Monday, 19 October 2009

Super Stash

After dropping the kids off at kindy I came home, did minimal housey shit and then planned to only lie down beside Ryu for half an hour or so - When we came to (cause that's how out we were) it was half bloody eleven. Not surprising though as at two thirty this morning Ryu was laughing at me with wide eyes and stayed that way for a good hour. Sleepy.

Came downstairs to three parcels - non expected so all a very nice surprise. Two were from Ireland - European Stylist and her mum - and the other was from a varsity friend now living and working in London. We did well. What a stash of goodies. I don't usually put photos of just clothes but am feeling the need today.

This is from Ireland. There was more - some long sleeved tops for Marina and birthday cards. I have kept the cards in their envelopes and am going to wrap the winter hat, gloves and bracelets back up. I LOVE the hat and really want Marina to as well so figure if she unwraps it and we all make a 'kawaiiiiiiii' deal out of it she will be wanting to sleep in it.

This is stash from friend in London. Some outfits for all three kids and a load of J&J body lotion, baby wash, nappy cream, bum wipes etc. Ten guesses where she works! And friend.... don't worry about notepaper letter. A stash like that and a note can be written on the inside of a toilet roll, although probably stupid as sounds extremely time consuming trying to write on inside. How ridiculous.

I was planning on getting to post office to send European Sytlist her stash of Johnny's Jimusho membership cards, a mag and this...

A decoration mask for keeping stylish in the face of the oinky flu. I'm sorry to spoil the surprise but it made me laugh so much and all the bling just made me think of you. I double dare you, no, I physical challenge you to wear this to work one day.

After lunch the blender came round for coffee - and cakes. She always brings goodies which is naughty but so yum. We yaked away for a good couple of hours while Ryu, my angelic baby (yeah right) slept. He is actually getting better at going down on his own and for this I am grateful. I just need him to not think two thirty in the morning is a good time for fun and games with mummy.

We had a vege packed dinner and Shou did very well and Marina semi-OK. Bath, bed and all is good in the gaijinwife house this evening.

Am about to get onto Marina's party invites - that were meant to be done last week!! Ah well. Was also planning on going to do shopping for party tomorrow but have remembered both Marina and Ryu have their Polio vaccination at two pm. Will have to go pick Marina up from kindy after lunch.

And before I go - there is one fingernail left standing this evening. Three more fell off on their own and then my hands just looked stupid so I have been encouraging the others off. Shou has been a put out with all these nails that keep falling off. Ouch mummy.



Ruthie said...

OMG I love that mask. I actually saw the picture before I read the comment underneath it and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I'm so glad it's going to be mine ;)
P.s. Glad you like the pressies, they should keep Marina toasty in the winter!

Anonymous said...

Totally Loving the Diva mask.... Nice pressies...

Lulu said...

Must be Karma GW since the package you sent me arrived today as well! See, because you were so nice to have sent me something then everyone sent you stuff!

Very cute stash.

The mask is awesome- I want one. Especially since now my husband makes me wear one if I catch a train anywhere and my clinic also insists everyone inside must wear one. Honestly, I do not like them as they make it hard to breathe and it gets hot.

ローラ said...

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Sara said...

I chuckled at your get Marina to wear the hat by "kawaii-ing" it to death. Will need to keep that sakusen in mind for my own selfish purposes in a couple years!

OMG the mask... so wheres yours GW? I think we need a picture of someone modeling the mask - box pictures only do it so much justice.

Nay said...

I love the clothes for Marina - so so so cute!! I can't wait to see her in them :)

And totally agreeing with everyone, I love the mask!! Like Lulu, Naoki is forcing me to wear a mask everytime we go outside as well. I think I might have to invest in a mask like the picture you posted!! It would definitely make wearing a mask more fun :P