Saturday, 3 October 2009

Ogres and Fussy Babies

We didn't maganage the drumming but hub and I did get to sushi - I seriously need a VIP card for that place I'm there so often! At least once a week this past month. Hub had a whopping ten plates, I had a more ladylike five and Ryu chucked back some milk. Did a spot of shopping and came home.

Ryu was a fussy bugger all day. Dejavu.

I still managed to get some stuff done, including starting to sort out the English books and computer and printer cupboard - which is the first step in getting things organized. I'm not going to let myself start looking at filing cabinets again until I have that sorted. How completely sad. A filing cabinet being a reward for doing some cleaning up. How about a new pair of shoes or a handbag or a night out on the town!

Or a handyman!


Will have to save that for Tuscany.

I took Shou, in his pajamas, to the local festival tonight - or one of them at least.

He didn't even get hysterical when the ogre man in the mask came out. Was quite impressed - not quite as impressed as Marina after they got home from kindy though. The two of them were playing outside on the....

you guessed it

adventure playhouse with slide and swing set

when hub started raking leaves. Shou thought would be fun fun fun and games for him and Marina to kick them all around. So he did - and then he got Marina in on it. First time round and hub told them off jokingly. Second time, not quite so funny you little silly buggers, and third time round Shou got a chase round the yard with the rake - he started crying and Marina, bless her, put her hands on her hip (as best as she can) and yelled out 'baya' to daddy before running to Shou's side.

Running to see if her older brother was OK.

Running to join forces with Shou against dad.

Made my heart melt.

BTW - baya is Marina's version of 'baka' or dickhead. I don't take it quite to heart as much as Shou's very clearly formulated 'baaaaaaka'.

Hub phoned and emailed twice during the festival to say that Ryu was nutting out and nothing him or Granny K did would calm him down. Shou and I didn't get home until twenty minutes after the first SOS. Ryu was indeed nutting out. He got promptly passed to mummy the minute she set foot over the genkan and wham - no more tears. Gotta love that. Almost makes all those sleepless nights worthwhile. Almost, but not quite.

Still want me some more sleepage going on.

Tonight would be a good night to start Ryu.

I am surrounding you in white sleeping light baby. You will sleep. You will sleep.

And so will mummy.



Lulu said...

Sending good sleeping vibes for Ryu and you your way- hopefully tonight is the night you get 6 straight hours or something ridiculous like that.

I am not looking forward to the lack of sleep- I hear that you adjust but I don`t know. I am dreadful without sleep.

The story about Marina`s "Baya" was so cute. Good on her for sticking up for her brother.

thefukases said...

Serious kudos for Shou at the festival. Mine are such scaredy cats they always "watch" from under my coat. Look down and I'm pregnant with a 5 and a 3 year old. @_@

Love Marina the big brother saving hero. Amy would probably side with daddy *against* meg....


Nay said...

We went to a festival last night and I was thinking at the time that I am surprised there wasn't more little kids crying - some of the guys were pretty scary looking!!

Milo didn't like her first festival - the noise of the drums scared the living crap out of her :P LOL

Hopefully Shou will repay the favour to Marina when she is much older and in need of big brother protection :)

illahee said...

i forgot to blog about part of our trip in shimane. our friends have some kagura masks hanging on the wall, and we were going to sleep there. when sasha noticed them she got scared, so at bed time our friend took them down. then, sasha got MORE scared, because she didn't know where they were! so cute. thankfully, she slept all night long with the masks out of sight.

Rachel said...

Kanji calls it 'Mama Magic' when Erica stops crying immediately as soon as I hold her.

I hate Mummy Magic.

I love it too!

Erica hates the onis too - she's been grabbed several times and is VERY scared of them!