Thursday, 29 October 2009

Oinky Flu and Wannabe Lasagne

English got cancelled tonight. Bloody oinky flu means I won't be able to ring New Zealand for the next three weeks or so - as in less pay to pay for off the scale international phone bill. All because still only have dial up and can't damn well skype.

So oinky flu - the main kindy in town, the main primary school, the junior high, the table tennis club.... you name it, the oinky flu has taken it over. But NOT our kindy and our primary school - YET. Tis just a matter of time though. I have resigned self to fact that we will get it soon too - and in a way, it would be a relief as then could stop bloody worrying about it and ringing up hospitals to ask about vaccinations only to be fobbed of with 'we have no information' type answers.

I have enough bum bullets in the fridge, cool pillows, forehead and armpit cooler pads etc - not to mention masks and handgel. Hub and I are getting the normal flu jabs - me soon and hub in December. Why? Because he can afford to take the time off before December if he gets the flu but after that he is too busy and apparantly getting the jab now will mean it will wear off by about February? Is this correct? Or is hub just being a silly know it all, I don't need a fucking map to get anywhere, man??

Despite my night English class getting cancelled, I did still have the arvo one. It was our Halloween lesson and I had candy for Africa to give out so they were all very well behaved - although one girl said 'Katy shite yo' at one point and I had to talk her down a bit. Can't have that kind of shit
. They are eight for christ sake. I asked her if she spoke like that to her teacher at school - no. After that they were full of please and thankyous. Patronising eight year olds.

Made the wannabe lasagne thing tonight - and here is the recipe for any interested parties.

Ingredients (meat sauce)
  • One medium onion
  • One medium carrot
  • Mince (tonight I used 200g of beef)
  • One packet of Nepolitan pasta sauce (I used meat sauce the first time but I think nepolitan is better)
  • Cooked rice - usally just put in all the left overs. Today was about two and a half rice bowls full which is more than usual.
  • I have put mushrooms and peppers in it before too
Ingredients (white sauce)
  • 20g butter
  • big heaped spoon of white flour
  • 400 ml of milk
  • two slices of melty cheese (usually use handful of grated cheese though)
  • handful of finally cut spinnach (two cupped hands)
  • salt and pepper if you want

How to: cook meat and onions, add carrot (grated so kiddies eat it) and then napolitan sauce and rice. cook until all yummy and nice. While doing this whip up cheese sauce. Melt butter in pot, add flour and whisk, add milk then cheese then spinnach.

Pour meat then cheese sauce into ovenproof dish and top with more cheese - grated better but tonight I had to make do with processed melty shit.
Bake at 200 degrees C for about fifteen minutes.
So that's my Nigela moment. The gaijinwife household really knocks this back. Never any left over for lunch the next day!
Off to bed. Sleepy as per usual!
Ooooh, Outrageous Fortune viewers - I watched the last episode in the latest season and was sitting with mouth hanging open at the end. So not expecting that to happen. I know I said I was going to wait till I lost a few kilos so could reward self with latest season. Obviously the new DVD just got the better of me.



nikintheguch said...

Your lasagne looks great! I will have to try it minus the meat as I am vegetarian.

I hope you don't get the swine flu even though it might be inevitable. I am in Yamaguchi and it doesn't seem to be too out of control here yet. Oh and by the way, I have heard the at flu jabs are effective for 5 months but who knows?

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Looks yummy. Am gonna give this one a try. Thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

ditto. looks yum! Probably tomorrow nights menu ;) thanks.

Lulu said...

Wow, I like the look of the lasange too and it would be a lot cheaper for me to make than the one I usually make (which I added up the other day costs me about 2000yen - sure it feeds us for one night plus 2 lunches for Shun and one or two lunches for me but still)

I have also heard that flu jabs are effective for 5 months, so if your hub got it in November he would be fine til March. I have never had one before though...

Sucks about all your classes getting cancelled- hope health is restored in your area soon and also that you and the kids stay safe and well.

Oh and tell your family to ring you this month! Do you use brastel when you do call them???

umebossy said...

Hehe when you said hidden spinach before I was picturing it being a lot more hidden...or is this one a little more on view to try and gradually get them to eat it normally?

I am also veggie so think I will give it a shot with soya mince instead.

Gaijin Wife said...

umebossy - the spinnach in the curry is mulched to oblivian. Can't be seen at all. In the cheese sauce though they don't seem to mind it being a bit green - cheesey goodness outweighs greeny spinnach badness.

Soya mince ??

Lulu - 'tell your family to ring you this month' LOL. Well, not my parents anyway. Maybe my eldest sister and possibly my brother at a stretch but not my parents off the bat, all on their own. I use worldlink 0063 number and my mum has a talktalk card - which makes it cheap as chips to ring me and SHE STILL DOESN'T ring.

Honestly, I get more TLC and kindness from my friends mums than I do my own.

umebossy said...
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umebossy said...

I just realised that I said that I'm veggie. Old habits die hard as I'm not anymore, really. I gave up the fight to avoid fish a few years ago but do try to limit it.

Hmm, maybe that's just a British name for it? It's also called TVP
and it's a veggie protein made from soy that you can get either in mince-y or chunk-y form.

I use it in bolognese/lasagne/chili/tacos/cottage pie/mabou doufu/nasu miso and anything else that you would normally use mince for - fortunately my husband likes it as I would be effed if he didn't!

Here's hoping that all the spinach helps you guys ward off any illness that comes your way!

thefukases said...

Oooh yummy, may have to suck it up and make white sauce after seeing that....

crazy hoikuen mum talk is that the flu shot lasts for ages but by February the actual flu will have mutated and a shot you get now won't work anyway. Not exactly reliable info but maybe there are some hoikuen mums on staff at the town hall? ;P

Midori said...

The "wannabe" lasagne looks SO good. Might have to have a go at making it one night!

Swine flu seems to be taking grip everywhere at the moment. Fingers crossed that you all stay well. xx

Kelly said...

Thanks for the recipe, I'll definitely give it a go. :)

Rachel said...

There's always a risk of the flu jab not working. We got the jabs two years ago...then got flu anwyay!

It's not so much that it wears off as that the flu mutates, or sometimes the get the vaccine wrong in the first place. I think we got the jab in Nov. then got the flu in Feb.

Then we got the jab last Thursday...and got the flu on Sunday. And we'll have to go back and get the booster anyway, since they don't know which flu it was!

Jo Tomooka said...

Can't wait to have another distraction with the new episodes... although I must admit I checked a few details on the internet so I know a little more than I should!
Hope the oinks stay away long enough for you to come and did some slugs.