Friday, 2 October 2009

Weener vs Frankfurt

OK, so not quite in the pit of despair that I was in yesterday morning, but thank you for all the comments wishing me safe travels out or agreeing to meet me in there!

We had an interesting dinner time last night - what with the whole eight and a half minutes I had to get rice and stew in Shou. Despite the somewhat gross me out table topics introduced by Granny K - first was all about veins after Shou pointed to her veins on her hand and she agreed that they were big and that if they got cut open there would be blood all over the show! Thanks for that GK. Topic of conversation quickly changed to her bum operation she is maybe having next week.

Amazes me that this has just come up now. She is apparantly going to the eldest son's house on Sunday, having a consultation on Monday and, luck permitting, staying there for an operation. Why Now?? Because the eldest son has said he is going to stop paying the good insurance for her that he has being paying for her for years. She is deciding to get something done before that - something that she would probably have to have done sooner or later anyway so may as well get it sorted now.

She also pulled out that by the why she would need to be driven to the station forty minutes away on Sunday evening. Rightio. Not. You can pull your finger out for that Granny K cause Sunday evenings with three kids and taking you anywhere don't go in the same sentence. I am going out on Sunday about lunch time so said that was the only ride going over that way - take it or hitch.

Also amazes me that Shou managed to ignore all conversation and did actually finish a whole plate of stew. Him and hub were out the door at five to six and ten minutes later were gong past our place in the noddy fire truck doing the monthly patrol. Got home and praise the lord managed to be up in bed before my English class.

Today was lashing rain and I had to spend the morning catching up on sleep due to a fussy night time baby - again. Two hour nap but from which I woke up with a dead arm. A few house chores - exciting exciting, happy happy happy, joy joy joy - and then a trip out of the house to do some shopping and visit the blender. I am now sitting here having a baby moro bar - with thanks to the blender's mum who sent some chocolate goodies over for us. Treats treats treats!!

Doesn't pose well for the gaijiwife gets skinny regime.

Bugger shit.

But what can you do really - can't not accept treats after all.

I am looking forward to the weekend - hub has nothing tomorrow so we might venture out for a date, with Ryu of course. Maybe some sushi and some beating of some drums at the game centre. On Sunday Ryu and I, and perhaps Marina are heading over to Jo's. We've been playing phone tag of late and it will be good to both be in the same place at the same time!

Next week - some organizing me thinks. And about time I packed up a certain baby bath full of Ryu's hand me downs and sent it up north to the lovely Lulu - or she might find she's bathing bubs in the sink.

Oh, and just because hub wanted me to tell you all - I don't post lots of stuff now, for the reason that hub will say - "so, are you going to blog about that?" And then whatever he said kind of loses it sillyness.

We have been singing lots with Shou, and today's song seemed to be that obento song that goes...

koregurai no
obentobako ni
onigiri onigiri chotto sumete
kizami shouga ni
gomafuri kakete

is all about what is getting put in a Japanese packed lunch. There are actions and everything and it is very cute when Shou sings it.

I was passing hub during one rendition when I added

weener irete (put in a weener)

He looked a bit taken a back and said that his bento wouldn't have a weener. It would have a frankfurt.

I hadn't (really) said weener in relation to any bodily parts but simply as there are always weener sausages in packed lunches.

Being a man though he obviously has some weener vs frankfurt pride issues going on.

Had to giggle.

Off to bed.



ローラ said...

Aww I miss those little sausages! They were yummy, but they were, in my opinion, a little overpriced! What were they - like, 300-ish yen for a little pack of 10?

illahee said...