Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Crocodile vs Sick Pelican

Too many god damn public holidays in this country! I'm sure I'll be liking them in a few years but for the moment - tis just another manic Sunday, and double punch after having Shou at home all day yesterday too. Talk about cabin fever.

Ryu was awake and laughing at half four so I let him laugh to himself while I curled in beside hub. Fifteen minutes later and Ryu isn't very laughy laugh funny fun anymore though. Thankfully hub, bless him, went in and let me be. I had a sleep in - well that's what I thought. Both Shou and Marina were down stairs at about six and I went down when Ryu woke up (hub had put him back to sleep earlier). I thought it must be about eight but it turns out my 'sleep in' was quarter to seven!

It was COLD today but we didn't get the fire going as still have to ge the guard out, put the toys away and get the wood in - all shit that really needs to be done when the kids aren't here. After hotcakes for morning tea... (don't try and make them in small silly cookie cutters - the car and ginerbread man a complete no go)

we got them into their winter jackets and hub took them to the park, where they stayed for an hour and a half - yay. I got a wee nap with Ryu and then some shhhhh, quite time with a cup of tea. I also made hidden spinnich curry for lunch.

This afternoon there was some puzzle time...

That big round shiney thing reflecting the light would be Ryu's head.

There was a big outside play session where hub was a 'wani' (crocodile) as per Shou and Marina's request. It was very funny to watch and unfortunately I only have it on video and trying to sort that out on here would be worse than having root canal or giving birth. I went out and joined in the fun but hub thought I looked more like a sick pelican as opposed to his big and scary 'wani'. Hey, I was doing my best so I guess 'sick pelican' it will be.

Granny K wanted to go drop something off at her brother's house twenty minutes away so hub loaded her and the kids in the car and off they went while I got dinner sorted and Ryu watched some baby einstein - German alphabet and Swahili lullabys.

Shou was fine when he woke up this morning - has a bit of a runny nose but they will both be off to kindy tomorrow. I am going to visit high tiger boy's mum and her new baby. The clinic she is at is an hour away but after two days stuck at home a couple of hours in the car drinking coffee and listening to music will be a welcome change.

My neice rang this afternoon to say the prezzie and cash I sent her arrived. She said she is having lots of post birth bleeding (she only had it for three weeks with baby number one - nice. I had it for five weeks with Shou) and the doctor EVEN has her on iron tablets. Gasp. I had them everytime too but they bung me up so I usually throw in the iron tablet towel after about a week - ie stop when I get home and the nurses aren't monitoring me!

I'm taking some again now I am more regular though.

And I know you wanted to read that on your Tuesday evening.

Well, time for a cuppa and some Nicolas Cage & Sean Connary. 'The Rock' - it's a good movie. Pity I've seen it about five times but hub claims to only have seen it once - years ago when it came out.



Lulu said...

Oh isn`t it nice that Ryu can "play" puzzles with the other two! So his hair is all falling out and coming back lighter?

It was nice of hub to let you have a mini sleep-in! I am getting as much sleep as possible at the moment as I know it will all end once bub arrives- well at least CONTINUOUS sleep will. That said I have to get up at least 3 times a night to pee so I guess it isn`t that continuous now...

Hope Shou survives kindy tomorrow and you don`t get another call out- I think colds must be going around- but with the flu scare I guess can`t be too careful.

Anonymous said...

well, sounds like and looks like you had a pretty nice weekend (even tho your body is screaming for more sleep I`m guessing..here`s hoping you get some more today..

ps..love all the kiddie pics :)

Rachel said...

I had one of those sleep-ins this morning...7:20! Oh well, if it FEELS like a sleep-in, I suppose it is one.

Did you know Disney are offering refunds on the Baby Einstein videos as they have finally admitted that they don't 'work'.

That is, if you actually thought your child your child was going to get smarter by watching the telly. If you're just amusing them so you can cook dinner, then they 'work' fine!

Nay said...

Ohh I love your idea of making hotcakes in cookie cutters. I bet they tasted a whole lot better than normal ones do too!!

Glad you got to have a little sleep in - even if it wasn't as long as you thought! That kind of reminds of my mum who thinks sleeping in till 7am is a NICE sleep in, coz she has to get up at 4.45am everyday for work!

Kelly said...

Maybe you should use those special pans they have in Japan with doraemon or something, or just cut the regular pancake into shapes? That might be easier. :)

That picture of Ryu is sooooo cute :)

Rachel said...

Me again! We decided to have our very late Halloween party this Saturday (Nov. 7). Please come will all or any of them!

Violet said...

FYI - after I had son I was officially declared anemic and prescribed iron tablets but they also prescribed some anti-constipation medicine to counter the whole bung-up effect. So you could enquire about that if you have bung-up issues still. However, come to think of it I think I found the anti-constipation medicine over-compensated for the bung-up effect, with some pretty explosive results (TMI I know)... Guess its a tricky balance.