Sunday, 29 November 2009

So Close

Despite everything working against me today I still managed to get three finished. I think it is the slow plodding along with the translation that is working in my favor. Sometimes with big translations it is hard to not get engulfed by the hugeness of it all. I am hoping (fingers and all bits crossed) that I will get it finished tomorrow so can spend Tuesday morning reading through it - damage control.

Depends of course on Ryu and the kiddy night time thing. Hub is home late tomorrow night but is allowed to go in late too - so he can take the kids to kindy and go de-husk the rice for me. Granny K is finally prepared to relenquish some of the precious 'shinmai' - the new rice - that got harvested last month. It has been sent around the country to misc family members but we have not yet been able to have any. Wont be bloody shinmai for much longer. God damn the older brothers who get the yummy rice and aren't doing jack shit - and here I am feeding my children rice that I have to pick rat droppings (OK so that was the stuff three years ago and the kids weren't even born yet, let alone eating rice) or rice insects out of ours and I have to LIVE with the woman.

Shou AND Marina were naughty of all naughtiness ness ness today. Crazy naughty shit. Hub was so over it - we both were. God, if today was anything to go by I am going to be losing to Marina big time by the time she gets all short skirts, cutsie bras, and fuck off mummy and daddy. The only thing going for us will be that we live here and she will have to run a fair few kms to get to anywhere decent. Christ, I'll probably be more worried she'll fall in a rice paddy as she tries to flee.

After Marina and Ryu were in bed, and as hub was putting Shou to bed, I got to go out on my own - only to the local shop for bread and milk so obviously not nearly as exciting as getting my nails done or going for a massage but still - got all excited. I perused (?) the mag section and got some fab ones with all sorts of free shit for European Stylist. I had to - an ARASHI ten year anniversary one WITH Smap article was steering me in the face. They are all taped up though so if crap then appologies. They will hopefully make it off the table and into the post in time for your birthday - but again, appologies if they don't and again if I'm so sleep deprived and angry mummy that I pack up a child instead and sit home and read mags while Shou gets couriered to you.

The man at the local shop asked me about the mags. Is first time have bought mags there - as not stockists of woman's weekly or cosmo. I said were for friend and he said she must be a Japanese boy band lover and I answered in the affirmative but also said to not knock them as Smap concert (that went to with said friend) was best concert ever.

Watching the Sunday night movie - Men in Black II - and the song 'who let the dogs out' was just on. Reminds me of habitat for humanity trip to the Philippines. We were out one night - I think the one night we all went out while on the house building project (before going our separate ways which for me and two friends called Lisa meant drinking pina coladas at the Bola Beach Club) we went to a nightclub in Quezon or Lezon or somewhere and my Tazmanian friend Andrew went wild dancing to this. Was fantastic.

Big tangent there.

But I guess that's about it. Tomorrow is a big day - I sooooooooo so so so so want to get the last three done. Might be cheese on toast for dinner - which would actually be gourmet as a block of cheddar arrived yesterday. yum yum. Even if the kids get real dinner I think I will opt for the cheese.

If there's any left.


Saturday, 28 November 2009

Jolly Good

My jumping jollys... (Ryu, Shou & Marina - all at roughly the same age of 6 months)

Not much going on today - apart from Ryu having his first jolly jumper experience. He wasn't too impressed which was odd - not in his DNA at all. Shou and Marina loved it from the first go and I reckon I'd be quite happy in there if they had one big enough.

I only got three translations done today. Only 6 to go. I have left the harder, longer ones till the end but I am quietly optimistic I will still be in Fukuoka on Wednesday sipping gingerbread lattes and talking grown-up talk with Illahee and her brood and Kuri and the pinglet. Well, as grown-up as you get with four little ones. I'm not fussed. Talking about shitty nappies in Fukuoka is better than talking about them here!! Not that I think we won't find anything better to talk about girls :)

I think hub is planning on taking a child or two to the park tomorrow so I can do some more work. He has been doing a good job but god for bloody complaining. Last night I asked him to explain something. I had the jist of it I just wanted him to say it in Japanese another way so I could get my head thinking from a different angle. He used EXACTLY the same word three times and I just sighed and said nevermind and then, my downfall...

sensei no shigoto muitenainaaaaaaaaaaaaa (you wouldn't make a very good teacher).

He took huge offense - which I would understand if he was a teacher but he is a tax man and in the past we have joked at his lack of skills in the this area. He was having a rough day obviously.

Got some more of our chrissy lights up today - the solar powered ones I got for the garden. We have colored ones up the front by the road and blue ones along the deck. I am so tempted to get more but am holding back. Will give self set budget every year until we look like a snowman and reindeer fire hazard. My lamb arrived from FBC today too - is bigger than was expecting and only just fits in the roasting dish. Is a 2.2 kilo boneless leg which I will just whip up on the 23rd Dec - the day we are calling our Christmas seeing as is public holiday.

I'm using secret herbs and spices. Not. Have only attemped twice before - both at Christmas and both well yummy. No doubt I will have to ring mum again this year as have no idea where notes from last time are. I will then probably ring sister for her smashing roast vege notes - which is just loads of oil really - but is the timing. Need to get the timing just right.

My little bro rang today and we talked about unbloggables for a whole hour - much to hub's dismay who was keeping an eye on Ryu so I could 'work'. I am in a bit of a state of confusion about the whole huuha and am currently screening calls so can avoid any that will put my head out of the translation orbit. Not long to go though.

Anyhoo, best get to bed. I kind of dread it lately as I know I wont be getting a good night sleep. I CANT WAIT till I have some time back and can have nap during the daywith Ryu. What on earth did I do with my time when I didn't have to fill every spare minute translating - today's lark was corporate accounting and auditing. Yay. I majored in Japanese at varsity so you can imagine how painful translating economicsy and financy shit is. After today's efforts though I think I could possibly pass auditing and corporate accounting 101.

Nighty night.


Friday, 27 November 2009

All Tucked In

I got on a pair of non elasticated, non maternity waist band jeans today. No congratulations are in order as I haven't lost any weight I was just feeling brave. I spent five minutes trying to push my three babied flummy (you know what I'm talking about) in between the hole where the zipper zips up. I then remembered I could try wriggling round on the floor - so I did, and it worked. My flummy expanded (more like rolled in waves) around my middle enough for me to zip the bitch of a pair of jeans up.

I then spent all morning feeling so 'tucked in' - I like that feeling. Like being dressed in a kimono. You just know your bits aren't in danger of falling out anywhere. I was a bit scared to go to the toilet though as toilet floor not spacious enough for floor-wriggling/zip-pulling lark. But amazing flummy miracle is that if it stays within a confined space for x amount of hours it starts to set, like jelly.

My internal organs have been rearranged slightly but in turn that has made me feel less hungry which in turn could be a bloody good thing. Actually probably not feeling less hungry just scared that food wont know how to get home seeing as the yellow brick road is probably tucked in behind the wrong organ now.

Ryu was a monster last night, not settling till well after 1am. Extreme lack of sleep (moreso than usual) has fucked with my head and I would hate to re-read some of what I translated today. Am sure it sounded absolutely wonerful at the time but. I have finished three out of the four I had on my list for today. I have ten to go. So if the kids all go to sleep without much trouble tonight and I can get another one finished then I will only have nine left over the next four days - almost seems doable.

If the kids are not with the 'mummy-needs-to-work' program tonight then I will be kuroneko-ing (courier) them off to the highest bidder. That or shoot them with an anaesthetic dart as they whiz past me in a whirl of big heads, flapping arms, and general toddlerness. Ryu, who isn't yet at the whizzing stage, will have to settle for some crushed up horse tranquelizer drugs rubbed onto boob - mine that is. Fat lot of use rubbing shit on his moobs would be.

Granny K tried to enlighten me that perhaps Ryu's fussiness these past few days wasn't his teeth but my milking schedule. I needed to let him be hungry for longer. I bit my tongue off trying to hold back. How very restrained of me - especially after she then later told me, as we were going to the post office, how unfair it was to Ryu to not feed him when he was grizzling for it. Christ woman.

She also gave me a Japanese lesson this afternoon, upon my return from lunch with Coffee Chiemi. I walked into the genkan (front door) to find her having talks with the jehovas (??) witness lady that rocks up ever now and then. The lady hadn't seen Ryu for months and commented on how cute he was 'Kawaii desune'. I replied with a thankyou, yes he is cute. To which Granny K reworded what I said to basically say thank you for saying he is cute, we think he is too but really can't say that in front of anyone so have to pretend he is ugly bald baby with face of seventy year old. If anyone tells me I have a cute child I say thanks, I know, aren't they adorable. I know its not very Japanese of me.

That said, if someone said to me at 1 in the morning that Ryu was just adorable I would say they could take the screaming, boob ripper offerer away for a day or two.

I should probably have some mummy and Ryu play time. He has been very neglected since the start of the translating.

Not long to go though. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Actually, no can do. Need to get dinner ready. Hub late tonight so have to do the whole dinner, bath and bed huha by self again.


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Nearly in the shit

Granny K came in today asking about some broken bowl with lid that had been her room before she went into hospital. I know the one exactly. The lid was broken and seeing as obviously wasn't thousand year old ming china I thought would just chuck it - but decided to ask hub just to be on the safe side. He said I should biff it.

Luckily we haven't had a non burnable rubbish day since! I had to rummage through a few bags this morning but found bowl in question. Granny K had made a new lid for it in her pottery class and now its that little bit further away still from being mistaken for something of value.

Had to take Marina and Shou (and Ryu and Granny) to the hospital for their second normal flu shot. Got there before nine as wanted to get them jabbed and rushed back to kindy for the story telling man who was starting at half nine. Anyhoo, due to shortage of doctors in Kunimi, today's doctor was driving from the city and fucky foggy shit meant highway closed and he was fucky forty foggy shitty minutes late. Shou and Marina ran riot around the nearly deserted hospital waiting room and hallway - all one and the same. Shou nutted big time for his jab as it was his second one so he knew what he was in for. Marina cried and gave the doctor a dirty look.

Dirty look as in 'I hate you' for sticking that needle in my arm. He was far too old for her anyway - at least twenty eight and he comes with his own super dooper bag of kimchi (Korean pickles) which wouldn't go down well with Marina. The first thing the doctor did when he came in was give the reception lady his kimchi to put in the fridge.

So, after I got home finally I had to do boring shit like vaccuuming, bench shining, washing and making beds before getting down to some translation. My head wasn't in it today (de ja vu) so after lunch Ryu and I went on another outing to the next town over to stuff European Stylist`s box (the one with santa letters) with chocolate. Sorted that and then went to the post office to send it - where the gods obviously weren't smiling because I got the gimp inbred woman.

me: EMS to Ireland please.
gimp: (looks like have just asked her to go check out old tunnel famous for ghosts - probably woman in white dress with long black hair over her face)
me: ahem
gimp: (gets EMS form and hands it over)
me: (fill form in)
gimp: do you know how much it weighs?
me: um, no. I didn't weigh it - can we not use your scales?
gimp: but you need to write the weight of the goods.
me: um, can we just weigh it and make an educated guess about the weight of the box?
gimp: .... (deciding world peace issue) I guess so.
gimp: 1300grams - shall we say 1000 grams for the goods then.
me: sweet, whatever.
gimp: (contemplating something else very important)
gimp: can you write '1' in this weight column here (because they might know if I write it for you!!)

Honestly. Has anyone ever weighed their actual goods before?? I know there is a box for writing the weight but seriously, I have never had to fill it in before.

Anyway box sent, home, translation, English class, kindy pick up, dinner, bath, bed and more translation. My count is now 44/59. I am thinking jack shit will get done tomorrow what with primary school visit, two English classes, lunch with Solar Panal man's wife and having to go three towns over to pick up hub's ATM card -which I bloody well left in the machine last Friday. They rang us up that afternoon and were all secrety with me because wasn't my card. What a pain in the ass. Have never done that before - not even when pregnant and can hardly remember what leg to put in which hole of my undies.

Nearly midnight. Time to hit the hay for another sleepless night of musical kiddy beds.


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ryudolph (and part IV)

The house is quiet and I am amazed my computer hasn't decided to pack a sad and do the same. I think it has been on all day - bar dinner and bath time when it was in its own best interests that I switch it off so didn't get yoghurty or mincey cheesy ricey lasanga thingy eee eeee eeee.

I am currently at 38/59 translations. I have until Tuesday next week. I am casually presuming that the 'by the 1st' means I am still OK to send things at 11:59 pm on the 1st. And I imagine that is what it will be!!

I did email them though, to ask for more cash. I worded it as such that going on my current output word rate I would be invoicing three times what I quoted (right fuckin party time) but what should I do? wo is me and I have three kids, and it is all so bloody taxing and rah rah, my fault for quoting way not enough and can I pretty please maybe get some more cash? I would finish it anyway as they asked me for a quote and I gave one. Can't reneg on that.

But, they came back with sweet as, just send us another quote. So I will quote what it will probably come too and then expect maybe to be met halfway between that and my original quote.

So anyway, ping dada ping dada ping. A few more balls on the chrissy tree, a bit more eggnog around the fire, a few more beers left out for santa.

Speaking of which, I finished my 'letters from santa' for my English class this morning. Sending them off tomorrow along with a few requests from the European stylist. Although can't fit in fashion mags as no way will fit in box full of santa letters, Arashi ten year anniversary things and chocolate. No worries though friend, will buy the 'gentai special edition' mag with free kitty-chan bag and send it in next 'flat post' lot.

And about the title - Ryudolph. Me thinks, judging by Ryu's extremely red cheeks and being a grizzly bugger all day, that he is teething. He had some pamol (NZ kiddy drugs) this afternoon and he seemed to settle a bit after that.

Granny K had an appointment at the bumholeyole clinic today. Hub took her to the station and I picked her up from the bus at four. We were talking about the translation and she said I should have turned it down - as doing it has made me grumpy bitch - and should be scrimping a bit more on the home front!! I reminded her that scrimping on buying 100 yen tofu over 110 yen tofu or not buying a beer at the of the day and I would need to be scrimping for a fricken year to earn what I can being a grumpy bitch for two weeks.

I didn't actually say that. I just smiled and said by this time next week it will all be over and the world (or our slice of it at least) will be a better place. I might even stretch the good will to get her something for the extra 'ryu duties' she has been doing - which to date has only been an extra hour but hey.

In other news - my last post got hit by a comment from the 'crap blog detective' - saying that perhaps my life was just a lesson to others. It didn't say anything else but I clicked on his link anyway. He is not too keen on mummy bloggers - pictures of kids, arts and crafts, wannabe writters rah rah the list goes on. I think the concept is quite genius - post a 'your blog sucks' comment and just sit back and wait for the traffic.

I'm not sure if he is genuinely just out to read blogs all day and comment on the ones he doesn't like or whether his lecturer has given them all a project to start a blog and see who can get the most traffic in a given length of time. - and let me tell you he would win - presuming of course porn sites and slutty hoe Japanese manga sites were off limits. There is nothing worse than a comment like that. I didn't even erase that bitch annon comment way back in January about how crap a mother I was and why on earth was I thinking about having another child! Silly bitch, still winds me up. But, to her credit (??) she did at least talk about child raising.

The crap blog detective just says you are crap.

So if anyone else thinks I'm just full of shit then spill it. But not until next Thursday - when aren't so fragile. Would have submitted translation and finished with Marina's one year post op check up by then - and probably drunk Fukuoka dry of its gingerbread lattes - as plan on going chrissy shopping there while hub holds Marina down for her echo.

And no, I'm not being a selfish mummy. I have held her down for every other everything so hub having a go is fine.

time for bed.

Nighty night.


Sunday, 22 November 2009

Too much coffee part III

Holy shit, I haven't posted since Wednesday. But then, if you asked me what day it was today I'd probably say it's still only Friday! I am so 'course objective' and 'enrollment guidelines' fucked in the head I can't focus properly. Is a wonder I can still actually see enough to get the kids changed into clothes that are on the right way. Don't worry about me. I've been in my pajamas ALL day!!

I am still not even half way - which is where I need to be by the end of tomorrow. Eeeeekk, fuck, shit and a few more obscenities. There is one teacher in particular, a Chinese teacher in charge of an accounting or management course - every word is in bloody kanji - even the ones that 99 percent of Japanese people would write in hiragana. Hub is starting to stress he isn't going to get his beloved pachinko money handout from my pay!!

I'm starting to stress that the person checking my translation will be completely sober and realise I'm full of shit!

Full of shit aside and I have decided to ask for more cash. The word count is a whole lot more than I thought and I am in serious danger of not finishing unless I decide I can survive on three hours sleep a night - not much less than what I've had for the last three years but! I will wait until Tuesday to contact them though - as by then I should have a better idea of where I'm at.

God damn it I had forgotten tomorrow was a public holiday when I took this job on. Every day counts and I usually have jack shit to do on Mondays. Hub will try and entertain the entertainable sproglets.

He took them out for FIVE hours today. They went to the park, then the game centre at the big shopping center and then to the conbini (dairy) where they had lunch in the car! Marina was beside herself when they got home at two. She went straight down for a nap but Shou decided to run riot. I got a huge chunk of work done this morning thanks to Granny K and Ryu.

Thats right folks. Thanks to Granny K. She looked after Ryu in her (rotton cabbage infested) room for an hour, after which Ryu brushed up on some Swahili, followed by learning a few ninja moves - which I didn't realise until I went in to feed him half an hour later and noticed that hadn't put in intended young einstein video, had put in 'Power Rangers Ninja Storm' instead. Ah well. He seemed entertained just the same!

Hub and I had a barney on I think Thursday night. Thursday - after I was knackered from no sleep because of Ryu and Shou on Wednesday night, followed by three English classes on Thursday plus trying to fit in some translating in between, not to mention mundane house bollocks like feeding and clothing my children.

He got angry at me being a grumpy bitch, went way over the top, after which I got angry, after which he got... and I got .... and well, the last thing I did before bed was put Ryu's Japanese passport application in front of him and told him to please fill it out.

It hadn't been filled out by Friday and at about ten on Friday morning he sent a very nice email with lots of appologies and heart marks - the real ones, not the ones docomo insert just for fun. I made my appologies but we had a talk about it later and rah rah I'll do this and not do that and rah rah likewise for him.

We then consolidated things with a few chuhais and a shag.

Actually it wasn't chuhais, it was cheap and nasty white wine - fine to drink at the time but nasty in the morning. Hub had the cheek to ask me if we had 'cleaned up' after our late night meeting. I said yes love, thanks for letting me know it was so memorable for you. We did put away the swing, whip and shaving cream and I do believe I even managed to throw my crotchless panties in the washing basket.

I was hoping to get loads of translating done yesterday. Ryu was being awesome about the whole thing and I think he has even mastered a few more tricks on his bouncer. A double back flip, a half in half out followed by a one and three quarter double twisting somersalt in the pike postion! ? I was so not in the 'translation' groove yesterday though.

I had been given some 'homework' for the unbloggables and it was eating away at me so I flagged the translation and did that. I'm not sure how things will pan out but I think there comes a time when you just get emotionally over it all. It is by no means over but it is hopefully on the up and up.

Well, I have done my translation dash for today so I might watch the rest of the ice skating (hub is bleating on again about how he is going to get Marina into iceskating?? Yeah right. Like where?) and finish my letters from santa for my English students. Need to send them to European Stylist so she can then send them straight back. The things we do for a foreign stamp aye!! I should just glue some old NZ stamps on and squiggle a few black lines over them. Am scared one of my students might be too clued on though. At least if it's Ireland I can say some of the elves are Irish and thats why has Irish stamp. Will make up some big bollocksy story about how santa loves Guiness and spuds and has a beso (holiday house) in Dublin.

Oh, and - Shou's stutter has come back. Not as bad as before but noticeable just the same. Come to think of it has come back since I started this translation so maybe it is attention related - or that perhaps I am more triggered to go off as am so fricken busy. I tend to have the computer on 24/7 too at the moment so can do a sentence here and there. The kids are getting away with less running rampage. Need to turn computer off in the evenings while they are having dinner and stuff.

Best be off.

Nighty night. Sorry for the lapse in posting. Can't promise I'll be back at it everyday - not until Dec 2nd anyway.

OR, I might log in five times a day and reveal all my secrets.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Too much coffee part II

I got quite close to finishing my self given 'translation' quota for today. My head isn't in it any more though and I think I would be doing a hash job so time to call it quits for the night. Ryu should be wanting his dream feed soon anyway.

I think his sleeping is getting better. He spends the best part of each night down in with the gods and rotting mikans - and not facing north. He has started sucking a dummy which is helping him eventhough it may be setting me up for some grief in a year or so when I try and get him to stop. Shou never had any issues stopping it though so touch wood.

Granny K had a bumholeole appointment in the city today. I had to drive her to the station this morning after dropping the kids off. Fortunately she was arriving back at the station at half four - right in the middle of my English lesson - which meant I didn't have the good fortune of going to pick her up as well. She had to bus back and hub went to collect her from the local bus stop at half six. She had bought Marina and Shou coloring books each which was nice. One day she'll realise buying me a bottle of vino wouldn't upset the cause too badly either!! In thanks of course - for my free taxi services.

She has another checkup next Tuesday which I think I will drive her to the station for and hub will take an hour off in the evening to go pick her up - presuming she makes it back earlier than today.

In some rather upsetting wanking kindy news, Shou's absolutely fabulous, best winter jacket known to man, seems to have been misplaced. I took it to kindy last Friday as they were walking to the shrine for kiddy 7/5/3 festival (for kids of those ages). The teacher said they didn't stop long enough to take jackets off. I went to pick him up after kindy and vividly remember Marina wearing hers but not Shou. In the midst of talking to the teachers about some bollocks, and trying to scoop up bags and carry Ryu at the same time I forgot about it. Hub asked after it the next day but it is nowhere to be found.

The teachers keep telling me to have just one more look at home and I keep telling them to knock down the walls of the kindy, and if that fails send SWAT teams into all the kids houses as OBVIOUSLY it has gone home with one of them and is so damn cool they don't want to give it back.

Probably bollocks. Will probably find it under sofa or pile of washing next week. Although is big jacket and I would like to think my house is tidy enough to not be able to hide such item so well.

Ooooh, ordered some chrissy lights off the internet this morning - while I was inbetween translations. They come with their own wee (as in small) solar panal so that don't have to faff round with extension cords and shit outside. I don't know how well they'll light up but worth a crack.

Anyhoo, best go shove boob in Ryu's mouth as am almost 100% positive that if I don't and decide to go to bed, he will start grizzling that second right before I finally get to sleep.

A few random pics to end the evening...
Ryu's photo for 'pope' position

Marina and Shou with very hard to see mowhawks - Marina looking cute and Shou looking somewhat like he has just had whopping big hash cookie.

The pie for dinner - made in tart dish and using weeners as realised after rolling out the pastry that had no friggin bacon. Also over cooked the spuds as was so engrossed in looking up kanji that I think I left them boiling for about forty minutes. Ended up mashing them and putting layer of potato and onion mash on the bottom with layer or sliced weeners and a couple of lightly mixed eggs on top.
Don't know why even telling you though as while it was fine to eat and weeners definately acceptable substitute for bacon, it won't be winning any mother of the year awards.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Too much coffee part I

Another bloody luke warm cup of coffee! I put the kettle on and then do a bit more work and then go to make a coffee - could have sworn the damn thing had just boiled. Is about my sixth cup today so ten guesses how much sleep Ryu and I will get tonight! Bugger. Should stop. Last one.

My translation quote got accepted - so yes, I probably should have asked for more. They didn't get back to me until after lunch though, by which time I had already started. After all, it has to be in two weeks today so every bit of available time...

There are 59 sections - or subjects rather- for which I have to translate course guidelines, objectives, teaching method etc. I've finished five - a big fat five. And no that doesn't mean that I will get it finished and some at this rate as I started on the really short ones to ease my self into it!!

In a couple of days I will be banging my head against the wall and wondering why I agreed - especially when the computer fucks up for the millionth time and it takes thirty fricken seconds to open a page. I can't even have two windows open at the same time!! Shou asked me why I had two computers set up - he stopped listening half way through my explanation.

So, is time to get dinner sorted, bring in the washing and vacuum perhaps. Then its all kiddy stuff until seven and then hub can deal to Shou and I will try and get another three or four hours in before bed.

Joy joy to the next two weeks of my life.

Should've asked for more money.

I went to the primary school today to talk about upcoming lesson - this Thursday. I haven't been for a few weeks but apparantly they aren't any further ahead in the text book. Excellent. Absolutely no interest in teaching the kids English until native comes and does it for them. I somehow offered to sort everything out for the next three lessons - this week, next week and one time in December. Bloody awesome. Why is that when you suddenly get busy you think it perhaps a good idea to take on some more shit!

Is piss basic lessons though. This week is 'animals' - for which I think we'll just run round grunting and mooing for 45 minutes. Next week is 'subjects' for which I might just teach 'home economics' and pass round crackers with vegemite and watch them all barf. The final week is 'my lunch' for which I might just take a cheese and lettuce sammy and a yoghurt and we can compare who had it better for school lunches.

Other than that, have to get letters to Santa sorted, my own English organized, and still have to time to pray to the gods of oinky flu that none of our house gets it.

For at least two weeks.

And the day after the translation is due hub and I are taking Marina to Fukuoka for her one year check up. December the 2nd Illahee - we are leaving first thing and Granny K is taking Shou to kindy in a taxi again. I will be shattered from perhaps not having slept for the next two weeks but if you can meet up ....

I should be the foreigner with puffy eyes wandering around in a daze pushing a pushchair at about opening time - 10am?

So, no blogging in the evenings for the next two weeks - is too easy to get sucked into the blogosphere and not resurface for an hour or so.


Monday, 16 November 2009

Money, money, money

The day started with Granny K asking me to turn Ryu's cot around - so that his head wasn't facing north. I said, but doesn't the fact that he is surrounded by photos of dead people, mikans and gold panels cancel that out? Apparantly not so around the cot went. I knew about the North facing thing - feet can't point towards the alter either - but I thought I would risk it. Now I have to get used to putting and picking him up the other way. Nevermind though - might give me a get out of jail free card sometime.

The local town office is cracking down on overtime and pay. It is hard to do 'just pretend your busy so you can get the overtime pay' overtime anymore. If you really have to then the new system is flexi time. Hub went in to work at about half ten this morning. Twice a month he has definite overtime that can only been done when the other computers aren't running. He is still at work now but shouldn't be far away I don't think.

So anyway, hub dropped the kids off at kindy and then he came back and went back to bed - so I said bugger that to the washing and house cleaning and Ryu and I joined him. Snuggles.

Got up and rang the Blender to see if she wanted to meet for lunch. We met, we dined on sushi, we went for coffee, we dined on icecream sundaes, we parted. Yum.

I got a call from the university I have a casual translation contract with. Last year I had quite a bit but this year has been few and far between. Could I perhaps manage approximately 20 pages by the end of the month. Fuck it. Soooooooooo need the money. So yes, is possible, rightio then, jolly roger, shall do and all that. They said thankyou and can I please send a quote through today - which I have done but was very tekitou (roundabout) as PDF file wouldn't let me wordcount and damned if I was hand counting that. Not solid solid pages of writting so each page was different. I hope they take my offer though. Fingers crossed.

I imagine hub has his crossed too. I rang him before I did the quote to see how his schedule was for the next two weeks. I will need his help more with the night time kiddy thing - which really just means getting Shou to bed. He also knows that if he helps me he gets a handout.

Money will come in handy right before the new year - presuming of course I get it in the bank in December.

So, probably shouldn't get my hopes up but if I do get it then not sure how much blogging time I will have. My brain might be totally spent. That said might do me good to blog absolute bollocks for twenty minutes every night.

But if I don't blog every night you know why. No other exciting reasons I'm afraid.

Nighty night.


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Granny K Returns.

I have just given Ryu a feed and noticed his head smells like incense. He was only asleep in the alter room for an hour and a half after I put him down - which was five minutes after Granny K went in to do a weeks worth of offering to the Gods and Praying to the ancestors - including of course lighting copious amounts of incense.

The ancestors were probably giving her a hard time for leaving such an incompetant foreign woman in charge for a week. I wasn't in charge per say (?) - Granny K didn't ask me to keep the alter lights a fire and I didn't offer, as really not an incense lighting pray to the ancestors kind of gal. No doubt somewhere along the track after being hit by a bus, losing a limb and getting hit by lightening, I will be wishing I had put some goodies out for the gods this week - instead of eating the two mikans that were there. Ah well, for the moment I will just enjoy Ryu smelling like something other than baby soap.

So yes, Granny K came home today. But before that...

The kids danced in the local 'choruchoru' festival this morning. It was hell trying to get them all out the door by said time to converge at sloped ramp outside community hall by nine am but somehow we made it. The dance they did with the rest of their kindy friends was the one we had to do with them for the sports festival. Marina was ON FIRE. Soooooo cute. Like Shou doing his stomp for Doraemon the first year he was on stage. Shou this year though was a bit too cool for the whole thing and only did minimal movements - including being swung round by his girl partner.

After the dance we tried to grab some early lunch - yakitori (bbq chicken), takoyaki (fried octopus balls), and yakionigiri (bbq rice balls) but it was so bloody windy that our attempt was stopped short when I decided I didn't have enough limbs to hold everything down AND stop the pram rolling away.

Made it home, finished lunch and Marina went down. Hub had to go back to work for the afternoon to man some carpark for the festival goers. I tried my best to get Ryu and Shou down for a nap but so not a goer. I did get Ryu down a little later but Shou stayed up and made rockets and robots out of blocks.

The cable men came to put up the TV cable from the power pole on the road to our house. Shou was in crane truck heaven. They came just as I had gotten Ryu to sleep in my back sling. Nice young cable man asked if I could please move the car so they could park crane truck in drive way. Sweet as. I seriously contemplated moving it the twenty metres with Ryu asleep on my back - you know you've been in Japan too long when??? But I didn't. Took him off and let him howl. Marina, woken from her nap, was too howling on the deck and Shou was peering out at the crane from the top of the awesome adventure playground.

About ten minutes after they arrived, with Ryu back on my back, Granny K arrived home with eldest son. Fuck it. Run inside, push switch on coffee machine. My martha stewart muffins are out of the oven - even though I know brother in law wont eat them I can't not offer him anything.

They come, I forget all about Granny K's room, they come in here and Granny K says something about the cupboard doors. I tell her they are still out in the shed is she wants them back. She doesn't say anything else - no thankyou but also no telling off. But was probably wondering what would happen if she had two bumholeyoles that both needed chopping and had to be out of the house for two weeks instead of one. May well come back and find her room has been dissected away from house and now stands alone in paddy field.

Food for thought.

Hub got back about five and the dinner and bath thing followed. Marina to bed at half six, Shou soon thereafter - but he came padding down the stairs five minutes later. Played with his blocks for ten minutes and then he started talking rubbish. Honestly, he was sooooooooo past it was almost entertaining to watch. Told him mummy and daddy were going to bed so come on sweetie, off we go.

Woooo, the nut out of all nut outs insued. Came up the stairs and then he tried to go back down but was all drunky swayey and shit so bear hugged him into our room where he thrashed out - and three year olds can thrash. Hub told him he would end up outside. I had to put a stop to that though as would have had no effect. He was so tired and so not even knowing why he was nutting out. Finally get him to agree bed is good option - but only if he can take some random bits of robot and rocket blocks. OK. Whatever. Lets go already.

After the snivelling stops - asleep in thrity seconds.

That was our day. Extremely full on and I think If I was anywhere that let me get drugs off some addict on a street corner - think I would be there. Well, horse tranquellizors at least. Me needs about a weeks worth of sleep. But seeing as that is an impossibility I guess eighteen more years of kids under roof will just have to be gotten through somehow.

Hub shattered too - he had to spend four hours directing traffic in freezing cold.

Nighty night.


PS - happy birthday little bro.

PPS - almost forgot. Hub's son and daughter from first marriage were at the festival (but live in next town over now). His son must be about fourteen or fifteen. Hub kind of waved to him. He was standing alone waiting for someone. Mum wasn't in the vacinity so I suggested hub go say hello. He was too chicken shit. Told him he had nothing to lose and you could see he so wanted to (as you would). So he did and they had chat for five minutes or so. The daughter was only three or so when got divorced and is now eleven-ish. She didn't seem to recognize hub eventhough her and her friends came quite close - she had her back to us but her friend had her DS up pointing at us - can those things film? Would make sense if daughter told friend to check us out.

Up until now I have had huge phobia about seeing ex-wife. But today, when I walked within a metre of her (and said hello) I was so not thinking about it - was thinking about trying to get the three kids home and into bed. She smiled and said hello back and now I think my fear has gone. Yay.

PPPS - brother in law left his muffin uneaten.

PPPPS - wanker. It's only a fuckin muffin.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

A Slight Improvement

Well, I think its better than before but I still bet Granny K will spaz about the cupboards suddenly getting ditched for a curtain but nevermind. I feel it is now a safer environment for the kids to run rampage in! Took a day all up I think. Could have done a lot better but guess will have to wait till she vacates the premises again. The last time she vacates and I think I will take the sliding doors out, bin everything and put in a pool table!

Before... (but didn't remember until removed mouldy pepper and mandarins and wiped bench!)


Would you believe now there is even some flowers in that there vase!! Seriously! Anyone would think I had an inkling of like for the woman.

Hub rolled in after midnight last night. Not impressed. Mainly because he had said a friend, who was going to silver ball heaven, would be dropping him home when he had finished. Pachinko closes at 10 and the drive is forty minutes if you're a blind seventy year old woman with no feet.

I rang at half ten to see where in the drive home they were - getting ride home with someone else. Home by midnight and could I leave the front door unlocked cause have left keys in desk at work.

When he did stumble in he almost got angry that I was still up and why hadn't I gone to bed? I so can't sleep if I know the front door is open. Also he is fuckin noisy bugger on this lash so I had to stay up to police him. When he is pissed he talks to himself. Is quite amusing. He also thinks he is being very quiet. CRASH!! BANG!! SMASH!!

When we finally went upstairs to bed I told him not to check in on Marina and Shou like usual. I would do it. He gets into bed and says to himself in probably what he presumes is very quiet voice (head banging rocker) oyasumi ikasumi - which is good night plus some. Not even going to try and translate. Made me laugh though.

He took the kids to kindy this morning and then went to get his hair chopped - came back looking like from old Japanese boys band 'the checkers'. Bloody hilarious. He agreed though and I think he may venture away from his usual hairdressers next time. Maybe he'll come to hairdresser gaijinwife - choki choki.

When he came back he had a nap with Ryu while I did some of the old woman's room. He then wanted to go check his desk for his keys - to make sure they were actually there and not dropped down the loo at the yakiniku place of the pub they went after that - or the pub after that... or the...

They were in his desk.

We then went for lunch to the only viable lunch place in close proximity of his office. Was packed and we had to wait - very unusual. Due to funeral of 'Nishinoskei' Japanese Shochu (booze) company boss. Is well famous and I imagine there were shochu schmoozers and wannabes from around the country. Joyfull (family restaurant) was about half full of big wigs in black suits - scoffing back five dollar udon and six dollar steak lunches.

Went to the supermarket and then home where we tried to have an afternoon nap - honestly hub could sleep anywhere, anytime. Sleeps more than Ryu on a Saturday! Ryu wouldn't have it though and he and I stayed awake. He didn't konk out until hub went to pick the sprogs up from kindy. The minute Ryu went down a relative (of some kind or description - can't remember exact lineage) knocked at door and asked to see Ryu. Usually I would oblige but I was so pleased he had finally gone down that I actually refused. She left in a bit of a sulk and I started getting dinner ready.

Best be off - Ryu wanting his dreamfeed.

Quick pic of Shou this afternoon -holding Ryu.

Hub has just told me off for 'typing too loudly'


Friday, 13 November 2009

Not Fair

Hub is out at a dinner and drink yourself legless thing with his boss, who has been promising for yonks that he would take him out. Not too impressed it happened on a night I have noone here to pass a wet baby to from the bath but nevermind.

We managed.

I said to hub this morning how nice it was for him to be going out for dinner without having to worry about kid shit. He said I was more than welcome to go out for lunch with Chiemi tomorrow - in fact why didn't we go to the same yakiniku place. Awesome. For lunch. Home to dinner and bathing the kids on a hangover. Bugger off. I want me a night - and not one of these half ass after Ryu and Marina have gone to bed already deals. No, no. I want a real night. Leaving the house at six kind of thing. I guess I can't really expect this until Ryu isn't needing feeds during the night - although there is no law saying a father can't get up and make a bottle of milk in the middle of the night.

Ryu and Marina are now asleep and Shou has ten minutes left of telly and then that's him too. Lightening McQueen for the zillionth time.

It is lashing rain and has been most of the day, hence the dryer is whirling away.

This week, while Granny K was in hospital, I thought I would sort out her room and give it a spring clean. I had a good look and realised that cleaning up too much would just mean she would want to surround her self with more crap. I have therefore decided to stick only to cleaning the surfaces and doing the kitchen.

I cleaned under the sink this morning. Took everything out, marvelled at ten year old umeshu and ume miso, and scrubed the whole cupboard. Found a couple of cockroach traps which really would seem to be the least of her worries. Me thinks she needs an electric fence to keep out the wild pigs.

One of the two cupboard doors was faaaahucked and no amount of fiddling with the screws and hinges would fix it so I just took them off and put up a rail and curtain. Means she has more space. The said cupboard door couldn't even open half way cause she has a shit ass big microwave stand beside it.

The stove top and fifteen cm beside the stove that is cramed full of every utensil known to man - or vestling at least - thirty pairs of disposable chopsticks - an array of undisclosed objects, and her false teeth jar and toothbrush - will be sorted out tomorrow. Painful. And she is probably going to tell me off anyway for throwing out shit. Although, I haven't thrown out anything that hasn't been complete rubbish. I doubt she even remembers leaving the two half eaten mikan and the red pepper on the stove top - hub tried to pick it up this morning and his fingers just sunk into gross pepper goo.

Anyway, if I get it sorted and it looks any better at all I will post a before and after shot tomorrow.


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Good Service (wink wink)

After blogging last night I had to partake in some hub maintenance. In response I got a 'kyou saaaaaaabisu ga ii ne' - good service today!

Good sleeping arrangements failed us again last night and we played musical beds a bit. I woke up with Ryu in Shou's bed and Shou was in with hub. We started out properly though but somehow the night wakenings moved us all around. Nevermind though, I still probably got more sleep than the night before!

Ryu and I went shopping this morning. My sister said her eldest daughter might want a cutsie Japanese bra for Christmas. She is only twelve though so black skanky hoe lacey shit out of the question. Got a set that may or may not a. fit or b. be suitable but hey, I didn't get boobs till I was fifteen so god knows what a twelve year old wants.

At the same store I got some shoes - finally. Very cheap slip on ones that should do the trick for the mean time. Still want some with half a fluffy sheepskin in them. Did some groccery and nappy shopping too and made quick stop for some yum bread on the way home. Seriously, if I cut out all bread in my diet I would waste away - fair enough it would take a few years but in the end... I would be a slither of my former self.

I would love to see me as a slither of my former self - which is actually current self - but I like carbs too much. Also like chips, chocolate and chuhai so looks like I am up the crap in that department.

Went past friends house quickly on way home, fed the boy, did some house stuff and then Jo came over for a coffee and catch up. I had rung her this morning to see what she was doing and to ask if maybe I could pop over for tea after shopping. She didn't answer her phone but half an hour later she rang and I just presumed was ringing me back - but she hadn't noticed my call and was ringing to ask if I was going to be home today and could she come round?

Great minds and all that.

So she came round after lunch and we had coffee and yaked away for an hour or so. My mood on days when I get some English in compared to those when I don't is wayyyyyyyyy up there on the nicer mummy guage.

But still, this evening, there were some major kiddy meltdowns. Hub and I decided that today would be the day we start the tough love on the 'you must eat dinner by yourself' thing. I know for A FACT that both Shou and Marina eat lunch by themselves at kindy. At home though they tend to just sit there and me, wanting to just get the things done that need to be done with three children under foot, feeds them. Silly I know. SO today we started toddler boot camp.

Shou ate his kiwifruit and his tom toms and stopped before even attempting his rice and fishpie. Marina had her kiwifruit and that was it.

Mummy put her foot down.

No more. TV off - as it should be I know but hard when have crap small kitchen living area with dinner table set out right in front of TV screen.

No go. I said they had twenty minutes and if it wasn't gone by then it would be put in the fridge and taken out everytime they said they were hungry until they left home - until it was gone. Ryu and I hoped in the bath, twenty seconds later there was god almighty chaos and I actually got out of the bath holding a giggling wet baby and opened the bathroom door - to find Marina crying the house down, hub on the floor wiping up fishpie and Shou in the dark hallway clutching his plate of dinner for dear life.

Almost comical.

Had we not been trying to lay down the law.

Apparantly they were both rocking their little kiddie table back and forth and Marina's plate got upturned onto the floor. Hub went wild, Shou retreated to the confines of the dark hallway with his plate and Marina went hell for leather in the nutting out stakes.

I spooned some more out for Marina and sat her back down, all the while wrapped in towel but still dripping. Ryu was plonked on bathmat and promtply pissed all over it in retaliation. Shou sat at the big table and proceeded to eat all his dinner on his own. Marina had half a spoonful and will no doubt wake up at four tomorrow morning realising that the bars in her wooden cot aren't bits of bread after all.

What can you do aye?

We will continue this eating by self regime but perhaps tomorrow I will make something I know they actually like! Fishpie probably not a good starting dish. The last time I made it I don't think it went down too well either. I thought it was fine but hub declared it 'aji usui' (not enough flavor). He can stick his 'aji' up his ass though. I am quite happy for him to add what he wants - after saying it's nice of course - but the kids don't need a million flavors. They need to learn to appreciate flavors for what they are - real flavors, not covered in ponzu and soya sauce.

I think Marina had half a banana after that, and Shou a whole one, perhaps defeating the purpose of the exercise but hey, I have a sneaking suspicion that after tonight they will eat their dinner tomorrow.

Shou went to sleep without too much huuha, my English class kids came, we studied, they left and hub is now washing the dishes - with a hopefuly glint in his eye that his early home time today as well might lead to some more hub maintenance!!


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Major Brownie Points

I'm not sure if last night was much more of a success sleep-wise than the night before. 11pm, 1am, 3am wake-ups from Ryu and Shou shouting to the world that at 4am it was infact morning and time to go downstairs. Coaxed him back into our bed where he kind of dozed until Ryu started to wake up at five. I had had next to no sleep though and was not a happy camper so asked hub to get up - which he did. Ten minutes later and Ryu is nutting out and I stomp downstairs, pick him up - he is in the bouncer with hub tiredly trying to make him laugh, get a nappy and go back upstairs. Change his nappy and booby him to sleep in our bed, where I manage to get another hour shut eye. I can not wait for these days to be over - or nights rather. I know that as soon as the sleep thing is sorted there will be something else to worry about but honestly, this no sleep survival mummy lark is taking its toll.

Got the kids off to kindy without too much hassle and came home to make muffins! I couldn't be bothered starting from scratch so used a Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge cake mix. Divided it into thirds and made one batch - 6 muffins. Enough for the visitors and coffee Chiemi and her son when they came before English, but not enough for me to sit and scoff back eighteen muffins by self. As it happens, my friend couldn't come and I ended up having three!

Took the muffins out of the oven and Ryu and I retreated upstairs for an hour and a half. Bliss. It has only been two nights of him sleeping on his own but it felt soooo nice to cuddle up with him. He was all sleepy smiles. Tis amazing he actually got any sleep with me just about sniffing the skin off his neck. Love his neck rolls.

Did some shopping before lunch. Half price frozen foods day do decided to get some chips to go with the fish I had out. Fish and Chips. Doesn't happen very often. I used a recipe from one of my kiwi recipe books but substituted the flour for tempura flour and it was yum yum yum. So light and yet so tastey. For those not in the know - it was...

1 egg
1 tbl oil
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup of beer (used Asahi superdry)
1/2 cup of flour (tempura flour)

and the end result...

Had some batter left over so made some onion rings and battered shitake mushrooms for beer snacks...

With Granny K away this week I thought I would have Ryu on my knee during English class. But what do you know, hub arrived home five minutes before the start of my 4pm English class. Major major brownie points. Who needs flowers and chocolate and diamonds when you have a husband as thoughtful as that?

OK, so the flowers, chocolate and diamonds would still help.

Speaking of chocolate. For those people not lucky enough to have a Starbucks in close proximity, but who are wanting a caramel eclair latte, I suggest the following combination...

eat chocolates while drinking coffee and seriously, it may have even been better than yesterday's Starbucks coffee break.

Not much else to report - except that eldest son is pulling through and will be driving Granny K back here on Sunday. As he bloody well should be.

Promise more cute baby pics tomorrow. Definately better than fish and chips and chocolate.


PS - I should probably add that hub and I had an argument this morning. This morning wasn't really a good morning to try and converse with me at all - but he braved my bad lack of sleep mood and asked if I would like him to come home early tomorrow - Thursday, so could go and pick the kids up from kindy as my English class lasts till half five and it is all go and rushing around. I snapped some irrational and ungrateful remark at him and he got in a huff - as you would expect seeing as I was being totally heartless bitch. I think this made the fact that he came home early today even more betterer-ish.

Me thinks maybe I should 'reward' him for his efforts. Gotta make him think this kind of behaviour will be met with rewards to ensure it happens more often in future!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Three times in ten minutes

The 9pm siren is about to go - and shit what do you know, I think I can hear Ryu stirring in anticipation. Hub had a work 'human rights' meeting he had to go to tonight so wasn't home till just before eight - just as I was coming down the stairs from getting Shou to sleep. It took longer than usual because Ryu was being a fussy bugger - not helped by the THREE announcements from the loud speaker in the backyard. They never do them before half seven. Some bollocks about a doctor visiting the local hall tomorrow so please go and harrass him for drugs, then five minutes later one about a councelling day at the town office hall - where they promise they will 'himitsu o mamorimasu' - keep any juicy shit you tell them a secret. I think the last was about drink driving.

The siren has just gone and it looks like, or sounds like rather, that we might be in the clear.

The new sleeping arrangements weren't that successful last night. Ryu woke up at 11, 1, 3 and when he woke at half 4 I ignored him and he grizzled himself back to sleep. During the 3am boobage stop Shou must have gotten out of bed because when I tried to snuggle back in next to hub in our bed I got a face full of curly hair and a mouth full of teddy's arm.

Let's hope tonight is better, although not a good start.

Despite the not a good sleep last night I still decided to pack Ryu up and go visit Granny K. Came back for an hour after dropping the older sproglets off so could wash some dishes and other mundane but necessary shit like that. Headed off towards the highway and got all the way there only to find big fuck off sign saying was closed due to fog. Must admit, was driving with headlights on and couldn't see much so not surprising. I imagine the hills must have been completely whited out (?). I ended having to go a funny way to the city though, taking about half an hour longer than usual. Every man, dog, and truck that was planning on going on the highway was forced to take the poor people's road along with us - making for slow travel.

We got to Beppu and Ryu was starting to get hungers and I was finding it hard to drive with crossed legs so we called in to Youme town for a pit stop. A bit more chrissy shopping, some trousers for the kids, some yummy bread, and a trip to the toilet and baby room. Got to Granny K's bumholeyole clinic at half twelve. Was signing my name in the book when lady poked her head out of a doorway and then retreated saying 'she's here, she's here'. It would appear that Granny K had informed them we were coming!! They even knew about me doing a new year's tv show with the prefectural gov about five years ago!!

Can't be much to do all day - except talk about your respective bumholes, meddy and foreign daughters in law.

We stayed for about forty minutes, for most of which Ryu was completely adorable and did Granny K proud. Shou and Marina had drawn pictures for her this morning - Marina's was crabs and Shou's was rockets, not that you have guessed that at first glance of course. Both needed elaborate descriptions.

Seeing as I had to head through Beppu again on the way home - owing to worsening of fog and highways remaining closed - I decided to stop in at Tokiwa, for the sole purpose of getting my Caramel Eclair Latte.

The verdict.


Very much like a caramelly eclairish latte. Nothing to write home about - but then I had driven half the day in rain and fog and spent nearly an hour at a bumhole clinic before getting to it. In that respect it wasn't worth the hassle.

The gingerbread latte is still in the lead but then I haven't tried the dark cherry mocha one yet so that's another something for a rainy day. I bought the christmas blend coffee so will have to have a pot of that tomorrow when friend haven't seen for yonks comes over after lunch. I might even get all Martha Stewarty and make me some muffins.

Hub has decided to forgo his most bestest look forward to fun piss up end of year do - that is next Friday - the 20th. It would have been an overnight thing to Beppu and he would have arrived home not well on Saturday. He said he isn't going cause will cost too much on top of the other ones that are more important - as in work ones. He also said that because he wasn't going to that one then was it OK to go to the one this Friday that he originally had said no to because Granny K not here to help me out, and more importantly here to keep an eye on the kids while they are asleep so I can go and pick him up - in the town three towns over.

It is yakiniku at his boss's house though so a lot cheaper in the scheme of things. He has sorted out a ride home though so off he will go and me and the kids will battle on alone.

Tomorrow should be interesting. Granny K usually looks after Ryu while I am teaching but this week I will have to keep him with me, either learning Swahilli in the other room or joining us as we write letters to Santa. I figure the worse that can happen is that I will have to hold him the whole time and that wouldn't be the end of the world.

Anyhoooo, very boring post. I am going to scrounge a shoulder rub off hub and have an early night.


Monday, 9 November 2009

Better day.

Definately a better day, despite a not so good night with Ryu - again.

After blogging last night I put the computer to rest and hub and I had an early night. A lot of winking and a bit of nudging and the world is now a better place.

That, and Ryu's sleeping patterns and I decided to FINALLY move his bed downstairs - Ryu's that is. Not hub's. Ryu is now sharing a room with our ancestors who have been asleep for so long a few restless nights shouldn't be a problem. I have the kiddy walkie talkie in there but really only plan on going down to him if he starts actually crying in the middle of the night. Up until now I haved tended to roll over and shove boob in his face at the slightest grizzle. His sleepy booby dreams are over. Time to get mummy some more sleep.

I have sorted our room back out and did some furniture rearranging - something I haven't done since I was pregnant. SHIT!!

No, definately not.

So, tonight hub and I will be sharing our bed for the first time in over five months. I wonder if our bed's still up for it. Me thinks it probably is!

Shou will have to get used to sleeping without daddy on the futon by his bed too -which may take a week or two I think. He tends to sleep talk a bit and if this happens to coincide with hitting the edge of the bed (he moves up and up - almost tempted to start him off half way down the bed) then he half wakes up. A 'hey, Shou, it's OK' and he is back to sleep though.

I also found an ATM that will give me cash from home - the post office in Kunimi. I remembered this morning - or rather had this vague recollection that I had gotten money from there before and what do you know. I go there this morning and there is a big sticker on the middle of the machine saying 'use your international ATM card'. Wahoo. Tried not to slit my wrists when I came back this afternoon and logged on to online banking to see how much the rate was! Ouch. But desparate times and all that. I paid a few exciting bills and even have some left over for a caramel eclair latte tomorrow when Ryu and I go to visit Granny K at the bumholeyole clinic. Hell, I might even splurge and get the gingerbread one as well.

Not having Granny K here the last few days hasn't been so bad - I thought I might 'miss' her not holding onto Ryu while I do the kindy run or bath thing. It actually is fine and knowing that nobody is there makes it easier in a way - as opposed to not knowing when and where Granny K will pop up.

The unbloggables have taken a turn for the better and there should be considerably less days of worry and phone calls from now on. Huge sige of relief for everyone I think.

The fire alarm is about to go off. For ten seconds at 9pm every day for the next week! unbelievable! Is meant to help remind us of increased number of fires in winter time - with people leaving heaters and kotatsus on rah rah. Due to speaker being situated in our back yard this does however mean for us as increased number of babies and children waking up at nine - in twenty seconds.

Wait for it...

and there we go.


There goes Ryu...

yip, and there's Shou.

Marina my angel sleeps on.

Better go sort the boys out.


Sunday, 8 November 2009


Another Sunday over.

It has been a long day.

But photos like this remind you that it is all worthwhile.

The whole kid thing - it can get on top of you.

The whole family thing and unbloggables - that can get on top of you too.

And yet tomorrow is a new day. A new week.

Think I'll crawl out from under the kiddy and unbloggable pile tomorrow and try to to get on top of things again.

What I can say about today though...

A friend came round this morning with her daughters Noa and Ria. Shou was up a few times last night and was pretty much past it by ten but got over the hump and played with Noa for an hour or so.

They left and I somehow managed to scrounge up lunch from the fridge. I had planned on having a wee mummy break and having a cuppa and ringing a friend when everyone else went down for afternoon naps - but things overcame me and I went to put Ryu down and woke up an hour and a half later in exactly the same position and thinking I had only closed my eyes for half a second!

High tiger boy and his father had obviously been asked to vacate their house while mummy and new baby got settled back in. They were having walks in vacinity of our house with hopeful glances at the playhouse so they came in and stayed for a while.

I was on the phone a bit with home and a bit of worry - that brings with it more worry, selfishness, anger, tears and generally lots of sighs and what the fucks? Tomorrow will see the start of another stage and hopefully the start of things getting better. Onwards and upwards.

I'm sure there is lots more things I could think about reporting from today but I'm spent.


Edit - I just checked my recent visits and found someone keep putting my blog into the google translation software. Today's blog...

I had planned on having a wee mummy break ...私はおしっこミイラを破ることと...

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Granny K all Fixed

Granny K had her bumholeyole fixed this morning. They told us yesterday hub didn't need to be there until ten. He was going to drop the kids at kindy and head out of Kunimi by eight. Granny K rang this morning and said they now wanted him there by half nine. Not so thrilled about this new time. Now means I have to finish dressing, brushing teeth, putting shoes on and getting into car of three small children. Well, obviously Ryu didn't need his teeth cleaned but Marina felt that perhaps his head needed a bit of polishing. Thanks for that darling.

I told hub that I bet he arrives all nice and early and what do you know he will have to wait ages while McDreamy Mcbumholeyole Doctor sorts out all his McScalples. Granny K got wheeled into surgery at eleven.

Don't even get me started.

Hub phoned eldest brother and asked if he could please, perhaps, maybe, would be very grateful, if could drive Granny K back here on Sunday next week when she checks out. He pulled the whole 'chotto, mada wakaranai' (um, not sure) Japanese shit. Hub seemed fine about it and just said Granny K could get taxi then train and then he and Shou would go pick her up - now as much as I complain about the woman I know she won't want to be sitting on a pile of donut cushions on the train.

I told hub that if eldest son doesn't pull his weight by bringing her home, AND doesn't go visit her in bumholeyole clinic five minutes drive from his house at least once this week then I am not sending a new years postcard.

Serious stuff.

We send everyone new years postcards - the milkman, hub's teacher from kindy, my god, I even still send one to an old man I met for thirty minutes while volunteering at a triathlon in Okinawa nine years ago. We were both posted at a hair pin bend in the bike course - him because of his medical skills and me because I had claimed to be fluent in three languages - English, Japanese and Spanish. I oomphed up my two years of spanish study into 'fluent' so I could perve at all the nice athletes. My Spanish now would be equivalent of 'hola, sweeetie darling, vino sweetie? darling?'

So anyway, I am in big humph with eldest brother.

Anyhooo, operation went well and she should be up and pole dancing again by tomorrow afternoon.

After I dropped the sprogs off I came home and cleaned and did washing. Solar Panal Man's wife came and picked us up at half nine. I was mainly going for the chats in the car and lunch! Really not much shopping on my list...

longsleeved undershirts for the kids
trousers for Shou (he went to kindy in three quarter shorts this morning)
skivy (turtle neck) for Shou - or Marina. Whoever feels like wearing it on the day.
Some yummy bath soap
Some chrissy decs
A proper measuring cup
some yummy bread
some groceries

We had a good catch up about life. I spent almost the whole way there talking about the unbloggables. A lot has happened in the last couple of days and talking to family on the phone is one thing but being able to talk with someone about it in person is different - helps me sort things out better I think.

Got home about three, followed by hub about half an hour later. I had a minor mummy meltdown at dinner time when Marina kept spitting shit on the floor. Already she knows exactly which buttons to push. It is scary. She doesn't back down after being told off either she just gets her 'face' on - with the big don't mess with me mummy eyes. Shou had his feet on the table and Ryu was crying - all at the same time. One thing at a time children - please. I would be a much happier mummy if you could all give me shit in turn and not all at once.

They are now all asleep - but that was a feat in itself. Shou didn't go to sleep properly until nine. Sigh of sleepy sighs.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I feel like I need an extra holiday day squeezed in there before then - one just for me.

I would love to just fall into bed - but that would mean trying to avoid the sleeping baby. I need me a big king sized bed all to myself - and someone to make me a gingerbread latte followed in quick succession by a caramel eclair latte in the morning.

Hub has just out of the blue said I (as in foreigners) might get ticket to vote In Japan from as early as next year.


Now we also will be partially held responsible for the crap government this country has. He thinks there will be criteria - like length of stay.

Me thinks he might be talking out his bumholeyole.

In which case, might pay to go get it fixed.


PS - some very boring pics showing again the gender differences (and cute babies)

Shou playing tunnels with the cushions on the couch.

Cute baby

Fuck mum, go easy on the flash aye

Marina being a nice quiet girl - drawing endless number of damn crabs

Edit - Ryu is five months today. In baby news he is growing well, although exactly how well am not sure as haven't taken him for any check ups in four months. He sucks, he shits, he laughs, he grizzles and he sleeps. Just like his daddy.

His sleeping at night is getting a little better I guess. Not much. He must be starting to get teeth cause is blowing lots of bubbles, has his hands stuffed in his mouth twenty four seven and likes knawing (?) on my tit. Ouchy of ouch. He can roll over and laughs out loud and even babbles on occassion.

He loves watching Shou and Marina but not too keen on having his head polished with Marina's toothbrush.

I get almost weepy when I think that soon I will be starting him on mash and beginning to pave his yellow brick road to toddlerhood. Scary.

Friday, 6 November 2009


I am presuming that coloproctology is the study of bumholeyoles and fixing there after of holes that need to be fixed.

I took Granny K to the bumholeyole clinic today. Ahem, excuse me, the Nishimura Coloproctology Clinic. Where they have an entrance for woman and an entrance for men. When you check in for your operation stay they even ask you if it is OK to let people know that you are there - ie: if anyone rings and asks something like 'I hear Granny K is in there getting her bumholeyole clipped. Is that true?' and the reception girl has to say 'no, have no patient here by that name.'

We left here at about half nine and headed for the shops and lunch. I asked Granny K if it was OK to leave a bit early so could do some shopping - seeing as was driving two hours each way and all. We got to the complex and I suggested going our separate ways for an hour or so and then schincronizing our watches to meet back up for lunch.

No, no, no. Granny K has noooooooooo shopping and isn't interested in doing anything, and is therefore quite happy to follow me round everywhere. Fuck it. I got so off my shopping guard that I nearly bought a fucking wind up Alpacca. Not sure if any of my five neices would have been happy about getting that in their stocking at Christmas.

She did pay for lunch though.

Granny K.

Not the wind up Alpacca.

I thought that today I would shop for ME - buy me some winter shoes. What did I end up buying?

A pair of shoes for Shou
A pair of shoes for Marina
Three English kids books (well cheap)
Chicken (for dinner)
Honey and Mustard Pringles (yum yum)

I had wanted to go to Starbucks for a 'quiet' coffee just with Ryu. But Granny K and starbucks and me wanting a quiet coffee not really all one of the same so I had to just get a take out. Yay - they have started the winter lattes. I ordered a gingerbread latte without thinking and then as soon as had paid realised they have a new one - a caramel eclair latte. Someone please have one and tell me if is worth driving all that way to have one!

Come 2pm and I dropped Granny K off at the clinic (check in from 2) where the nurse, on seeing Ryu, said she hoped he didn't catch a cold from being there???? I was under impression that bumholeyole patients, unless sneezing out ass, are there for operations and not asprin and cough lollies. We didn't end up accompaning Granny K to her room so left her and headed home.

She rang before and her operation is to be at about half ten tomorrow. Hub will drop sproglets off at kindy and then head over - on his own.

I am going out with Chiemi - Solar Panal Man's wife. We talked about going out for the day a couple of weeks ago. When she rang this afternoon I kind of couldn't be assed and made excuse that hub wanted me to go with him tomorrow. We then got talking and I started feeling all 'well actually I do want to go but have just said I was doing something else'. Emailed before and said hub could fuck right off and drive all that way on his own - seeing as I had to today.

I hate when I do that - suggest something, reneg and make up some shite about why can't do orginally suggested plan, and then want to do what had suggested in first place. Sigh. Is hard being so popular have to keep scheduling and rescheduling schedule. (not)

So she is picking me and Ryu up at half nine - but do I mind sitting in the back with Ryu because her son's carseat is in the front seat.

I know.

Take the fuckin thing out. I hate talking over the back seat.

Ah well.

Is a day out to a shopping department when we have no money to spend. I tried, on the way home today, to find an ATM that would take my bastard international Visa card. NADA. Every machine spat it back out at me - and I even stopped at the airport! In doing so I also left my keys by the ATM and got summonds by the loud speaker.

"Would the gaijin with the big bald baby attached to her tit in the feeding room please come to the information desk on the second floor to collect her keys. I bet you didn't even realise you had left them behind. Twat"

Well,not quite.

Just lucky some nice person had handed them in and I didn't have to run outside and try and stop some big ugly person trying to break into the family wagon.

So that was our day - throw a bit of unbloggables in there though. SIGH.

Nighty night.

A whole week without Granny K - late night baths and frolicks without having to worry about her walking in.

Wink wink.


Edit - see you that wink wink and raise you some nudge nudge!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Letter from Santa

My English kids came this evening - they got hand gelled at the door and told to cough in the general direction of 'away from me'. The first years were on house arrest last week with swine flu and they are back at school now but the second years are getting it - but only two away and the school year doesn't get sent home until three are out with it. So far the primary school and kindy are OK.

Ryu had a stellar morning sleep today. I even got some buns made - the non DNA type. I have enough of those. Three is plenty. No, I got me some yeasty ones - not sure if that sounds much better though!! I tried making Chelsea Buns the other day but the yeast I used was past it and it didn't get all frothy - but I tried it anyway and then the dough didn't rise AT ALL so I hiffed it. Bought some new yeast and today we were away. They were fairly nice but I think next time will leave out the raisins as they just about exploded.

Bloody things take time though. Have to wait for things to rise three times. First the yeast in warm water, then the dough and then the kneeded, pasted with goodness and rolled into shape dough. In total you end up waiting about an hour for the damn things before you even put them in the oven. Thank god hub maintenance doesn't take that long to rise. But then if I expected hub to rise three times in a row then perhaps it would take an hour - or perhaps maybe even two or three days. He is getting on after all.

A friend, who had a baby a couple of months ago, was coming round to collect some of Ryu's hand me downs. She offered to come over here and I just presumed that she would come in for a coffee with her little boy. Come 10am and the house was tidy, coffee in the pot and cinnamon goodness smells coming from the oven. She stopped at the genkan (door), handed over some cake to say thankyou and then made off with the bag of clothes. I was a bit dissapointed as thought I might get an hours gassing, some coffee and a hold of a smaller baby than Ryu. Humph.

Nevermind, had some nice coffee and watched rest of crap movie on sky with Ryu. We had a lovely lovely, almost made me want to have another baby, nap this afternoon. Ryu was the perfect picture of cute babyness and we fell asleep in the afternoon sun for an hour and a half. Love that.

Otherwise very normal day. Afternoon English class - where two of the girls decided there was an invisible friend with them - made for an interesting class. I asked if they wanted to send a letter to Santa so they could get a reply. They do, so that is next week's class. I spent some time looking sites up and decided in the end that for Shou and Marina I will just write them but for my English class I really need real ones with overseas stamps.

I decided that Shou's letter would go something like this...

Dear Shou.

I heard from your mummy that you've been a good little boy this year - well, you tried at least. It's hard being good all the time when your little sister tempts you so much - to sit on her, hit her, squash her, and tell her to bugger off. Mrs Claus and I are certain you will be able to try a bit harder next year.

We had an emergency meeting with the elves and reached the decision that you do however deserve a gift from all of us here at Lapland. In your letter, while everything did infact look like snakes and airplanes, a little elf tells me that it was infact pictures of what you want for Christmas.

1. Fire Engine (are you sure you want another one?)
2. Power Ranger stick of some kind
3. Long Crane

It will take the elves and I a wee while to search for a stick of some kind and a long crane.

But they don't call me Santa for nothing you know.

Mummy tells me you have been:

1. good at brushing your teeth (that's good cause we will send lots of sweets)
2. good at playing and inventing stories
3. excelling at putting on your angel face right before getting told off

Number 2. and 3. are great skills to have. Keep up the good work.

Go to bed early (for once) on Christmas eve and I will come and leave gifts under the tree.

Lots of love


PS - leave us a glass of beer and some crisps for the reindeer will you. Will need the lift after trying to get down your fuckin skinny chimney.

PPS - tell dad not to worry, I won't park the reindeer on the damn solar panels.



Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sleep in

The whole family got a 'sleep in' this morning. We all woke up and came downstairs at 6:45. God, almost didn't have time to get sorted. Hub was getting stressed out so I had to take over so he had time to go to the toilet (twice -same every morning, once with the newspaper and once just as we are all about to go out the door - everyday like clockwork) and of course do his hair. Arrived at kindy a bit later than normal.

Got home and spent the first half an hour thinking the kindy were going to ring saying Shou had another mysterious temperature. Fortunately no call though. I got a good chunk of housework done before Ryu and I left at ten to go visit high tiger boy's mum in hopsital. Her little girl (Akari) is just beautiful, and I don't say that about many Japanese babies. I forgot my camera though so you'll just have to take my word on it.

Went to the supermarket for some groceries, got home and after a short booby stop went for a big walk. The mornings and evenings are bloody cold but the afternoons are still walkable weather. Coffee Chiemi came over for coffee before English. Hub was late and Granny K vacated the premises as soon as I got home from picking Marina and Shou up from kindy. Well, she didn't vacate but she ran away to her room and usually she kind of hovers around and holds Ryu when I need her to during bath time. Not tonight though.

I sat half feeding, half holding Ryu while trying to get dinner into Shou and Marina and then we ALL did the bath thing. While I was drying Ryu Marina just about drowned - three times. Took until the third time for her to realise she should stop playing that particular game. I got a bit angry mummy - as you do when kids are being dangerous. You really just want them to stop and getting angry is so not the way to do it but I just get so 'what the fuck if she doesn't bounce back off the bottom of the bath tub next time' kind of scared! Fortunately it scared her enough (I think) and only ended in a few serious gulps of bath water followed by some serious burps.

Marina and Ryu went down and I was just about to get Shou off to bed when hub walked in. They are upstairs now and all I can hear is hub's voice going blah blah rahdy rahdy - probably something along the lines of 'you know Shou, if you don't go to sleep I'M going to get in troubly from mummy'. Shou was soooooo tired before though. I am half expecting some small thumps down the stairs and a 'mummy ga ii' (I want mummy) from Shou.

Nothing else to report really - I see from my online banking that The Dept of Internal Affiars in NZ has gotten money out of my account which means Ryu's passport has gone through. Yay. Will apply for Japanese now.

Oooh, got a phone call as I was coming back from visiting friend. The name came up on my phone and I spent the first fifteen rings thinking 'I know I know this person but I can't exactly remember and all I know is that perhaps I shouldn't answer it' - but I did. And just as I did I remembered who it was and why I shouldn't really be talking to them. Is a work thing. Call from a guy who owns an English school. We have talked a few times over the years and nothing ever eventuated cause he talks shit out his ass and I kept having babies - not out my ass.

Anyway, after he established that he couldn't come and meet with me tomorrow - because I said I had English - and then well he can't make Friday, Saturday or Sunday which is just as well cause had he asked me I would have had to say was busy anyway. So on Sunday or Monday he will email me about a meeting and some work or other.

I hear pitter patter of feet upstairs.

Nighty night


Edit - Shou came downstairs and went to Granny K's room. I asked him what was wrong and why he wasn't in bed and he went into a big, partially incomprehensible, rant about daddy this and the park and collecting crabs and no money and rah rah.... After putting him to sleep I found out from hub that hub had had a big 'life' talk with him about how much he does for him and that in return couldn't Shou go to sleep with him rah rah. Obviously too much for little three year old brain to handle :)

Also - remembered conversation had with Coffee Chiemi's son this afternoon. I take him and another girl home after English because they both live so close to the kindy. We were talking about what we were having for dinner and I said that Marina and Shou were having rice, miso soup and yaki udon noodles. He said it was strange seeing that Marina was a New Zealander and all. I said she was only half a New Zealander and that she's Japanese too. He thought for a minute and then said she was a 'nihonjirando'. I thought for a minute and suggested perhaps she was a 'New honjin'. So, a new race of cute half Japanese/New Zealand kids has been named. Come and sign your 'New honjin' up. We are about to take over the world.

(Japanese is Nihonjin and New Zealander (in Japanese) is nyujirando-jin)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Crocodile vs Sick Pelican

Too many god damn public holidays in this country! I'm sure I'll be liking them in a few years but for the moment - tis just another manic Sunday, and double punch after having Shou at home all day yesterday too. Talk about cabin fever.

Ryu was awake and laughing at half four so I let him laugh to himself while I curled in beside hub. Fifteen minutes later and Ryu isn't very laughy laugh funny fun anymore though. Thankfully hub, bless him, went in and let me be. I had a sleep in - well that's what I thought. Both Shou and Marina were down stairs at about six and I went down when Ryu woke up (hub had put him back to sleep earlier). I thought it must be about eight but it turns out my 'sleep in' was quarter to seven!

It was COLD today but we didn't get the fire going as still have to ge the guard out, put the toys away and get the wood in - all shit that really needs to be done when the kids aren't here. After hotcakes for morning tea... (don't try and make them in small silly cookie cutters - the car and ginerbread man a complete no go)

we got them into their winter jackets and hub took them to the park, where they stayed for an hour and a half - yay. I got a wee nap with Ryu and then some shhhhh, quite time with a cup of tea. I also made hidden spinnich curry for lunch.

This afternoon there was some puzzle time...

That big round shiney thing reflecting the light would be Ryu's head.

There was a big outside play session where hub was a 'wani' (crocodile) as per Shou and Marina's request. It was very funny to watch and unfortunately I only have it on video and trying to sort that out on here would be worse than having root canal or giving birth. I went out and joined in the fun but hub thought I looked more like a sick pelican as opposed to his big and scary 'wani'. Hey, I was doing my best so I guess 'sick pelican' it will be.

Granny K wanted to go drop something off at her brother's house twenty minutes away so hub loaded her and the kids in the car and off they went while I got dinner sorted and Ryu watched some baby einstein - German alphabet and Swahili lullabys.

Shou was fine when he woke up this morning - has a bit of a runny nose but they will both be off to kindy tomorrow. I am going to visit high tiger boy's mum and her new baby. The clinic she is at is an hour away but after two days stuck at home a couple of hours in the car drinking coffee and listening to music will be a welcome change.

My neice rang this afternoon to say the prezzie and cash I sent her arrived. She said she is having lots of post birth bleeding (she only had it for three weeks with baby number one - nice. I had it for five weeks with Shou) and the doctor EVEN has her on iron tablets. Gasp. I had them everytime too but they bung me up so I usually throw in the iron tablet towel after about a week - ie stop when I get home and the nurses aren't monitoring me!

I'm taking some again now I am more regular though.

And I know you wanted to read that on your Tuesday evening.

Well, time for a cuppa and some Nicolas Cage & Sean Connary. 'The Rock' - it's a good movie. Pity I've seen it about five times but hub claims to only have seen it once - years ago when it came out.