Monday, 9 November 2009

Better day.

Definately a better day, despite a not so good night with Ryu - again.

After blogging last night I put the computer to rest and hub and I had an early night. A lot of winking and a bit of nudging and the world is now a better place.

That, and Ryu's sleeping patterns and I decided to FINALLY move his bed downstairs - Ryu's that is. Not hub's. Ryu is now sharing a room with our ancestors who have been asleep for so long a few restless nights shouldn't be a problem. I have the kiddy walkie talkie in there but really only plan on going down to him if he starts actually crying in the middle of the night. Up until now I haved tended to roll over and shove boob in his face at the slightest grizzle. His sleepy booby dreams are over. Time to get mummy some more sleep.

I have sorted our room back out and did some furniture rearranging - something I haven't done since I was pregnant. SHIT!!

No, definately not.

So, tonight hub and I will be sharing our bed for the first time in over five months. I wonder if our bed's still up for it. Me thinks it probably is!

Shou will have to get used to sleeping without daddy on the futon by his bed too -which may take a week or two I think. He tends to sleep talk a bit and if this happens to coincide with hitting the edge of the bed (he moves up and up - almost tempted to start him off half way down the bed) then he half wakes up. A 'hey, Shou, it's OK' and he is back to sleep though.

I also found an ATM that will give me cash from home - the post office in Kunimi. I remembered this morning - or rather had this vague recollection that I had gotten money from there before and what do you know. I go there this morning and there is a big sticker on the middle of the machine saying 'use your international ATM card'. Wahoo. Tried not to slit my wrists when I came back this afternoon and logged on to online banking to see how much the rate was! Ouch. But desparate times and all that. I paid a few exciting bills and even have some left over for a caramel eclair latte tomorrow when Ryu and I go to visit Granny K at the bumholeyole clinic. Hell, I might even splurge and get the gingerbread one as well.

Not having Granny K here the last few days hasn't been so bad - I thought I might 'miss' her not holding onto Ryu while I do the kindy run or bath thing. It actually is fine and knowing that nobody is there makes it easier in a way - as opposed to not knowing when and where Granny K will pop up.

The unbloggables have taken a turn for the better and there should be considerably less days of worry and phone calls from now on. Huge sige of relief for everyone I think.

The fire alarm is about to go off. For ten seconds at 9pm every day for the next week! unbelievable! Is meant to help remind us of increased number of fires in winter time - with people leaving heaters and kotatsus on rah rah. Due to speaker being situated in our back yard this does however mean for us as increased number of babies and children waking up at nine - in twenty seconds.

Wait for it...

and there we go.


There goes Ryu...

yip, and there's Shou.

Marina my angel sleeps on.

Better go sort the boys out.



anchan said...

Here's to more sleep!

Our town has a siren - a proper air-raid-type siren - that goes off at six in the morning every day, all year round. Fortunately we live half way up the mountain so it doesn't bother us too much. But pity the fools living below!

Rachel said...

ouch! We just have a nice sweet clanking bell driving around town in the tiny volunteer trucks, I think it's a recording now but it sounds like an old-fashioned night-watchman walking the streets with his bell, looking out for smoke.

Good luck with your new bed shuffle and sleep!

Kelly said...

That's abit rough, they obviously never think about people with babies and small children.

Kampai to more sleep :)

Nay said...

I hope Ryu settles into his new 'bedroom' quickly and you get some more sleep!!

OMG - a caramel eclair latte?!? That sounds divine!! I need to get me one of those...

Ruthie said...

Actually reading the comments has reminded me of when I lived in Kyoto and a woman in a wheel chair would go around banging two bits of wood together every night to warn you to switch off everything (she did have someone to push her as it would have been difficult to manouver and bang at the same time). She always managed to go by the apartments just as I was falling asleep!