dish. The last time I made it I don't think it went down too well either. I thought it was fine but hub declared it 'aji usui' (not enough flavor). He can stick his 'aji' up his ass though. I am quite happy for him to add what he wants - after saying it's nice of course - but the kids don't need a million flavors. They need to learn to appreciate flavors for what they are - real flavors, not covered in ponzu and soya sauce.

I think Marina had half a banana after that, and Shou a whole one, perhaps defeating the purpose of the exercise but hey, I have a sneaking suspicion that after tonight they will eat their dinner tomorrow.

Shou went to sleep without too much huuha, my English class kids came, we studied, they left and hub is now washing the dishes - with a hopefuly glint in his eye that his early home time today as well might lead to some more hub maintenance!!



Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

It is impressive how often you write on your blog.

And how often you service your husband.

Very impressive.

Kelly said...

I wish my husband actually wanted to do IT. I don't think we've done IT for like 4 or 5 months, sad really.
I envy your maintenence sessions I really do. :)

thefukases said...

good luck on the eating alone thing. I am trying desperately to convince Amy it is possible to get your PJs on by yourself. She gets them off by herself, gets dressed by herself, does all sorts of Japanesey clothes huuha at kinder by herself, but somehow still expects full PJing each evening. It has been three days and if she doesn't start getting it right soon she will be turning blue on her sit outs.

Aghhhh kids, huh?

And I think you must have the happiest husband in Japan.... Just lucky you're not Catholic!

illahee said...

can i just say, i love ryu. awesome little chap!

i admire you for feeding your kids for this long. mine have been pretty much feeding themselves since they could grab the spoon out of my hand. i thought that's why bath was after dinner! ;)

Nay said...

lol @ musical beds!! If you are getting more sleep than usual then that's the main thing :)

Good luck with teaching the kid to feed themselves. It's surprising that although they do it at kindy they don't want to do it at home... hopefully they learn sooner than later!

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

I forgot to add (although now it probably doesn't matter) that when I was trying to get my kids to feed themselves I would purposely be bad at feeding them. Like I would get into my own food and make them wait a few seconds or I would take too long getting the food on the spoon so they would take it away and show me how to do it. They usually got frustrated with me and did it themselves. I hope that helps.