Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Random Chores

There has just been a typhoon warning over the town's loudspeaker - one of which is conveniently located in our backyard. Typhoon number 18 is meant to be very big and we are in the whirly circles on the telly weather report which means we officially have to batten down the hatches, check our torches for working batteries and report to the town office that we have enough cans of food and bottles of drinking water. Well not quite, but I have gone to buy new batteries and searched the house for candles. Can only find tea candles and those silly faffy ones you light at the alter - so if we do lose our electricity tonight then house will look like setting for romantic dinner and praying to the dead party.

At the moment there is about ten drops of rain and one knot of wind. Wouldn't be bowling me over that's for sure. Christ, wouldn't even be bowling over my fat little finger. Luckily our awesome adventure playlodge and swing and slide set is staked into the ground.

Ryu and I got lots done today. After dropping the sproglets off at kindy I attacked the washing basket - rah, naw, woof, bang, pow. I then copied, colored, cut and laminated some flashcards for English - to use in today and tomorrow's lessons. After Ryu woke from his nap we ventured out to do some errands...

The bank
Where I came to the same conclusion that as per every other bloody month we have no money and yet still have 13 days till payday. Doesn't help when hub's salary continues to decrease - as does bonuses. Not because useless bastard but because government officials all getting cuts. Me thinks the only people getting a decent bonus this year will be those working at companies manufacturing face masks and hand wash! Oink Oink.

The post office
Where I FINALLY exchanged my useless new years postcards - the ones I had fucked up either in writing the wrong address or running out of ink half way through. If you pay five yen per card they will refund almost the whole stamp post card price - but not in money, must exchange for more postcards or stamps. Also sent half of my thank you cards for prezzies we got when Ryu was born. About time. Was afraid for a while there that friends and family back home wouldn't be getting them till Ryu left home!

Photo Shop
The one in the next town over. When I went to get Shou's passport photos from the shop in Kunimi it took TWO weeks - and cost over two thousand yen for four! Bloody rip off. Went to one click wonder photo shop today an cost half that for six! Took the bumbo and Ryu sat in that. They said I could hold him but from memory the New Zealand Passport place was very strict and they sent Shou's back the first time. While they were processing them I went to the

Where I bought food enough to last us until the end of the week in case typhoon is worst every typhoon in history of typhoons and we have to survive off rashins (?) for five days. Also got some crazy ass hot kimuchi that am having now and shite, tongue is burnies on fire. Lucky I'm typing as would be impossibility to talk. I saw the new 'gaijin' at the supermarket. The new JET English teacher. Not many of us so when a tall blond person appears you think hey, there's a foreigner, or hey, there's a new half with a blond wig. (new half is man - woman) She smiled as went past and that was it - probably thinking fuck, that's what will happen to me if I renew my contract for three years!

And so it will, pert little young, naive, just started JET wee thing. I was wild and carefree ten years ago too. Fuck me, never did I think I would be married to someone I was then working with, living with his mother, having three sprogs in three years, and gaining fifteen kilos!!

Also at supermarket got stopped by vestling on way out - she had been following us around and I was wondering what she was up to. According to her (and me of course) Ryu is cutest baby in entire universe and she had forgotten all about her shopping by trying to catch his eye and make him smile! Crazy woman. Will starve herself if keeps up that kind of carry on.

Where paid for Internet shopping bill. Topping up the bonuses of those people making hand gel!! Ordered some ages back - or about a month ago when oinky flu was all over the news.

Docomo cell phone shop
Where tried to fix fact that can't send text messages overseas. I used to be able to and I can still receive them but when I try and send it says 'input SMS center'. I have tried resetting the settings but no luck. The gimp at the phone shop tried to tell me was probably something wrong with inside of phone - and they wont fix it cause outside of phone has obviously been dropped on floor, fallen out of pocket, and thrown at husband. He said he could try and look but I should buy a memory card first just in case I lost all phone book memory. Ryu had just done a big dump (yay for doing smelly dump in gimp phone man's shop) so I said no, would do it another day.

Then went back to photo shop to pick up pics and got told had to take again cause some shadowing in the last ones. Bugger. Ryu starting to get snotty. Took ten minutes of 'hey, Ryuuuuuuuuuu kochi kochi da yo'. But we did it. We got the perfect mug shot and hopefully I will sort out the application forms by the end of the week.

Got home, put the groceries away, vacuumed and got ready for four o'clock English class. Coffee Chiemi came round for an hour beforehand. If the typhoon holds off or bypasses us we are going to go have real curry tomorrow for lunch! Would you believe there is a little proper Indian curry shop up in the hills about half an hour away. Very random.

Hub got home after the dinner and bath mahem - during which Shou AND Marina thought would be fab idea to scream in turn for about ten minutes. Ryu not impressed. Neither was I as was when all four of us were in the bathtub and that room echos like a friggen tunnel.

All kids asleep by half seven - yippy yi yay.



Violet said...

The fact that I can read about your chores and find it entertaining is a testament to your writing. You shld write a book - sort of a Bridget Jones marries a Japanese local govt employee, kind of thing.

Another thing that occured to me while reading about your chores is - how come you bother getting your kids NZ passports? I'm a kiwi too but I didn't see the point in getting my son a NZ passport at this stage as a) they expire in 5 years b) they're not cheap and a hassle to apply for c) there's no need - he can travel on his Japanese passport and have proof of his NZ citizenship from his citizenship certificate (result of applying for Citizenship by Descent). Just curious...

Janet said...

Hi....I wrote a long, lovely, adoring comment to you and your blog last night. Obviously I was too tired after teaching a class to my English students (college, native speakers, too stupid to know how to convert their own language from mouth to page). It didn't go through. (My computer's not letting me make paragraphs, so be warned.) Anyway,I'll do it again because I so appreciate not only what you write each day, but how you accomplish so much each day. I don't know if you even realize it because you're so used to doing it. And, you keep me in stitches; you my dear are not only interesting, but really really fucking funny. And poignant too. I was laughing out loud---like some sort of idiot while reading the shit transporting episode..GrannyK insisting it wasn't shit...the picture of cow shitting on the bag cover. Was too funny. On the other hand, I was hurt for you when your parents were less than supportive and not as warm and fuzzy as you might have liked. Your kid's are adorable, by the way...could eat the cheeks off that baby. I should introduce myself...My name is Janet....I live in California....were you to come here I think they would immediately make you a star of your own reality show. I also want to tell you that I have read all your blogs; starting at the beginning---took me days---and then lied to my students as to why I hadn't yet graded their essays. And had absolutely no guilt. I also want to let you know that I have many friends, male and female, married to "foreigners"---Germans, Japanese, Swedes, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spaniards, etc., but the one thing they all have in common is a shared knowledge of English...and of course some fluency in the other's language as well. I think it must be incredibly difficult to be responsible, as you are, for the whole ball of wax, communication wise. Have I made you feel good about yourself yet? That is my intent. You are my favorite person who I've never met. One more thing...remember when you were back in NZ in grammar school and they told you that you couldn't spell...they were speaking the truth. But, you sure can write, sister girl.

Gaijin Wife said...

Violet - me thinks Bridget Jones might do OK in Japan, what with whole country not yet up on the proper vacation taking thing and all for the 'mini break'. To tell you the truth it had never occurred to me not to get the kids a NZ passport. Now that you mention it though I guess they don't really need it!

Janet - why thankyou very muchly. Feeling all warm and fuzzy now. It's nice to know my mundane life can cause other people laughter. I enjoy writing it - or putting thoughts to paper rather. I totally agree my spelling is a complete disgrace. My high school English teacher would be embarrassed. English never a strong point. People must think 'just use the fuckin spell check woman' and sometimes I do - when the computer is having a non spaz pms induced day. In Feb next year we are getting cable and will then be in the land of non-dial-up computer technology. I can't wait. Might actually take less than twenty seconds to open a page!

Spelling also gets chucked out the window if I don't have time. I should really make more of an effort though. Must be annoying to read with mistakes all through it.

If I ever get around to making a '101 things to do in 1001 days' list then going back over my blogs to edit, spell check and put tags on would be on that list.

Can't believe you read all of the posts - you officially now know more about me than I do as I have forgotten a lot of it!

umebossy said...

I agree with Violet! I've been reading your blog for a wee while now and really enjoy your writing. I can't imagine having 3 kidlets and working and keeping a house on the go and still having a sense of humour about it all - I am deeply impressed. Hopefully I can use you for inspiration in the future ;)

I found a few people's blogs through MIJ and have been doing a bit of lurking which felt dirty! So have started (probably v. boring and only sporadically updated) blog of my own to come out of the closet as it were. Hope to start commenting more in the future!

Melissa said...

I can get the Post Office to refund the NYs cards that husb over-bought? Thank you. You have just made a major contribution to the secret chocolate fund.