Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lost my Omph

I've lost it today but I'm sure it will come back. Only a matter of time before Granny K slips up, hub starts feeling the itch again - actually he always has the itch it's more a matter of how he plays it with me as to whether or not the itch gets scratched or not :)

The sproglets are being, well sprog-like. Hub is late tonight, tomorrow and Friday he has a meeting too. I guess sometimes everybody loses their groove. Doing the kid thing on my own doesn't help the program.

I feel so bloody hormonal - christ, maybe I am actually pregnant. Although not looking likely as did the other test this morning (so much for waiting till the end of the week) and it was negative too.

Oooh, maybe is me crashing after a chocolate high?? Coffee Chiemi's mother in law gave me some 'nama' chocolate this morning and I near well ate the whole box. Is it even possible to crash after a sugar high?

Oooh, maybe is too many episodes of Gray's Anatomy back to back. So much 'life' dramas going on there it almost drains you just watching it.

OR, maybe it's still just the fact that Japan and New Zealand are just so damn far away.

Lots of love and big hugs for tomorrow friend.

Thinking of you.



thefukases said...

hmmm must be a japan wide thing. Definite lack of oomph here. Wondering if I can just sleep in front of the fire as can't be fagged going upstairs.... and thinking it would be wonderful time to introduce the girls to the vegemite sangga lunchbox for tomorrow....

Here's to the return of oomph- and more nama choccies!

Oyomesan said...

my omph extended as far as the gym today...and since then not a lot...just sent Y out for cheap wine...the sofa beckons...