Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I nearly had to pack in my day out shopping today because was knackered after smiley Ryu came to visit in the middle of the night again. Not impressed. My need to have a cuppa and catch up with Jo won over though and I soldiered on this morning getting the kids ready, washing done rah rah so we could all leave the house together at quarter to eight.

Drove to Jo's, had cuppa and expelled approximately one weeks worth of English words before setting out to shops - via some drivethru naughty naughty straight to the tummy roll and thighs onion rings and coffee shake from Mos Burger.

Did a tiny wee bit of damage at the shops - twas pay day after all. Nthing even remotely exciting though. PJs for Marina. Birthday supplies. Undies and socks for hub. Nappies. Normal groccery shop.

Got home and went made sorting shit for forty minutes. Gave Ryu a humungous feed and then Coffee Chiemi came round before English. English went fine, dinner and that lot went fine with me and the kids. I had thought Granny K and I had gotten into a routine around bath time. She will hold Ryu while I put the other two in and get them out and then, if anpanman hasn't got them transfixed an inch from the telly screen, will keep an eye on them while I get in the bath with Ryu. Not tonight though. I wonder what was up. Ryu was screaming his lungs off while I was sorting the other two out. He loves the bath though so forgave me for the temporary neglect.

Got a phone call this evening from the okonomiyaki shop lady. The local doctor had the ten year anniversary for the opening of his clinic on Sunday. Their New Zealand friend came to sing at it - a puchi opera singer I hear - puchi (small) as in status not size. All though I have never met her so could be puchi in size but I just relate opera singers to words other than puchi.

She is leaving soon and would/could I please come to dinner tomorrow night. As far as I understand she can't speak Japanese so whether they want me for my translating skills, fantastic beauty or outstanding wit I'm not sure. It was more of a summons so off I am going. I have cancelled my English class and hub will be home early as usual on Thursdays. I still have my english class till half five and then it will be collect the kids, shove some dinner down their throats, hose them down and head out the door - with Ryu of course. I don't get a complete night out on my own. But is fine as other people going are all older and will want to play hold the foreign baby - ie, they aren't other younger people who will think Ryu is cute but haven't come out for a night to hold another person's baby when they have their own at home.

Hub will drop us off and we will scab a ride home or get hub to come and get us.

Anyhoo, might just watch some gyoten news and head to bed.

Night night.


And will post recipe but not tonight. Friday - I will post it on friday. Tomorrow's post, if it happens may be when am a bit quiffed sloshily happy so god knows what that post will say - if anything at all.

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Nay said...

Don't you love meeting up with friends!! It's definitely nice to have a proper conversation in English.

I haven't had Mos Burger in ages but I love their ebi something or other burger! It's delicious!!

Hope you enjoy your night out tonight :)