Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Omphage backage

Think I got a bit of omph back today. No particular reason but I did seem to get a bit done.

Went for BIG walk with coffee Chiemi after dropping the sproglets off. Our next mummies on the piss and trash our husbands and mother in laws dinner is being planned for the end of the month, seeing as couldn't go the other night when hub suggested. Realy not much choice in location so will probably just end up as same place as last time - 'MOP - Part I'

Got home and went to the post office to post passport application and something to sister in New Zealand. Bloody gimp inbred postal workers didn't have any international courier EMS envelope things - for sending documents. This is the biggest post office in a fifty km radius and I was just presuming that I could sort this out. Twats.

I could have sent it in a normal envelope with just an EMS label but am sending own passport and photos so got all paranoid that normal envelope would somehow self distruct in ten seconds. Had to go home and search for good envelope. Had one from something that had been sent here so used that and stuck new label on. Glad it's off and just hope some airport or postal worker isn't parading around as Gaijin Wife in a few weeks - not that my passport says that of course. How cool would that be. Am surprised Japan lets us get away with living here using our acutal names. Surely Gaijin Wife 101,102, 103... would be easier for data entry purposes.

Met Solar Panal Man's wife Chiemi for lunch at our local. Had my usual - pizza toast, small salad and ice coffee. Her hub is doing a real estate exam this Sunday and she has hardly seen him the last few months. God, I complain about a hub coming home at seven! But then, she does only have the one sproglet to manage on her own and not three rampage carnage mayhem wreckers on the loose.

Hub was home at seven today - walked in to all the shoes straight in the genkan (a rare occurrance) and three fed and bathed children looking angelic all lined up in a row watching anpanman on TV - Ryu in his bouncer. Marina went down like an angel as usual, Ryu took a bit of work, and with Shou... I had to hold his hand through the bunk rail for about thrity minutes. Just about got a dead arm. The things we do.

Hub is taking Friday off and we are taking Shou to his first ever movie. Well, hub and Shou will go and Ryu and I will doss round at Starbucks. Marina is staying home with Granny. I feel a bit bad that she won't be coming but at the moment she is not up for long drives in the car - especially when she is tired. Will easily nut out for forty minutes until finally falling asleep. The movies is an hour and a half away.

They were meant to be going on a kindy trip to the airport but I got my knickers in a twist over the bus and ended up not being able to back down on what I had orginally said (stubborn bitch) and telling teachers 'right then, they will both stay home that day'!! Last year they had the same trip and I was allowed to put a car seat in the bus for Shou - our car seats are easy and it fit no problem. I did this because even though the bus had seatbelts the little kids were all over the place - in between being held on the teachers knees (who weren't wearing belts anyway) and clambering all over each other.

This year I got told I couldn't put the carseat on the bus - just in case the bus driver decided to go somewhere and the carseat got in the way of other passengers. What bloody bollocks. They are hiring the bus for the day. The driver will sit in the carpark drinking can coffee and picking his nose with the long fingernail on his little finger.

So I decided to stand my ground.

And now the kids have the day off!

Ah well, the road safety in Japan is shocking so I don't mind standing my ground on this. Not that I think carseats should be law in busses - I just think adults in Japan in general should sort their shit out about pre-school age kids and not jumping around the car/bus whatever.

Anyhoo am starting to waffle. Is because haven't heard from friend and am presuming she, after being induced this morning, is now in the heinously painful stages of labor.

Big hugs.


Later - just got a text from NZ. There is now another angel in heaven :(


Jo Tomooka said...

I finally got to my movie on Monday - while Tom took the kids to a children's one. Father's are great for those kind of jobs.... I hope you get some quiet coffee time.

Ruthie said...

I am glad your ophage is back. I'm so sorry about your friend in New Zealand. I can't think of anything worse to happen. It happened to a friend of my cousin's and she was completely devastated. To go through labour and then not have anything at the end..... horrible!