Thursday, 15 October 2009

What are the odds?

What are the odds that I am pregnant? I mean really?

We used a condom
I'm breastfeeding
Test 1 was negative
Test 2 was negative
I don't 'feel' pregnant


But, I still haven't got my period and so there is still that 'what if' thing going on - the probability must be pretty close to zilch though.

I have been thinking about it a lot the last few days - as you do. Reading the New Zealand news page today I came across a headline about Abortions. This woman had 15 abortions and calls herself an abortion addict. I know it's a woman's choice and all but this just seems unnecessary. I have heard the procedure is like that for a D&C when you miscarry and if so then how the hell could you possibly get addicted to that?

Shit, I really hope I aren't pregnant because I am starting to doubt my ability to make the right decision for me at this time.

Anyway, on to our day.

Got all the house shit out of the way this morning and had done a lot of English prep stuff last night so Ryu and I headed out for a walk - up the way - to high tiger boys house. I had a bag of Marina's hand me downs as I cleaned out one of her drawers yesterday. Tiger Boy's mum is 36 weeks pregnant - She is taking meddy to stop her tummy tightening but is allowed to stop from next week as anytime after that and the doctor said fine if baby was born.

Their house is spotless. I have decided to not let this make me feel inadequate about my own house presentation skills for three reasons...
1. she only has one child and well the crap you have per child seems to escalate million fold per child.
2. her husband is a bit of a neat freak
3. she has an allergy to house dust.


an allergy to house dust.

Fuck me I'd need to be hooked up to an eternal house dust eliminator IV drip.

After our visit we came home and had nap - the ONLY sleep Ryu had all day it turned out.

I had my primary school English - which fucked me off a bit. Mainly because I had been told today's 'shopping' lesson was all mine and so I prepared for it. Handouts so we could practice a simple conversation, some fake money, a bag full of props...

I arrived a bit early to set things up and found the head teacher in the room writing 'his' conversation on the blackboard. His used 'I want' and mine used a carry-on from last week which was 'do you have'

His was a bit easier but it had the sales person saying 'Hello, what do you want?'

Tell you 'what I want' you silly fucker.

He still talks over me and thinks I'm not real teacher. I haven't got a teachers licence I admit, but he can't bloody well speak English and he's the English teacher.

Anyway, bitchin about him wont help anything. Silly wanker.

Came home, sorted dinner, did some washing, fed Ryu and TRIED to get him to sleep but to no avail. Granny K had to actually entertain him while I had my at home English lesson. She complained afterwards that Ryu NEVER sleeps and that I had to stop taking him out in the car for long drives. I had told her that he always sleeps in the car but to be perfectly honest haven't taken him anywhere over about thirty minutes for ages.

But do you know what

When she told me this bit of crap vestling mother in law advice I...

Just nodded and said 'hai'

Is this a sign of maturity?

Too bloody knackered to put up a fight me thinks.

My sister rang this arvo and we had a bit of a catch up. She made me laugh when we were talking about the woes of life and how busy we are. I said that sometimes when things are getting on top of me I look in the mirror and think, fuckin fantastic, on top of everything else I'm a lard ass to boot. Fucks me off something chronic. She agreed but put it more eloquently (??) saying she felt like a bush pig. That is SO what I am. And to prove it...

This afternoon, I was about to set off to the school for English when I noticed that below the bottom of my capri pants was some very hairy calf. I had to change pants in fear that the eleven and twelve year olds would mock me.

Sister said something along lines of having not had nails done, botox, eyebrow wax etc etc for over x number of months. I didn't butt in that I hadn't had my eyebrows done since the night before my wedding - and that was a pluck from a friend so not the real paid for deal. As for botox?? Never been there or done that but might be keen if some vestling in kunimi decided to switch professions from rice and raddish planting. Nails?? I have some good false ones in the cupboard. They say 'active' as their length but the ones I put on back home in NZ last year were hard to get used to even though they were quite short. Maybe will have another go but might at least wait until have something to go to like kindy PTA. I'll be the fat gaijin with the nice nails thank you very much.

Anyhooo, best get to bed. Big day out tomorrow and need to get my strength up for first starbucks in three months.

Might buy another clear blue tomorrow too. Gotta keep someone in business in these tough times after all. In addition to the mask and hand gel people.

Which reminds me - I rang three clinics/hospitals today to ask about oinky flu vaccinations. Got fobbed off by ALL of them. None of them are talking. Nobody knows anything. I think it's all a conspiracy.



Kelly said...

I'm sure you're really not a bush pig or anything close to it, but you always manage to make me laugh. :)

Lulu said...

I am guessing you are not pregnant. I mean you are obviously pretty damn fertile but using a condom and breastfeeding with negative tests? I am thinking no. So hey, enjoy the periodless time I say.

I recently found out you can`t take the pill while breastfeeding which is going to suck.

The primary school english teacher man sounds like a tool.

ps: Just catching up on blogs since coming back from Shizuoka. I am so sorry for your friend`s loss of her baby- how tragic and scary. My thoughts go out to her and her family as it must be such a difficult thing to deal with. How do you move on from something like that?

illahee said...

i think the odds are pretty low. a no show flo just means more headache/worry for you.

lulu, you can take the pill whilst breastfeeding. but...not in japan. i think the hormone dosage here is too high. sucks, huh?

umebossy said...

That story about the woman who had all the abortions was scary, and sad. I'm glad that she was able to break the habit and still be able to have two children, but I can't imagine what her journey up to that point must have been like...

Anonymous said...

That women with all the abortions is fucked up-- crazy bitch!

As for your neat friend... I am so there... I am just like that. my husband is not a neat freak.. well he is with some things... but I am.. and I have two dogs, no kids and it is sure as hell to keep it spotless.....

I don't leave the house without the bed made, can't... I grew up like that but..... I've had my house a MESS.. laundry everywhere...

When I get up I do my routine and in an hour or two everything is done, relax, do what I want for a few hours, then get ready for work....

That women who is addicted to abortions is really fucked up.... seriously...

It is most likely stress that is screwing with your flo..... mine gets out of whack when I am stressed, or worried..

Try some warm green tea, so-can-be-cha and hot bath, or some vitamin b complex.

anchan said...

Yeah, I reckon you're probably OK, too, and I agree that you should make the most of it!

Did you know that they use the same word for abortion and miscarriage here? Sad.

Floria said...

Um, chuuzetsu for abortion and ryuuzan for miscarriage, I think... I don't think they are used interchangeably, but maybe I've missed something. (Have only had the former, a looong time ago and before I even realised I was pregnant.) That lady of the 15 abortions was indeed seriously fucked up. How did no doctor recognise she had a serious problem upstairs?
Floria in Tokyo

Anonymous said...

aah, oops, only had the latter, not the former, a loong time ago... Floria