Sunday, 18 October 2009

Just Another Sunday

I lost three of the bastards today. Bloody fingernails. I have decided the bitch of all fingernail fall offery bastards is the kiddy lock. We have an impossible one on our bottom freezer. Is fine without nails - well actually hub has trouble - but with them on it takes a while longer.

close my eyes
dream away
it must of been love
but its over now
it must have been good
but I lost it some how ....

pretty woman is on on satelite. Gotta love it.

Anyway - back to the nails. I lost the first one helping Marina change this morning, the second while I was making lunch - thank God I found that one in the sink and didn't have to go through the curry. Gross. Lost the third putting Marina in her car seat at the park - lost the fucker in the automatic car door, never to be seen again. Gone to piss me off fake fingernail heaven.

Oooh, Richard Gear just turned up at Julia Roberts's apartment to take her away.
Chewing some fake nail off.

The day started off with some squirty bum stuff. Marina has had some toilet trouble this week. Crying for twenty minutes or so before getting anything out. It was getting pretty bad so this morning we did a kiddy kancho (enema). Push up and squirt and within twenty minutes she had cleaned out everything and was a happy chappy. Can you buy these things in New Zealand? We just got them from the local chemist.

This morning we stayed home and the kids played in the yard, screaming and fighting and generally behaving like a three year old and two year old and really doing my head in. Ryu slept for two hours this morning and again this afternoon, and went down for the night before seven and on his own - so he definately gets man of the hour medal.

Because of Marina's 'poo condition' I am trying to get more veges into them so for lunch I mulched some carrot and spinnach and put it in the curry. Marina has good carrot days and bad carrot days but leafy greens are generally on the spit out list so they had to be hidden. And hidden they were. Could hardly even taste them. Hub declared it as the best ever gaijin wife (I'm his first and only) curry so I may be doing some more mulching in the future.

This arvo EVERYONE was alseep at the same time for an hour. Shou spent most of the following two hours watching the combine harvester across the road. He even got a ride. Boy heaven. He also nearly got mulched. Mummy hell.

Took all the kids to the park and Ryu had his first slide - with me of course. Can't send a four month old baby shooting off down a roller slide on his own. He was completely non-plussed. Had to leave park sooner than planned as Marina kept running away an on one occassion was this close to falling down the bank to the river. I couldn't handle it so we all had to leave. Mummy spoils all the fun again.

Got home and they played outside while I fixed dinner and fed Ryu. They are now all in bed and I'm about to jump in the bath.

I took the camera to the park, all ready to get some award winning shots of cute kids coming down the slide but the batteries were dead so no luck there.

Oh, read in paper yesterday that they aren't starting kiddy oinky flu shots until December. Pregnant woman and people with pre-existing illnesses get them from November. Parents of small children and other plebs get them from January. Was also something about that the Japanese vaccination may be enough just in the one dose - that would be good.



Lulu said...

In relation to last post, glad hub liked the nails. In relation to this post- damn them for coming off!

I am so going to be taking my 4 month old down a slide too- even if he doesn`t care for it. Just because I have not been on a slide in what seems like AGES and I will use any excuse. Same goes for the swing. Luckily there is a park next door (no swings though- have to walk 5 minutes to get to park with swings)

Kiddy enemas sound gross. I don`t like the idea of enemas at all though so I guess that might be why.

I am not a fan of carrot either so must have to try the mulched thing- I know when Shun makes Hayashi rice he grates it so that I will eat it. When I make curry I just cut it in BIG chunks and then give them to him. Weird though, because I like raw carrot. Spinach sounds good.

Would the kids drink veggie juice? I hate it but if you get them started on it now then you might not have to worry about them getting enough veggies if they drink that stuff as well.

illahee said...

sounds like you had a nice enough day, lost nails notwithstanding. i would totally leave a park if one of my kids kept running off towards the river/cliff/highway (why are so many parks near death-traps??) and have actually done so! hope you have a lovely week!

thefukases said...

Is the playhouse getting you some kids-playing-outside-unassisted peace? Or at least some kids-worn-out easy bedtimes? I've been waiting for that kind of hallelujah post.

Parks.... oh yeah..... there must be a section of the government devoted to park placement but I have no idea who heads it as they always seem to be some terror inducing danger- river, busy road, irrigation channel...