Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Not much to post tonight.

Ryu and I watched far too much 'LOST' today. Coffee Chiemi is dubbing it all as it plays on cable. I quite liked the start - got completely fucked off when 'the others' came on the scene. Couldn't figure them out. Or the story line. Was thinking storywriters perhaps on drugs. Still think they might have been but at least I'm getting into it again. Talking about US dramas - Saw the first of the Season four (??) Grays Anatomoy last night. Not impressed with how that ended. Perhaps is just product of having popular drama that lasts many many seasons - have to get some shit story lines in there somewhere.

Did have a visitor this morning though. Hidden Dragon, Sleeping Tiger (or is it the other way around) boy's mum came over for a coffee. Actually her son's name is high tiger but close enough.

She is due with their second child (a girl) this November. Son is same school year as Shou and daughter will be same school year as Ryu. They are THE ONLY other family with small children in our immediate area and I feel therefore that, for the kids sake more than anything, I have to make an effort. Sometimes it is just that - making an effort. That said though, she must have wanted the company as she came down half an hour after I invited her for coffee - and stayed for two hours! I offered to be her 'call if you need ride to hospital cause in labor and hubs at work an hour away' person.

Hub was a bit late tonight but the kids and I (and Granny K for a few minutes a couple of times) made it through dinner and bath. They scoffed back dinner and both wanted seconds - twas love love lasagna but couldn't be faffed with the pasta so put in bowl of cold rice leftovers from yesterday. Put it in the meat mix and just poured cheese sauce over meat, put some grated cheese on top and put in oven. Was well yummy and even hub had lots. WHOLE ovendish full got inhaled. Chuffed. Will make lazy love love lasagna again me thinks.

Lots of boring shite to do tomorrow. Joy joy.



thefukases said...

You make a proper cheese sauce but can't be jacked making the pasta? I will takkyubin the pasta if you send some cheese sauce my way. There's this family I've heard of in Nagano somewhere who all think lasagne is meat sauce, pasta and grated cheese....

doo be doo be dooo

And I hear you on the making an effort for the kids front. Pulling teeth sometimes but you do what you gotta do, right?

Oyomesan said...


I'm a big Lost fan too - loved the early seasons...on Season 5 now??? is that the one...so so....

Fave Hunk is Sawyer...altho Jin is a close second.

Fave actor is Michael Emmerson as Henry - I watched the Emmy's the other night and he said he was "living a dream as a character actor, I flew to Hawaii to do a guest appearence and 4 years later it is still the biggest role of my career" LOVE 'IM!

Gaijin Wife said...

Heather - if we ever meet (before Tuscany) then you do the pasta and I'll do the cheese sauce and between us our families won't know what him em. Probably wont eat it either!

Oyomesan - sashiburi. Hope everything well up your way. Hear you on the Sawyer and Jin thing although I think I would probably jump Jin first just cause am bit partial. Jack annoys me and he looks rough with his beard.